Stealth Insurance

Stealth Insurance

By David Glenn Cox

Well its that time of year again. It’s time to sign up with the white coat mafia, the triage terrorists. If you across the course of your human life decide to become sick or injured. You must visit the doctor and the doctor will assign tests costing thousands of dollars. With any luck your kidney stone or broken bone won’t require tens of thousands of dollars in rehabilitation. But thankfully, oh yes, thankfully we have a for profit health insurance. Now this is great, you’re gonna love this.

For just $2,000 my employer supplied health insurance will cover 80% of my bills after I pay out $750.00. I must agree to use the doctors in their network who may or may not be convenient or local or pay a substantial penalty. Now if I want to cover my wife the premium jumps to $6,000. The payment triples by doubling the size of the pool and it doesn’t hardly seem fair, 0ne person = $2,000 two people = $ 6,000. Now that’s only to cover 80% after I payout $750 and she pays out $750…cute huh?

It’s a gambit and a tax. The debate rages over Medicare for all, can I keep my private insurance? A few people have so called Cadillac plans but even those are a gambit and a tax. The insurance companies are the final arbiters and you are the supplicant. You now have two life crisis, your health and your health insurance. Pay in $6,000 per year for a decade and never need it. If it were life insurance, it would have a substantial cash value for those premiums over that time frame. That would make for a good start on a retirement or start up cash for a business or maybe to send your kids to college.  But can I keep my private insurance?

If I have children, my premium goes…down. I can have a mini-van full of rug rats and they will all be covered regardless of quantity. E’splian that one Lucy. They argue actuarial tables, but it has nothing to do with statistics, its Las Vegas and the house never loses. Its brick bat Capitalism, Tony Soprano’s at the door wanting his money and if he don’t get it, you’re in a world of hurt.

Pushed into a purgatory medical bankruptcies are the number one cause of US bankruptcies, millions of Americans financially ruined every year. Mortgaging their homes to pay their medical bills, a tax on life itself and the only escape is death. Remember Sarah Palin’s Death Panels? This is America we don’t need no stinking death panels! I’d rather do it myself! Among seniors’ suicide is on the rise. The highest rate is senior white men at 29 deaths per hundred thousand which almost doubles to 47 per hundred thousand by age 85.  What factor of 80/20 health insurance is involved with Americans taking their own lives? What kind of free existence involves the sword of Damocles overhead and a target painted on our backs?

You’re as free as a gazelle on the plains of the Serengeti. You’re a profit center but there are lions in the tall grass and one of these days… the lion’s gonna get you! A Metropolis blood gushing heart machine raking in billions and giving back…as little as possible.

Offering semi-security for semi-extortion, rolling in profits while patients roll in debt. The profits used to buy politicians and legislation to guarantee more profits. Glittering ivory towers soaring Wall Street numbers while two million American families per year are pushed into destitution. But can I keep my private plan?

The Declaration of Independence offers, “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” How’s does that correspond with the health insurance mafia? There is no protection, it’s you versus a multi-billion-dollar industry and if they don’t get their money, they will let you die. Inhumane, immoral and unamerican.

Only in America can people beg to keep their private policies while tens of thousands of men women and children beg for health care collecting change at convenience stores or holding private raffles and bake sales. Pleading for mercy from the merciless the bought and paid for. In glittering towers with million dollars ad buys trying with all their might to convince you that their insurance will protect you and offer gym memberships and 24 hours health lines. To convince you that they really, really care when they really, really don’t.

The health insurance industry folds up and puts in their back pockets $34 billion dollars annually, but can I keep my private plan? There is no excuse and no acceptable reason for this other than sloth and greed. There is no excuse or acceptable reason why Americans should suffer by the thousands and penalized by the millions. This is a national abomination. This is not about politics this is about humanity. Primitive humans living in caves took care of the sick and injured without penalty. Medical care for a buck is the ultimate in human barbarity and brutality.

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