The Manchurian Candidate

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

Yogi Berra said it, “It’s like déjà vu all over again.” That feeling that we’ve all been here before and many didn’t learn their lesson and didn’t do their homework. Let me throw a name at you…Tokyo Rose. She was a Japanese American living in Japan at the outbreak of World War II. She hosted radio broadcasts aimed at American troops in the Pacific. Her purpose was to sow propaganda and to demoralize American troops. And the troops would listen because she played the latest hit records. It was like ten cc’s of home to boys a long ways away in strange surroundings fighting to stay alive. They were made sterner stuff back then, I guess. They could listen to the music and ignore all her bullshit.

After the Korean War, the CIA was intrigued by North Korea’s ability to brainwash American prisoners. They thought that the Koreans had developed some super drug able to bend the will of the human mind. It was the basis for the film “The Manchurian Candidate.” After multiple investigations the CIA concluded it was repetition and that’s why they performed multiple investigations because they didn’t believe it could be that simple. It began with the old good cop bad cop routine with a dozen bad cops but only one good cop. The prisoner would be beaten and starved and denied water and then the good cop would show up and make the beatings stop and supply water. After a few weeks the prisoner saw the good cop as their only friend. Get it?

The line between friend and enemy is distorted. Even though I’m wearing an enemy uniform, I’m your friend, I like you and I will protect you. Do you know why? I feel sorry for you, America has abandoned you. America is a bad place; America is a war criminal but don’t worry…I’ll help you. No super drug needed, just apply stress and offer a more comfortable reality.

“Power is in tearing human minds to pieces and putting them together again in new shapes of your own choosing.”
― George Orwell

When the state of Alabama holds primary elections, you must declare your party affiliation. And come the general election you can vote for whom ever you like. Understand that as a deep red state there were always tens of thousands more Republicans than Democrats. So, the Republicans would target the weakest Democratic candidate and crossover to vote for them. Technically it was illegal, nod, nod, wink, wink, Bob’s your uncle.

The Birmingham News broke a story with photos of the leading Democratic candidate entering a hotel room with a pretty young staffer. The candidate exposed the ruse with his own photos of the hotel room door being opened and on the other side was an office with desks and telephones. It was propaganda, you can’t trust him he cheats on his wife, he’s a bad man! Politics is a bare-knuckled dirty business and Jimmy Carter acted as an election judge in a dozen countries and said, he never saw anything done that he hadn’t seen in Georgia first. They ain’t no new kind of rain Junior.

A show of hands, how many remember the 2016 Presidential election? I ask because I was a child of the 1970’s and a student of amateur pharmacology and I forget things from time to time. How many of you read Wiki leaks release of Hillary Clinton’s e-mails? Relax, it isn’t a test question what it is, is a damning photo of a candidate. Implying the candidate was doing something wrong. Knowing that millions would read the headlines, but few would search for the facts.

Now, keep this under your hat. Donald Trump is a God Damned Liar! I wouldn’t believe Trump if he told me the house was on fire and I smelled smoke! But what we have here…is a failure to communicate. The story began to appear in publications that Mike Bloomberg might choose Hillary Clinton as his running mate. Well…Sure! Charles Manson is dead, and O.J. Simpson is a registered Republican so Hillary would be the logical choice huh? Firsty, Mike Bloomberg has no reason to name a running mate now. Secondy, the Republicans play Hillary Clinton’s name like a piano in a whore house. Say her name three times in the dark and she will appear!

Then there are stories in the media that the DNC is going to stop Bernie Sanders at all costs! Firsty, If Bernie Sanders continues his path of building support and collecting delegates while winning primaries what the DNC wants is mute. To the victor belongs the spoils to the loser belongs obscurity. Unless you adhere to the theory of “We Demand to Lose!”  That somehow the DNC gains some advantage in promoting a candidate guaranteed to lose in November. No Democratic candidate has ever been elected without winning the California Primary. Do you know who leads in the polls in California by a wide margin? That’s right…Bernie Sanders. Poor G.I. you stand no chance against Japanese Empire. Your generals are going to get you killed and for what? They lie to you and now…some Bing Crosby.

I know that this is a bit of a hypothetical, but just suppose I were a Republican businessman and maybe the former mayor of New York. I got a billion dollars burning a hole in my pocket and I want to run for President. After all, if a moron like Trump could do it anyone can, right? But the Republican Party has a strict one moron at a time rule and how are you going to out moron Donald Trump? You know, I have no proof, but I bet Bloomberg being the former mayor of New York and Donald Trump being a New York Real Estate developer, what do you suppose the chances are that they’ve met?

Donald Trump paid for a full-page ad condemning the Central Park Five before their trial. Mike Bloomberg initiated the “Stop and Frisk” policy, a policy taken right off the pages is of the Big Blue Book of Nazi terror. So, they’re both racist and I bet they agree on tax policy too. I bet they agree on a lot of things, I bet they’re so close you couldn’t drive a playing card between them with a jackhammer. Why would Mike Bloomberg suddenly decide to jump into this campaign? And it’s funny sort of, it was just about the time the Ukraine scandal blew up he jumped into the race.

There is only one way under God’s green earth that Donald Trump can be reelected and that is by dividing the Democrats. Perhaps a Manchurian Candidate will do the trick?

Poor G.I. you so dumb

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    1. Thank you for reading and please share, I did firsty and secondy on purpose. It draws the readers attention. FDR used to put a hat pin in his cigarette so the ash would grow longer and longer and everyone in the room would stare waiting for it to fall off. Thanks again


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