FDR was a Liberal Democrat

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

FDR was a Liberal Democrat, once considered a traitor to his class he was in fact its salvation. He saved the United States from a possible revolution when the unemployment rates in cities like Toledo, Ohio stood at 80%. At that time there was no Social Security, no disability, no unemployment insurance, no food stamps and no aide to mothers with dependent children. In his Second Bill of Rights, Franklin Roosevelt declared healthcare a right due all Americans

After Roosevelt’s death Harry Truman assumed the position. Truman was also a Liberal Democrat. As a Senator, Truman was one of the most frightening men in Washington…to defense contractors. During World War II he rooted out over a billion dollars in fraud and corruption sending one Army general to prison. But Truman had read reports about the large numbers of men unfit for military duty because of poor health, bad teeth and scurvy. Harry Truman proposed Medicare for all in 1948.

Truman was replaced by Dwight Eisenhower. Eisenhower was a moderate Republican. In truth, Eisenhower was being lobbied as a Presidential candidate by both parties. As leader of the Allied Nations Eisenhower was tremendous as a President his administration was of a caretaker variety. He warned us about the military Industrial complex and then retired to continue his golfing on a private basis. My father used to joke, don’t blame Eisenhower, he didn’t do anything.

John Kennedy was a Conservative Democrat. Got that conservative. Harry Truman thought he was too young and too conservative. Kennedy brokered nuclear arms treaties with the Russians and launched the space program. He eliminated by executive order, Jim Crow discrimination in interstate transportation. No more Colored Waiting rooms and while he had his pen out, he signed an executive order outlawing discrimination in Federal lending. In his free time, he raised the minimum wage by 25% and he did it all in three years.

After Kennedy’s assassination he was replaced by Lyndon Johnson also a Liberal Democrat. Johnson’s platform “The Great Society” promised help for the poor and aid for the sick and hungry. Johnson signature act was the passage of Medicare. At the signing ceremony Johnson was flanked by Harry Truman. Medicare was supposed to be the first building block of Medicare for all. Johnson’s administration was derailed by the Vietnam War and the Great Society faded like cheap barn paint.

After Johnson came Richard Nixon and Nixon was the Fascist Moses. He made guile and criminality socially acceptable. But he also created the Environmental Protection Agency and after a massive oil spill off the California coast apologized, placing a moratorium on coastal drilling. A moratorium every Republican President tried to overturn unsuccessfully until Barack Obama. Nixon had a health care plan and compared to Obama Care it was a Cadillac versus a Yugo. The problem with Nixon’s plan was it was about privatization. Let’s force everyone into private HMO’s and the problem’s solved. Nixon has one more major distinction; he was pro-choice.

Jimmy Carter was a Conservative Democrat. He was elected on a wave of anti-Washington sentiment after Watergate and upon his arrival faced a wave of Washington anti-Carter sentiment. Amid the first oil shock, Carter warned us forty years ago to end our dependence on fossil fuels. He put solar panels on the roof of the White House and began an ambitious program of solar energy research, building test plants which are still operating today. He warned us, but we wouldn’t listen. We wanted our 427 Cobra Jet with the high-rise manifold and a four-barrel Holley carburetor.

Ronald Reagan was the great fraud. A minor Hollywood B movie star, while Jimmy Stewart was flying fifty-six bombing missions over Germany. Ronny was making movies in Hollywood. He was a corporate toady and an empty suit. He was an actor turned President; he was an acting President. He railed about morality while getting Nancy Davis pregnant while still married to his wife Jane Wyman. He railed against welfare queens driving Cadillac’s down to the liquor store and had ketchup reclassified as a vegetable to cheat school children out of a decent lunch. He secretly traded arms with Iran and began the Cocaine Wars in Central America. Every baggie of cocaine sold in the United States should have been marked…compliments of Ronald Reagan!

George Bush was the first former head of the Central Intelligence Agency to become President. The old axiom says you never leave the agency. El Busho gave us the first Iraq war on trumped up charges. First, he sent a woman to be the ambassador to Iraq. That’s fine with me, but in the Iraqi culture that was kind of an insult. It was kind of like sending Chris Rock to negotiate with the Klan.  Saddam was clear; in his complaints about Kuwait slant drilling stealing Iraqi oil and intentionally driving down oil prices making it difficult for Iraq to repay its war debts. The US ambassador, April Glassby responded to Saddam, “How Iraq settles its disputes with its neighbors is none of our concern.” Was he set up by the CIA President?

The pendulum had swung to the far right, Ronald Reagan was an extreme right-wing politician who declared war on unions and on working people. Bush was just the next step. By the way, did you know that Ronald Reagan was walked right out the front door of a Washington hotel with and underground parking garage? Shot and bleeding to death the secret service driver couldn’t find the hospital despite being a D.C. resident. Take him around the block one more time, he’s still breathing! It was said that relations between the Reagans and the Bushes cooled considerably after this event.

Democrats were barely competitive in national elections. Then came a new democrat, Bill Clinton called himself a New Democrat and what is a new Democrat you ask? It’s a moderate Republican.  Tax cuts, Okay. Welfare reform, sure gotta take care of those super predators. Bigger military budgets, coming right up! Tax cuts for Wall Street and the wealthy…sure, it’s only fair.

The 2000 election was stolen by the Supreme Court intervening without legal jurisdiction. Going as far back as a Dredd Scott to forge their case the court decided to stop a vote recount adding…just this once. Do you know how you can spot a crooked court ruling? When they say, “just this once”. Justice is the same on Wednesday as it was on Tuesday. The drunken bungling frat boy “W” became the titular bungling frat boy President. He worked for Dick Cheney who got him elected and it was Cheney who lead the Vice -Presidential search committee picking himself. I won’t go into 9-11 or we’d be here till next week.

Obama was a Populist Republican, every plan to deal with the financial crisis was of a Republican origin. Obama care was a cheap knock- off of Nixon’s healthcare program. Privatize, privatize, privatize, throw all those Federal dollars into private hands! Force the working poor to buy insurance they can never afford to use. The Cash for Clunkers program is a good example, deplete the supply of available used cars forcing up prices to help bail out GM. It meant working people paid more for used cars while those affluent enough to afford new cars got a tax break! Sound fair to you?

Trump is neither Republican or Democrat, he is a gurgling puss bucket of hate, misogyny, racism and corruption served on fresh baked Kaiser roll of mental illness. History will remember him as the American Nero, that is, if anyone survives to write the history of his crooked regime. America must destroy Trump or Trump will destroy America. Recently, Donny the talking Jack ass called Bernie Sanders a Communist. Of course, Trump is an ignoramus trying to throw around scary words hoping to ignite his piss bucket cultists into drinking from the Kool-Aid fountain one more time.

Do you want to know the correct definition of a Democratic Socialist Charlie Brown?

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

It’s not true when they say that Bernie Sanders is far left, the playing field has tilted far right for a generation. The Republican Party of today wouldn’t elect Nixon or Reagan as being too liberal. Throughout most of the second half of the Twentieth Century Bernie Sanders would be mainstream, he’s an FDR Democrat and FDR was so beloved by this nation he was elected to serve four terms.

“Better the occasional faults of a government that lives in a spirit of charity than the consistent omissions of a government frozen in the ice of its own indifference.”
― Franklin D. Roosevelt

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