American Nero

There is a reason why Donald Trump doesn’t own a dog. Because he’s such a liar that if he called the dog it probably wouldn’t come. But I really don’t need to tell you that, but as obvious as it is to the general public the media treat it or mistreat it. They’ll publish a story that Trumpy told 10,000 lies today and then have a policy discussion about Trumpy like he’s a normal President when he’s not. Years ago, there was a National Lampoon cartoon of a candidate kept in a gorilla cage. The candidate had a speaker system under his shirt to broadcast his message. A rat runs across the stage and the candidate dives for it and eats it. From the handlers the caption read, “Do you think anyone noticed? Naw, it’ll be fine.” Art becomes life.

The vintage from these grapes is limited and stunted they don’t have many plans. One of the few true “Policies” other than border racism and wonton cruelty has been its Iran policy.  Maximum pressure on day one. Withdrawal from the nuclear treaty was a forgone conclusion. But, but, but there’s a problem here, if you’ve signed a treaty and the other side has kept the bargain by what right can you impose sanctions? Aren’t sanctions supposed to bring about negotiations? No one dislikes the Nazi comparisons more than I, but do you know who liked to tear up treaties? The administrations policy is to suffocate Iran and the Iranian government by sanction if they can and war if they must. The administration knows our position is untenable; time is of the essence they feel it slipping away.

Neville Chamberlain

The running cross current of impeachment, MAN BITES DOG, IMPEACHMENT CALLED OFF! General Soleimani has been on the table for twenty years. But, but, but, there’s a problem, the General is a member of the government. He didn’t live in a cave in the mountains this was a briefcase carrying, sit down to cabinet meetings policy officer. Imagine an Iranian sniper taking out Defense Secretary Mark Esper…see the problem? Killing a member of a foreign government is an act of war. It is illegal under international law and you know who liked to do that sort of thing?

I suppose it is a failure of criminality that criminals usually forget to arrange an alibi in advance. Hubris maybe or a childish belief in their own schemes. “We had specific information on an imminent threat, and those threats from him included attacks on U.S. embassies. Period. Full stop,” – Mike Pompeo.

Odd, really how killing a general would stop a plan that was “Imminent”! But this is the third incantation of the spell. At first it was sooo, secret the administration couldn’t tell Congress about it. Having the nerve to invoke loyalty to the cause. The last refuge of a scoundrel, there and Mitch McConnell’s office. Then the big Cheeto went on a rant on Faux News “Four Embassies!”  Just across town, Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said he “didn’t see” specific evidence that top Iranian military commander Qassem Soleimani was planning attacks on four embassies, but said he believed such attacks would have occurred.

The sanctions weren’t working fast enough, so what can we do to get this turd moving? So, they killed the general and tried to kill another Iranian in Yemen but failed. I hate to keep saying this, but, but, but what sort of government goes around killing people with impunity? We left the road of law abiding long ago and can’t claim innocence at this point. Thug policy meet thug President!


The excuse was that there was no excuse, no reason to kill this man other than to push Iran further into a corner. Other than to be the bully and to kill people on a slow news day for personal benefit. To risk a war because it never occurred to him it could happen. Old Chicken spurs goes into his routine of blustering and flapping around the barn yard then grows quiet.

“Iran appears to be standing down, which is a good thing for all parties concerned and a very good thing for the world,” – Donald Trump

Oh, the irony when just the day before he promised bloody vengeance if Iran touched one of our beautiful bases. After the Rocket attack officials were asked if they had seen the Iranian missiles site being prepared? They responded by looking at the floor and mumbling amongst themselves. Why? Because the Iranians told the Iraqis about the coming strike and the Iraqis told the Americans.

Donald Trump flinched, and the Iranians punched him in the shoulder.

Thank goodness there won’t be a war! When playing chicken Its all fun and games until someone gets hurt. The Iranians tipped their hand about the strike giving everyone a chance to back down, but the Iranians had no way to know if the US would retaliate. If they did retaliate, Tehran would certainly be a target. An airliner is shot down, but who put Iran on a war footing? Who, created this mess?

He will be remembered as the American Nero, a clown, a performer and a disaster. He didn’t create the situation in the Middle East but is the champion of its failure. The neocons and their unitary executive last superpower standing, swinging its dick around the world to make a point. But it is all gone now…the money the blood and our reputation in the world. Iraq will soon be gone and then Syria and Afghanistan. A bridge too far.

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