Part of the Plan

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

I find the failure of the Iowa voting ap somewhat refreshing. You see? It’s not me after all. All the stupid aps I’ve downloaded that didn’t work right or don’t work at all.  For decades we’ve had this stereotype of the fast talking used car salesman. That was so last century, no one is slicker in this century than a software salesman. “It’ll wash your car! It will sweep the warehouse! Why, you’ll make so much money the bank is going to complain!”

I’ve seen this twice, there’s a meeting and the boss says, “We’re gonna try some new software. Try it out, take it for a spin and let me know what you think.” Then after the staff points out the short comings of the program the super salesman whispers in the bosses’ ear, “The staff are always resistant to new programs, write the check!” The second program lacked the ability for varied discounts, and it cost us five dollars every time we sold a carburetor kit. The program totaled the items and gave the discount off the total rather than the item. In the end it was a factor in the business going under. Not only did the staff hate it, so did the customers.

This Democratic ap sold by insiders and political operatives is crooked, but it’s also the way of the world. Being the Governor’s brother in law is one of the best sales tools you can have. Who you know matters, it means you get the names of decision makers. You have names to throw around and provided your product works, that’s the way it goes. I worked with a guy in Real Estate who was married to the boss’s daughter. They told him to order five thousand bricks and fifty light fixtures and well, he screwed it up. It doesn’t mean he’s corrupt or trying to ruin the company, it just means you best source your materials from those who know what they’re doing, not who they’re connections are.

But gee! Why does get to Iowa go first? They’re not representative of the United States. They’re too white! I’ll let you in on a little secret…none of that matters. Iowa is a state in the mid-west that holds a caucus. They can’t help their demographics; they can’t help it they’re a rural state. Going first doesn’t mean you get a bigger slice of cake, in a month from now it will be forgotten. But all the candidates are white! We need more diversity. At the candidates own request campaigns began months before the Iowa Caucus. This costs big, big bucks and many of the candidates black, white and Hispanic dropped out not because they’re minorities, but because their campaigns ran out of money. I could try out for the NBA and if I didn’t make the cut is it because of diversity or because I didn’t make the cut. This too is part of the plan.

Can Bernie win a national election, I mean, he’s so liberal? No one asks if Joe Biden can win a national election? No one says, “He’s so corporate and he’s done poorly every time he’s run.” Mike Bloomberg says he can bring the party together and woo independent voters. We’ve burned our ships, and on this bridgehead, we stay. If you have one scintilla of inspiration to vote for the big orange fraud you’re not going to be won over by a moderate. Come on, let’s go talk to those Jehovah’s Witnesses and see if we can get them to join the Methodist church! It ain’t gonna happen, but it’s part of the plan.

Mayor Pete is gay, I don’t care about that and you probably don’t care about that either. But what about those independent rural voters in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin that voted for Trump last time? In the name of diversity and inclusiveness we’re going to ignore the demographics? It’s all part of the plan.

Yesterday, National Propaganda Radio gave a glowing report on Trump’s state of the union address. This was followed by pooh, pooh’s and hard looks for Nancy Pelosi’s destruction of the transcript. This was followed by a two-minute explanation from a law professor of why there will never be another impeachment if they let Trump off the hook! Followed by a story about what Republicans in Iowa thought about the President’s speech. After spending hundreds of millions of dollars of his own money Mike Bloomberg gets free airtime on NPR. Their expert claimed Mike Bloomberg was polling in the low double digits. That was news to me. I’ve never seen him poll above three percent and the number of Democrats who dislike him is at least twice that. Never mind its part of the plan.

In 2016, Trump was the unknown. His unorthodox behavior appealed to voters opposed to the status quo. Hillary Clinton was known and despised by the Republican base. The Democratic Party pushed he over the top dividing their own electorate. They shot themselves in the foot and gave us Donald Trump. Trump used foreign contacts to hack the DNC and used that information to divide us. To tell us that Democrats were bad and corrupt and this year, he plans to do it again. Trump voters don’t care if he’s corrupt, a racist or a misogynist. A narcissistic buffoon with his hand in their back pocket. They don’t care, sling all the mud you want.

News networks have twenty-four hours of airtime to fill and after you deduct for commercials there is still twelve hours left. Presenters have to present, and analyst have to analyze, the half-baked theory is the blood of their existence. Endless hours of impeachment coverage did you hear any network anchor ask, “Did the Biden’s break any law?” That’s part of the plan. Guilt by association, innuendo and rumor mongering.

The orange fraud wasted no time jumping on the band wagon as this is his home field advantage.

This is the most important election since the Civil War and could conceivably be the last free election. The Enabling acts have been passed and the chloroform is at the ready. We have witnessed the rise of American Fascism; left alone we will witness its institutionalization.

Whether Iowa goes first, Alaska or South Carolina makes no difference. What matters is unity, what matters is the stock market didn’t shoot up four hundred points because the trial is over. Trump means no regulation, do whatever you want. Poison the air pollute the water, cheat the taxpayer, sell off public lands, anything goes. For the billionaire class it means the new Guilded Age and they’ll pay handsomely to preserve the new Guilded Age. So, how can an openly corrupt and openly racist President be defended?

“Is Bernie Sanders too Liberal?”

 “Gee, that Mike Bloomberg seems to be coming on strong!”

“Is Joe Biden too old?”

“The Warren campaign seems to be slipping.”

Time after time, Democrats at the Iowa caucus said, “I’m voting for whoever the nominee is to defeat Donald Trump.” Donald Trump is the enemy of a Democratic America, no less than Mussolini or Tojo. The plan is to divide you. During WW II, German propaganda dropped over British lines said, Americans soldiers were back in London screwing your girlfriends, leaving you to do all the fighting. Over the American lines the propaganda said, 4-F er’s were back in the states screwing your girlfriends and taking your jobs, leaving you to do all the fighting.

That’s the plan, no different than any other propaganda program. To tell you your leaders are corrupt…and can’t be trusted.

As for me, I will vote for Beelzebub if he’s the Democratic nominee. I will vote for a can of Campbell’s chicken noodle soup, regular or chunky style. I don’t even care if the can is beyond the sale date, I’m still voting for it. I’m taking names of those who pass out division and identifying them so that when they hold their annual marathon fund raisers I will answer, “Sorry, I don’t support Fascists.”

“The world is filled with people who are no longer needed. And who try to make slaves of all of us. And they have their music and we have ours. Theirs, the wasted songs of a superstitious nightmare. And without their music and ideological miscarriages to compare our songs of freedom to, we’d not have any opposite to compare music with — and like the drifting wind, hitting against no obstacle, we’d never know its speed, its power….”
― Woody Guthrie

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