All is Noise

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Because Fascism is but state sponsored gangsterism, it generally ends badly. Each according to their needs, according to their ability to pay cash for whatever they want. Like “Good Fellas” once they’ve milked the place for all its worth, it’s time to torch it.  All based on the leadership principle, the leader is always right. By putting all power in just two hands, they can build efficient government denied to cumbersome democracies, with their lawyers, courts, and oversight committees.

Anthropologists say that all primates are social creatures, each seeking reassurance of their own value to the society from the society. So, when some crazy mo fo caveman gets the bright idea to go jabbing a mastodon with spears with stone tips, guess who has to go along? We are tribal at our roots. Whenever there’s a public stoning, everyone wants to participate. Biological adherence to the leadership principle, proving Darwin was an optimist.

Flash forward a few hundred centuries, human beings with computers and spaceships flying through the heavens. Inside, little monkeys running spaceships and computers worried about who’s gonna get that last piece of pizza or pay taxes. But when the leader sounds the gong, there is a need inside us to follow. To be part of the group and to have the group recognize you for your atrocities. So much so, that others begin to emulate you in a contest to see who can become the most atrocious.

Patriotic criminality, “The leader has announced the winning bid. Why do you want to see the other bids? Don’t you trust the leader?” Joe Stalin asked, “You are loyal comrade, but are you loyal enough?” Maybe all your questioning is just designed to gum up the works because you don’t want us to succeed? Questioning the leader is questioning the state, becoming the height of disloyalty. If you disagree with the leader, you’re out. If you even hint that you disagree with the leader, you’re out!

Shunned by society, Once Pope Ignorance the 1st declares a papal Bull, you are excommunicated from the cult. Your supply of positive feedback and influential friendships are now over. Mark Meadows even admitted that a section of his new book was false after Twump declared it to be so. “Yes! You are correct sir. I was lying when I wrote that. What was I thinking? Thank you for the correction, sir!”

Madison Cawthorn Fascist Representative from the Gerrymandered state of North Carolina presented a list of proposed candidates in next years election. In it,  Cawthorn had switched his own district to one a little less competitive. He took his document down to Mira Lago to the Capital of the Confederacy, to have Pope Ignorance grant his seal of approval. It had been anticipated that Tim Moore, Speaker of the North Carolina house would run in that district. But too late, the Pope’s already decided.

Sonny Perdue, foisted Fascist Georgia candidate for Governor, says he wouldn’t have certified the Presidential Election, if he’d been governor. “That’s right! I’m proud to say that I would have broken the law!  Let em drag me off to prison, I’m only running to make the current governor call off the election fraud investigation. I’m just here to throw bombs! You’re not really going to vote for a RINO who choose the law over the Pope, are you?

But ask yourself, how bringing up the Presidential election of 2020 has something to do with running Georgia. How can calling into question the outcome of an election help to win an election? Who out there in the Mira Lago Zip code thinks this is a good idea? They’re attacking their own, in an effort to hang on. Twump is attacking the Republican Party in Georgia, declaring obedience or destruction. Cawthorn usurps authority by getting Daddy Bear to approve his list before showing it to anyone else. “I’m in charge now, Daddy Bear says so!”

But when you’re in you’re in and when you’re out, you’re Michael Cohen or any one of a thousand Twump lackeys, pimps, affiliates, or associates thrown under the bus in service of the master. Mark Meadows had agreed to speak with the January 6th Committee before agreeing not to speak to the committee. Why the sudden change of heart? Why face jail time over something your boss did? You’re not under any sort of intimidation right now, are you?

Seeing the revulsion and disgust from a Kentucky Representative’s Christmas card featuring automatic weapons around the Christmas tree got. Lauren (Low Rent) Boebert rushed out her own Christmas card featuring family and weaponry just in time. We just follow, it doesn’t have to make any sense. All is noise for the sake of noise, to keep the faithful questioning.

Whack job attorney Lin Wood was the golden child when Pope Ignorance needed him. “But now, the lights have fled, the garlands dead and all but he departed.” His lawsuits thrown out and meeting the same people he met on the way up. He’s run afoul of Marge Greene who was defending Kenosha Killer Kyle. Kyle claims Wood mishandled two million dollars in bail money. While Wood maintains for his part that Margie is under the influence of the devil. A deep state double super-secret agent plant of Lucifer himself.

Because under the leadership principle, the issues don’t need to be discussed. The leader will decide. Leaving us to decide who isn’t patriotic enough and who is a deep state plant. Who has more firepower in their Christmas Cards? Who would break the law if Pope Ignorance asked, and who wouldn’t? Who is loyal and who is not loyal enough? Who is in and who is out?

Fascism usually ends badly, sometimes around a light pole at a gas station. Sometimes with a cyanide party for two. Fueling their biological need inside our aggressive human nature. All while dulling the cognitive ability with pomp and patriotism. Making it acceptable to commit any crime, except ever questioning the leader.

“Sometimes a man wants to be stupid if it lets him do a thing his cleverness forbids.”
― John Steinbeck,

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