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(A United States flag displayed upside down is an historical sign of extreme distress or danger, such as a sinking ship or other imminent disaster.)

When David and I began this blog, I made a resolution to avoid expressing my political beliefs and opinions here.  But I’m breaking that pledge to myself today because my troubled heart demands it.  It is not the intention of this post to change anyone’s views.  At this late date, it is impossible for anyone to alter whatever you believe should be the verdict in the impeachment trial in words.  I want to talk about the impact of your belief and the future.

For the record, I am registered as an Independent voter.  Who I voted for in the past or intend to vote for in the future is, with all due respect, no one’s business.  That said, I consider myself to be a moderate, critical thinker who dislikes extremes.  Many years ago, I read that nothing which remains status quo can survive.  Those seven words are burned into my mind as well as my heart, and everything I say on the topic of politics stems from them.  In today’s environment, that makes me a Progressive by default.  I dislike labels because they tend to define and tie an individual to a lifelong set of beliefs which is the antithesis of progression.  Today, progressive is synonymous with liberal.  To me, there is nothing liberal or conservative about progression.

Governing, whether you apply the term to a nation or one’s own life, requires ongoing assessment of what is and what is not working.  It’s about making the best decision at any given time to improve daily existence.  Admission of failure and starting anew is progression.  Returning to tried and true solutions is also progression.  The greatest enemies to progression are the absence of needed change or resuming beliefs that proved disastrous in the past.  This is my credo and it works for me.

Adam Schiff’s closing remarks on Friday were historical.  They were also progressive in the sense that extensive review of the status quo mandates a return to the rule of law, a desperate call for resumption of morality and a warning against precedent.  If you do not understand the importance of precedent, Google it.  If, as I fear, the Republican members of the Senate remain unmoved by the prosecution’s case and allow Donald J. Trump to remain in office, the US will no longer be a federal republic, the Bill of Rights and Constitution will no longer exist and neither will the rights and responsibilities guaranteed to all of us by those documents.  In the absence of standing law, lawlessness as we commonly define it, will not rise.  New law will be born by nothing more than the signature of a single individual.  There will be no need for representation on our behalf, only enforcement of that single individual’s whims by his decree.  I abhor fear mongering and so withhold examples of how much destruction will likely affect our lives and those of our international community.

If after three years of Donald J. Trump and all that means, you still believe that he has not violated the Constitution with commission of crimes serious enough to remove him from office, then you have cast your lot in support of a regime led by a man who is grievously mentally ill.  The darkest times of human history are imbued with such men.  Great civilizations, civilizations that existed for millennia due to learned progression have disintegrated in less than one lifetime of such men. 

It is true.  We do not yet know the conclusion beyond all doubt or hope.  But this much I will allow myself to say.  If the Senate acquits, this may be the last time I will have the freedom to write my opinion without fear of imprisonment or worse.  There will be no valid 2020 election.  You can label me paranoid.  If you do, I ask but one question of you:  Why aren’t you?

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