Take a Chance or Disaster

Falling through the universe at the speed of life
The Endurance via Pinterest

By David Glenn Cox

The Democratic Party is an instrument of the electorate. It has no legitimate opinions and preferences of its own other than what we the people prefer; they are not our masters. It is a four-person race now. So, Tom Steyer and Mike Bloomberg please accept these lovely parting gifts including Rice a Roni the San Francisco treat! South Carolina also known as Biden’s last stand will say a lot about the future of the race and Super Tuesday will point to the winner. Hear that? The candidate who is clearly the choice of the electorate becomes the nominee.

To pretend otherwise is inviting disaster to breakfast. We got a good thing going here Bubba, let’s not spoil it. A Radical Bernie Sanders Administration is infinitely a better choice for all so, go with the flow. To dream, to imagine taking away victory from a clear leader and against the will of the electorate is insanity. To drop the mask of legitimacy and risk the best opportunity to win all three branches of government in a generation. It boggles the mind…

Any candidate besides the people’s choice will instantly get 40 percent the Democratic vote and a one-way campaign trip on the SS Minnow. It makes you question motivations, propaganda and chutzpah. Are we only free to a point? The leadership would nuke the party and sentence America to four more years of Donald Trump over Bernie Sanders? The idea that the killer bees of Biden and Bloomberg will rescue middle America with a safe and sane moderate alternative, sounds like something a TV executive would think up. We’ll get two poor black children (Non-threatening of course) and put them with a rich white man in a penthouse! America will believe that…right? Bloomberg’s already in the Guinness Book of World Records for having spent the most money in the world to make the world hate him taking the crown from Vanilla Ice.

Bernie’s bad for the down ticket Democrats, what bullshit! When Democrats go to the polls in numbers they usually win. Because of and despite the media narrative that we are equally divided country there are more registered Democrats than Republicans. That’s why it’s always a Republican in a gerrymandered district. They can’t win otherwise, turn out is the key. Are they saying Democrats will vote for Trump and hurt the down ballot candidates? Why is there an issue about a Democratic candidate? Let me qualify that statement, why is there an issue about a Democratic candidate in a world where Donald Trump is the President of the United States?

In other news, the Cheeto presented Mike Pence with a genuine four-hundred-pound gold plated anchor with a chain around his neck. Naming Pence to lead our efforts against the corona virus. I feel better, do you? Sure, I knew you did! Okay! Prayer circle everyone! Naming an idiot who doesn’t believe in science to lead a scientific investigation. Never say that Trump’s the dumbest man you’ve ever seen… Pence took this assignment. Mr. Vice President? This is the bus you’ll be going to be under soon and I wanted you to get acquainted.

Trump goes off to his Fuhrer rallies and says, “Everything is in the very capable hands of Mike Pence!” If it goes badly which is likely. Mike Pence is off the ticket. Rumor mills say the Cheeto’s looking at Nicky Haley anyway. He likes the way she fawns. “Here Mike, hold this shit bucket for a while.” The Cheeto will wish him away to the cornfield. Mr. Pence have you met Michael Cohen? Off to the Island of Trump’s broken toys, another one bites the dust.

Now the Cheeto claims he’s prepared, he’s got new Magic Markers and a brand-new weather map! Any pandemic that comes close will be XXX out of existence.

The answer to the Sanders conundrum is simple, make sure Sanders has the delegates to win on the first ballot. South Carolina Congressman Jim Clyburn told CNN that he personally didn’t have an issue with Bernie Sanders as a candidate. But Clyburn went on to say after endorsing the Joe Biden that everyone in the Party agreed to the rules going in. If Sanders couldn’t win on the first ballot, then the entire party votes and everyone agreed to the rules! Oh boy, does that sound bad.

When Ernest Shackleton and his men steered their return in a lifeboat to South Georgia Island the current would put them on the wrong side of the Island, or they would be washed back out to sea. Landing on a rocky outcropping Shackleton and Frank Worsley and Tom Crean would have to scale the mountains of South Georgia to reach a whaling station and rescue.

They had no climbing gear, no equipment and no maps. They were faced with stark choices. They would have to climb the mountain, or they would die and all the men counting on them would die. They found themselves at the top of the mountain with the sun going down and they couldn’t see a clear path. If they stayed on the mountain top they would freeze to death before morning. So, the three sat down on the ice-covered slope and gave themselves a push and went hurdling down the mountain side in the dark.

There were a hundred reasons for disaster, an outcropping of rocks or trees. A crevasse might have swallowed them, but they had no other choice, take a chance or disaster.

Jim Clyburn is saying the Party would rather freeze! The Party is saying “We’re Cowards and we admit it!” The Party is saying “We don’t trust the people and we know better than they do!”  They Party is saying “There is no Democratic Party! Suckers, we’re just another version of the Republicans.” Russian propaganda will be unneeded when the voting public realizes its being duped.

A Fascist corrupt Trump on the right and a Fascist corrupt Democratic Party on the phony left.

“We know from a number of harsh experiences that neither reform nor change is in itself a guarantee of anything. We know that ultimately it is all the same to us whether or not the system in which we live, in the light of a particular doctrine, appears changed or reformed. Our concern is whether we can live with dignity in such a system, whether it serves people rather than people serving it.”
― Václav Havel,

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