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Sometimes I wish Mr. Spock from Star Trek was a real person. It seems logical thinking is detached from social behavior. “Spock…the country is awash in mass shootings and hate crimes.”

“Something is provoking them Captain. Find the source of their provocation remove it, and the violence will subside.”

But they have a right to own guns Spock, its…their law!

Image by Star Trek.com

“Correct Captain, but they have no such right to shoot those guns. They carry guns because they fear. Why do they fear Jim? Remove the fear and you remove the violence.

But…Spock, they have a hundred reasons to fear requiring a hundred different solutions.

“I disagree Captain, human needs are quite simple to satisfy, they require food, shelter and occasional recreation which I find quite logical. Similar to how one might raise a hamster.”

Image by Memory Alpha

Spock…it… can’t… be that simple?

“It is not Jim; the food and shelter will end the violence but won’t end their provocation. Hatred is like fire; it needs fuel to burn. Find those who are fueling them and end the provocation.”

It…sounds… too simple…to be true.

“Of course it is Jim; humans are illogical creatures. They are ruled by artificial passions and those who stoke those passions become their rulers. They will let the guilty go free if they are the same color or pray to the same god…quite illogical!”

It is easier for Vulcans, because you are all Vulcans.

“Are you not all Earthlings? A variance in skin color or religious beliefs should not be disqualifying.”

These things…have been going on for a long time…in our history.

“That is hardly an attribute to draw admiration. An intelligent creature is judged by its ability to learn and adapt. Claiming ancestors unable to do so as the reason that they are unable to do so is an invalid argument.

There is no logical argument for hate Captain; it is a defect in the individual. Fortunately, most are only followers and only occasionally does a leader emerge as a provocateur.  It goes back to your simian ancestry Jim. The ape that makes the loudest noise appears brave and so attracts the most followers. But the ape is not brave and fears being found out. He’s forced to act more and more irrationally to keep the tribe convinced of his courage.”

You make humans sound small compared to Vulcans Spock.

“Well it is a logical deduction Jim, but Vulcans are not without their flaws. There was once a Vulcan who left a tip.”

A tip…you mean Vulcans don’t tip?

“That would be illogical; to pay more than the minimum amount proscribed.”

So…what you are telling me Spock… is that… Vulcans are cheapskates! They derive services and ignore the implied contract.

“If the contract is implied, it is unenforceable. It would be like a smile that offers fraternity without any details to make it substantive.”

I’m disappointed Spock… I thought better… of Vulcans.

“You come from a world Jim with adequate food supplies, yet millions starve. A world with adequate resources to supply shelter, yet millions go without it. A world ripe with blinding bigotry and violence based only upon ignorance passed down from generation to generation throughout the millennia. A world where greed is considered a virtue and compassion is considered a weakness and yet you say you are disappointed with Vulcans, because we don’t tip? It is what you say on Earth, the pot calling the kettle Jack?”

It’s …black… Spock.

“The human need to establish somethings value by its color is astonishing Jim.”

You… don’t understand Spock.

“And I never will Jim.”

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