Che was a Patriot

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

Che Guevarra was a patriot, but he was also a Communist. I’m not a Communist, but I’m not an absolutist either. I don’t believe in Leftist or Rightist dogma I believe in people. Throughout the President’s trial, we have heard about Federalist 65 or Federalist 55 always used to justify a position not defended by law. The Federalist papers are an opinion of how a Republic should behave. They argue political opinions without mentioning the core principle that the government of the United States of America must always act in the best interests of the American people and to do otherwise…is treason.

Che was born in an upscale Argentinian family who wasn’t rich but were far from poor. He led a privileged life and attended medical school. He didn’t take out student loans or eat pork and beans five nights a week. His life was privileged. It was only when he began to work in clinics that he was exposed to the poor. He knew of the poor he had seen them only they didn’t live in his neighborhood.

After graduation Che and a friend took off on motorcycles for a trip around South America. It was designed to be everything a graduating senior would wish for, fun and adventure. What it became was a revelation, like Buddha leaving the palace and discovering the real world. Che saw the real world too. He saw hunger and poverty, ignorance and superstition. He saw families of great wealth and children dying from easily treated disease. Che could have closed his eyes, He could have gone back to Argentina hung out his shingle and grown fat and prosperous, peddling pills and lancing boils.

But Che was a patriot, he couldn’t live quietly in a world where most of society lived in absolute degradation. He abandoned his career and became a revolutionary. Now that is really easy to say, but how many are willing do? He suffered with Asthma and had never been athletic but he was willing to sacrifice his life for a principle. The principle that all people should be treated with dignity.

  “The world must not only be interpreted; it must be transformed. Man ceases to be the slave and tool of his environment and converts himself into the architect of his own destiny.” Che Guevara

Che was no Jesus he was a soldier on a mission. He killed people and had his own men put to death for treason or cowardice. He was a hard-bitten revolutionary who went without food and lived in the jungle until the clothes rotted off his back. He was a patriot; he gave up a life of ease and comfort and chose to fight for those who had nothing. People he would never know and who would never know him. He was many things, a bully, a bandit, a chess player and an intellectual.

While I might argue about his politics I cannot argue about his character. He stood up against oppression when he didn’t have to get involved.

We must bear in mind that imperialism is a world system, the last stage of capitalism-and it must be defeated in a world confrontation. The strategic end of this struggle should be the destruction of imperialism. Our share, the responsibility of the exploited and underdeveloped of the world, is to eliminate the foundations of imperialism: our oppressed nations, from where they extract capital, raw materials, technicians, and cheap labor, and to which they export new capital-instruments of domination-arms and all kinds of articles, thus submerging us in an absolute dependence.

What part of that statement is incorrect? The oil Industry pollutes the Amazon Basin and uses corrupt courts to ring out meaningless settlements which allow polluters to continue to pollute. In Nigeria, the government uses (Thugs) soldiers to defend oil rigs from revolutionary groups. The Indians killed or injured at the Bhopal disaster have never been paid. The fisherman in Alaska have never been paid for damages from the Exxon Valdez. We import billions of dollars of goods from China and Mexico for cheap wages abandoning our own. We have no interest in their working conditions or injustice. We just want a cheap phone or TV. Several years ago, in Panama workers at Coca Cola called a strike. When police arrived, they asked who was in charge of the strike? The ringleader was identified taken aside and shot in the head. Strike over!

In Che’s book Guerrilla Warfare, he wrote something very prophetic for me. From the first time I read it, it has stuck with me always.

“Naturally, it is not to be thought that all conditions for revolution are going to be created through the impulse given to them by guerrilla activity. It must always be kept in mind that there is a necessary minimum without which the establishment and consolidation of the first center is not practicable. People must see clearly the futility of maintaining the fight for social goals within the framework of civil debate. When the forces of oppression come to maintain themselves in power against established law, peace is considered already broken.”

So, remember, When the forces of oppression come to maintain themselves in power against established law, peace is considered already broken.

The forces of oppression i.e. the Republicans in the United States Senate are about to subvert law and justice for the sake of political expediency, unwilling to do what it is right, because it is uncomfortable. They are willing to turn the people of this country over to a criminal cabal because they believe in party over principle. Unlike Che, they will not cede their power and comfort. Unlike Che, they don’t give two shits about the poor and the struggling. Unlike Che, when duty calls, they turn their back. Unlike Che, they’re craven cowards.

Che was a patriot. He gave up an upscale life to fight for the poor and downtrodden. He wasn’t Jesus, but he was Jesus enough!

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