Roxy Music

Falling through the universe at the speed of life.
Roxy Music

I think the first thing that caught my attention about Roxy Music was their name. Almost speaking of themselves in the third person. The first time I heard “For Your Pleasure” I was hooked. They were everything I hated. I hated “Glam/Art” Rock as basically pretenders. For their time in the early seventies they were huge in Europe selling out fifty thousand seat stadiums, while in America the draw was respectable but moderate.

Keyboards, vocals, song writer, band leader Bryan Ferry led a band of superlative musicians through a strange musical journey. “The Great” Paul Thompson on drums came in second to John Bonham as England’s best drummer two years in a row. Phil Manzanera spent time in South America before moving to England Andrew MacKay pronounced McKie was from Scotland and a musical prodigy he is rock music’s favorite oboist and saxophonist and the bass player…? It was almost a journeyman position and yet it was vital to the band’s success.

There is only one Brian Eno and I don’t know what else to say. There’s only one and he’s the guy!

Brian Eno

The band met in Art College in London, stop me if you’ve heard this one before. The band’s impromptu jams drew such crowds the band was asked to leave. So, what do you do? You go on the road and become a rock star. You compete with Mick Jagger for fashion model girl friends

Roxy Music had its own sound. They didn’t sound like anyone else and after ten years everyone sounded like them. They invented the Eighties sound in the Seventies. One of the most influential bands of the entire rock and roll era. I hate this kind of stuff, but I love these guys.

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