Will Anything Go Right This Week?

Photo Credit: Instrumentalfx.com

© 2020, MJ Ostrander

How are we all doing out there?  Feeling the strain of the week?  Did your heart miss a beat the night of the Iowa Caucus too?  I’ve been in Facebook Land this morning, where the bitty committees are out in force, shocked at Nancy Pelosi’s symbolic act of protest by tearing up a disingenuous State of The Union speech.  It’s interesting when you call these women out for missing the point of the Speaker’s actions.

  One, allegedly moving to Vietnam soon, ran offline when I criticized her use of the word idiot in connection with the Speaker as not opinion, just low brow stuff.  One lives in New Zealand and made great fun at how the US is the brunt of jokes.  She suddenly went radio silent when I mentioned that the US has often been the brunt of jokes to other countries but that the aid many nations have enjoyed in the past should not be counted on under the current administration.  The third defended her “I’m so embarrassed” by Pelosi stance by saying she’s an Independent and she dislikes both parties.  I can respect that but besaeched her not to undervalue herself as a citizen or her vote.  In due course, she and I were able to laugh during a week when warm and fuzzy feelings and humor are running on empty.

All these women have been Facebook ‘friends’ of mine and the episode gave no pleasure.  But it will be a cold day in hell that I stay quiet when tearing up a speech is worse than acquitting a man so unsound, that, as time will tell, will destroy as much of what remains of democracy as he can.  None of us needs to lose the friendlies in our lives, but I’d rather lose a few than compromise my truth with infinite ignorance.

This morning’s rambling diatribe by Trump lasted well over an hour, once again highlighting the level of mental illness of this President.  He could not resist debasing the only Republican member of the Senate that did his job.  But it’s often true that overconfidence proves the ruin of many.  That Trump should have learned nothing is not surprising given his delusions.  To him, nothing has changed.  To impeach him twice may seem ludicrous, but it’s possible via new articles.  I say let’s give him enough rope to hang himself.  What the hell have we got to lose?

Ah well.  Now the DNC is calling for a recanvassing in Iowa.  Is anything going to go right this week?  Personally, I’m afraid to fart.

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