The Debit’s and Credits of Peon Industrial Unit 68715

By David Glenn Cox

Sometimes it becomes peculiar when hearing conflicting points. I was listening to NPR and they were asking as they always ask, a question they don’t really want answers to. They want feel good answers but sometimes the truth hurts. Sometimes the truth hurts like a punch in the gut. Sometimes the truth is so awful it is reprehensible to even ask it. “Why don’t Americans respect their institutions?”

This self-appointed expert explains, too many politicians posturing for higher office or to promote their brands. He mentioned Ted Cruz and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez by name. Now Alexandria Ocasio Cortez as a Freshman House member has brought attention on herself not by promoting her brand but promoting for more labor friendly Democratic policies. AOC is one of the most popular Freshman Representatives in recent memory and her campaign war chest swells not because of her brand but because of her advocacy.

In 2000, the Presidential election was decided by an illegal ruling of the Supreme Court to stop the vote recount in Florida. The United States Constitution says all powers of election are left to the states themselves.  The Supreme Court had no right to intervene. The court also had two judges with immediate family members involved at senior levels of the Bush Campaign. You know what causes people to lose faith in their institutions? When their institutions fail them.

The American people have witnessed forty years of trickle-down economics and it ain’t trickled down yet. If adjusted for inflation the minimum wage should be around $22.00 per hour. From an inconvenience to desperation millions of Americans are priced out of their own economy. Because of these policies the American dream is essentially dead. Years ago, I watched a documentary about the Great Depression and in it a veteran of the aftermath said, “If Franklin Roosevelt hadn’t been elected there would have been a revolution in this country and I would have been damned proud to be a part of it!”

You want to talk about institutions? The median American income is sixty-one thousand dollars per year. First subtract taxes, then subtract twelve thousand dollars per year for health insurance. The Federal poverty level for a family of four is thirty-three thousand dollars. There ain’t much wiggle room in those numbers and more earn less than the median. Why should the average American support a Federal government that does nothing for them? Poverty thumps patriotism; a hungry belly trumps a full heart. I love the flag, but I love being able to take care of my children more.

I was watching an episode of “You Bet Your Life” on You Tube. The contestant was from Trinidad and won a thousand dollars, probably ten thousand in today’s money. Groucho asked him what he planned to do with the money? He answered, “I want to bring the rest of my family here to America.” The audience gave him a strong round of applause. We used to be welcoming when we had good jobs and decent homes.

Let’s put the hay down where the goats can get it. While in the rest of the First world suicide rates are falling in the United States they are rising. If you own a gun in the United States, the person you’re most likely to shoot with it is yourself…intentionally. Between 1999 and 2017 Suicides are up by 33%. Suicide is the tenth leading cause of death overall in the United States. Across the nation bridges and overpasses are equipped with curved fencing to prevent jumpers. Suicide is the second leading cause of death ages 10 to 34. Not gang wars but everyday Americans pushed to the edge by an economy with no upside. There’s no good news in the mailbox you might as well buy lottery tickets. It ain’t much hope but it’s something! Something to wish for, a dream to help them keep going.

Every month there is something extra, insurance payment, car repair, healthcare or whatever. But it just goes on and on every month, trying to figure it all out, how am I going to do it this month? Chasing that cheese that just keeps getting farther and farther away. No job security few legal protections facing a government with a pro-business mind set. Anti-Union Anti-Labor and maybe it’s AOC’s fault? She’s just bolstering her brand?

We evolved as hunter gatherers and now find ourselves plugged into an electronic societal circuit board. The debit’s and credits of peon industrial unit 68715.

Without the repair of our healthcare system, you’re a duck on the pond. No matter how good a squirrel you’ve been doctors and hospitals will take it all away. Is it any wonder people shoot themselves rather than leaving their partner destitute. Obama care offered healthcare to those who couldn’t afford it with policies they could never afford to use. Medicare for all is the answer no matter what it costs. As things stand today healthcare costs are triple the rate of inflation and quadruple the rate of income growth.

A society of the sick and destitute growing day by day. Sleeping in their cars and under bridges trying to make just one more day while the orange Julius crows of a rising stock market tens of thousands of Americans put a bullet in their brain trying to escape it.

“Why don’t Americans respect their institutions?”

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