The Days of Push Comes to Shove

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Mark Twain wrote about a minister who during the first shock of the San Francisco earthquake declared the Devil couldn’t shake him from his pulpit. Upon the second shock declared, it would be wrong to tempt the lord. The big ape in chief declares his groupen fuhrer rallies will continue despite coronavirus worries. He then promptly cancels a visit to the CDC cause; you can’t be too careful. It’s so Trumpian, talk tough act chicken.

If there’s one thing in the world Trump cares about its Trump. He’d pry an old woman’s fingers from the hatch of the nuclear bunker to get it closed in time to save himself. The surrealistic crudeness the cartoonish oafishness. What the Fascist call, Trump Derangement Syndrome which I would refer to as “Are you fucking insane?” To sit idly by as an Orange Jabba the Hut slowly dismantles the organs of a government creating a new government. A government not tied to facts or reality but tied to what the boss wants. The boss doesn’t need to tell you what the boss wants, does he? A government of extremism unleashed in the tumult of exceeding unspoken expectations.

The signed peace treaty with the Taliban lasted twenty-four hours before the US attacked with air strikes in support of the Afghan Army. Clearly, the Taliban had no interest in abiding by the treaty and neither did the US. They had a lovely weekend and got their pictures taken, and I’m sure they got a nice parchment document with a bright ribbon and a wax seal to be filed away in a filing cabinet in the bowels of the state department somewhere. Somewhere in that diplomatic bundle was a work order, Paint helicopter landing pad on roof of Kabul embassy.

The Taliban like the North Vietnamese before them waste no time in flexing their muscles showing government troops the Afghan War is entering its final phase. A bad idea, badly planned, badly implemented badly lead by bad people for bad ends, ends badly. With oh so many thorns it hard to know where it hurts the most. It’s easy to focus on Trump because he’s the unavoidable big orange ape in the room. But the Afghan War and the Iraq War were the proverbial sledgehammer to conquer the ants. Billions and billions of dollars to conquer an oil rich wasteland. Reshuffling the deck of assets and contracts. Making the few very rich and making a million poor innocents very dead.

I always defend Barack Obama as one of the greatest Republican Presidents of our time. Raised the minimum wage once in two terms. Card Check and public option magically disappear at the eleventh hour. When Jimmy Carter bailed out Chrysler it was a straight business loan. Republicans in Congress pushed for the government to take a stock position in the company. When Obama bailed out GM, he took a stock position. Franklin Roosevelt’s Homeowners loan corporation was designed to save as many homes as possible and thereby save the banks. The Obama rescue plan was to defend the banks, they were left in charge of which loans they would rescue.

We have a problem in the Democratic Party. The leadership seems to be playing defend the flag. The big tent has gotten much smaller by clock number. Super Tuesday didn’t go my way and a lot of those who were supposed to vote didn’t. So, the advantage goes to the establishment side of the Party. The Party of can’t. We can’t do that it’s too expensive. FDR’s homeowners loan corporation was started with two billion dollars, they saved over one million homes and farms and had an eighty percent success rate. The cost to the long-suffering taxpayer? Zero, the Homeowners loan corporation went out of business and returned a small surplus to the treasury.

Harry Truman raised the minimum wage twice in seven years. John Kennedy twice in three years distant memories of a Party actually trying to assist the people. The same people who brought you Hillary Clinton will now bring you the new and improved Joe Biden. Joe Biden {synonym} bland, unexciting. Promising nothing and good on his word. But I will hold my nose and vote for status quo Joe because I must. I will vote for Joe’s stupid half-cousin Kenny if I must, because we must.

But down the road, ahh down the road. We must vote for the dragon slayer today even if his only talent is slaying dragons. Then after the dragons dead the American left has some serious questions and introspections to inquire about. The point of the Party is to be center left and the Republicans to be center right. We have a situation where the Party is center left and the Party Administration is center right. Drubbing us with the threat of a worse Republican and nightmares do come true.

Working both sides of the street, running as a populist suckling at the corporate tit and who do you think will win that struggle after November?  In many ways it’s like a labor struggle, the bosses versus the workers. Dictations from on high, this is the way it is…or we’ll change the rules. Like the East German Olympic judges, 10 – 10 – 10 – 9.5 You’re gonna love this guy! But here’s a question, if the youth didn’t turn out for Bernie why will they turn out for Biden?

The youth of today have seen only the back of the government hand why should they have faith in a Democratic Party that hasn’t lifted a finger to address their needs? We are fast approaching the days of push comes to shove and the corporate policies, protections and privilege aren’t going to work. Changing from a 357 magnum to a .22 caliber isn’t mitigation in a suicide attempt. The Left needs a home to call their own. A Party to offer real change instead of used car salesmanship.

“The greedy, profit-seeking exploiter cannot see beyond the end of his nose. He can see a chance for an “opening”; he is cunning enough to know what graft is and where it is, and how it can be secured, but vision he has none-not the slightest. He knows nothing of the great throbbing world that spreads out in all directions. He has no capacity for literature; no appreciation of art; no soul for beauty. That is the penalty the parasites pay for the violation of the laws of life.”
― Eugene V. Debs

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