The Trumpian Knot

Falling through the universe at light speed

By David Glenn Cox

Another shoe drops as the Chief of Staff to Defense Secretary Mark Esper resigns. Eric Chewing is was Esper’s right hand man to a Defense Secretary only on the job six months. In the Trump Administration that must be some kind of record. Chewing is the sixth senior Pentagon apparatchik to resign this month. What does Trump need with the trained and the qualified? Do you own knee pads? Do you know how to pucker? Chewing’s replacement is expected to be Jenn Stewart, Republican loyalist on the House Armed Services Committee and advisor to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Joe Stalin once said, “In the Russian army it is more dangerous to retreat than to advance.” In the Trump Administration it is more dangerous to advance than to retreat.

Hey, the phones ringing! You answer it. Not me!

Mike (Smoochey) Pompeo was quick to lick up the President’s mess. Despite Press reports that the Pentagon officials were aghast at Trumps decision to assassinate a member of the Iranian government General Soleimani. Smoochey jumps right in to say it was a committee decision and got Mike Pence to play along. Pee Wee Herman saying, “We meant to do that!” Yes, it was a committee decision after Trump committed a war crime the amen corner nodded in approval.  This has Trump incompetence written all over it and all the paid liars and all the paid men cannot put Dumpty Trumpty back together again. The administration can’t change it with, “You believe us…don’t you?

Trump threatens to destroy fifty-two cultural sights in Iran. Nothing says bone spurs, I mean courage like threatening more war crimes. The number fifty-two is significant because Iran took fifty-two American Hostages back in 1979 – 1980. Sure, it was forty years ago, but an elephant never forgets what he just learned. The revolutionary guards who took those hostages are retired now living on pensions. But I suppose they remember the time when the US Navy shot down an Iranian airliner killing 279 innocents.

See, that was different because we had this fully armed and fully loaded warship parked right off the Iranian coast. That civilian airliner just took off menacingly on its regularly scheduled flight from a civilian airport. The sailors rightfully thought, hey this could be a fighter jet on its way to attack us, so we better shoot it down just to be on the safe side. The US never apologized; we never apologize. To apologize means admitting a mistake and we don’t make mistakes, so we never learn from them.

All in one day, just one day. Donald Trump destabilized Iraq specifically and the Middle East generally. Iraqi politicians have no choice but to throw US forces out on their proverbial ass. The question for the Iraqis is not who is leaving but who will replace them. No one good is coming to save them. No one good is coming to save us. The Secretary of Defense will need all six months of his experience to convince a convoluted narcissist not to do something stupid. Trying to talk someone who is stupid into rising above his own stupidity and respond sanely. This is the Trumpian Knot the lamentations of Caesar. Lost in history and psychosis, lost like a ball in high weeds. He grows quiet when he should speak.

The big Ham, the camera hog. What are you going to do now Fat Boy? Iraq is lost and probably Syria and Afghanistan too, all in one day. The big winners…Iran, Russia and China. ISIS and the Islamic state. In one day, Donald Trump has turned the world upside down. After three years of incoherent babble, the big ape declines to address the American public on the night of the attack.

Welcome to Pirate World! The ruling clique in Beijing are oligarchs and Army Generals. They own and operate factories providing slave wages without a chance to organize. The Russian ruling clique are oligarchs and Army generals who own resources and who operate without law or justice. They use their pernicious money to buy political power and influence elections in foreign countries. Enter Donald, Trump whose campaign had over 100 contacts with the Russian government. The same Donald Trump who said he had no contact with Russians. The same Donald Trump whose halfwit son says, “We get our money from Russia!”

The big Cheeto says, “Yep, the trade deal is almost complete” when there is no trade deal at all. The stock market soars having been fooled twice. But who did the Cheeto call before he made that statement? His broker? His caddy or Vladimir Putin? There’s big money to be made on the words of a Pirate President. I’ll tell you a funny story, I was working for a company that owned a steel company. Ostensibly, US steel companies were being beaten down by foreign competition dumping steel in our markets. So, Pirate Pete aka the Big Cheeto aka Donald Trump raised tariffs on those bastards to save our steel industry. The American Steel companies then raised their prices equal to cost of tariff laden foreign steel.

The net effect was doubling profits for American steel companies, putting the steal into steel. Placing the Trump tax on industry and working Americans. Hefty defense spending means hefty campaign contributions and holding your event at a Trump property can be incredibly lucrative. That’s why the Saudis keep a block of rooms booked in DC. You never know when a hundred or so friends might drop by and need a place to stay. Trump is a Pirate who corrodes all regulation and law. The Mafia President will poison all he touches. Trump and his criminal cabal of friends and oligarchs will turn Earth in to a Pirate planet. Fires in Australia? What fires? Hurricanes in the Caribbean? What Caribbean? Millions of poor and struggling Americans trying to get by on less and less…Who?

. In the back of my mind I see them struggling with the Thorazine syringe trying to sedate the big Cheeto before he can do any more harm. Probably trying to teach chess to a confirmed Chutes and Ladders player. It’s a brave new world and the Alphas are scared because the Gammas play with matches.

“When the governing class isn’t chosen for quality it is chosen for material wealth; this always means decadence, the lowest stage a society can reach” – Temple of Luxor

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