!! FRIDAY FUNK – 1/17/2020 !!

Koko Taylor

I love raw and powerful vocals, the kind that are perfectly imperfect.  The rough, give it all you got kind that help you get over, under and through whatever life throws at you.

Koko Taylor’s voice does all that and more.  Born in rural Tennessee in 1928, Koko was a sharecropper’s daughter.  The 1950’s found her in Chicago where she was spotted performing in a club by Willie Dixon in 1962.  Dixon was responsible for Koko’s introduction to Checker Records. 

Photo Credit: telegraph.co.uk

Koko later moved to Alligator Records and recorded nine albums, eight of which were nominated for the Grammy Award.  As an older artist she performed more than seventy concerts per year.  Her last performance was in May 2009 at the Blues Music Awards.  Later that month, Koko underwent gastrointestinal surgery and died from complications of the procedure on June 3, 2009.

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