A Good Ten Cent Billionaire

I want to tell you and interesting story. At least I hope it is interesting. It’s about politics and how people react to politics and politicians. Did you know that back in the midnight hour of the Great Depression the Communist Party of the United States was the fastest growing political party in the country? Well it’s true, and the Communists had some unique ideas about drawing in adherents. Like the Republicans and Democrats, they had banners and handbills. Like all the other parties they’d stand on a soap box and preach their political gospel. But these Communist tried something a little different, they fed people.

It’s easy to dismiss political rhetoric; it’s easy to say, “Thank you, no.” But when you’re hungry and your kids are hungry and the other political parties might promise a chicken in every pot but these folks are serving it. That my friends, is putting your faith on wheels. The Republicans were largely silent, they’d been driving when the economy hit the wall. Or as Harry Truman put it, “Never talk about rope in the house of a man who’d been hanged.”

The Communists set up feeding stations all over New York and major cities across the country. You might not agree with Communist dogma, but food was on their side while the other side was only promising food. As the New Deal took hold support for the Communist Party subsided but the lesson, they teach is apropos. Talk is cheap.

We’ve witnessed the rise of a criminal imposter and three years in if you can’t see that by now…turn in your driver’s license. Donald Trump’s rise is aligned with the rise of corporate propaganda, “He’s going to donate his salary to charity!” He’s not tied to any special interest groups! A media star with no qualifications of any sort other than larceny, bankruptcy and a chemical tan. He cheats on his wives; he cheats on his taxes. He cheats his contractors and cheats his customers. But like all demigods, he finds a victim and places the blame on them. Immigrants, Democrats or the media, everyone is lying. The whole world is lying and only Donald Trump is telling the truth.

Twenty-one Democrats announced for the sojourn of the golden fleece because they all believe they can defeat Donald Trump. A recent poll in South Carolina found that 80% of African Americans will vote for whoever the Democratic nominee is to defeat Donald Trump. Now, say to yourself; “I’m tired of sitting around my gold-plated Penthouse. I’ve got over $60 billion dollars in assets! If a moron like Donald Trump can get elected, why can’t I?”

Mike Bloomberg was Mayor of New York for twelve years. He changed the two-term limit so he could run for a third term. First, he was a Democrat and then he was a Republican and now he’s a Democrat again. He began his career working in finance for Solomon Brothers eventually becoming a general partner. When the company was bought out in 1981 Bloomberg was given his walking papers and ten million dollars.  Bloomberg and his partners developed computer terminals to supply accurate financial data to customers in real time. It’s one of those Horatio Alger feel good stories where a boy borrows thirty million dollars from his friends and makes good.

But Bloomberg is a benevolent billionaire ranked as the sixth richest man in the United States. He is the third largest donor to charities giving millions to Harvard and Johns Hopkins. He funded his Synagogue and had the community center named after his parents. He’s pro-choice and anti-gun but was also a proponent of “stop and frisk”. A fascist policy straight out of Nazi Germany which says having brown or black skin is probable cause of being a criminal. He funded his own mayoral candidacy spending $73 million his first go round and $74 million on his second run. His opponents were forced to fall back on the charity of voters for their campaigns. But I told you Mike’s a charitable guy, In 2009, he made two $600,000 payments to the Independence Party which then funneled $750,000 to the Republican Party.

“They think American standard of living is a fine thing–so long as it doesn’t spread to all the people. And they admire of Government of the United States so much that they would like to buy it.” – Harry Truman

Among Mike’s supporters as mayor was one Rudolph Giuliani. You can always tell a true Democratic candidate by the way Rudy supports you. Mike Bloomberg’s not a bad guy he’s just not Presidential timber. 

Suppose I cornered the market with Septic Tank trucks and made nine hundred trillion dollars. That doesn’t make me presidential timber. Even if a took a dime and funded a professorship at Harvard even if I funded a cancer institute and initiated a be nice to dogs and cat’s week.  Mike Bloomberg’s tenure as Mayor coincided with the Occupy Movement. A gathering of peaceful Americans seeking redress of grievances…did Mike Listen? No, Mike sent in the cops. What were their grievances? Endless wars, poverty and income inequality.

This is where the Communists come in. They took money liberally supplied by Moscow to change minds. They spent tens of thousands of dollars feeding hungry people. I’m not a communist, but god bless them for feeding the hungry. Mike Bloomberg never fed the hungry that would take…what’s the word I’m looking for here, effort! Mike sees things he likes and buys them. He has no ground staff working in Iowa or New Hampshire, he’s buying media time. No standing around state fairs shaking hands with bumpkins for him, he’s buying time on the Super Bowl! Nothing says, “I love America” like buying TV commercials on the Super Bowl.

We’ve elected one billionaire, and it was a disaster, electing another would be like shooting ourselves in the head to see if the gun was loaded.  What this country needs, is a good ten cent Billionaire.

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