A Wartime Cheeto

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Step out the front door like a ghost
Into the fog where no one notices the
Contrast of white on white. – Counting Crows

A canvas of white linen, a polar bear in a white towel eating vanilla ice cream in a white bowl in a snowstorm. In the middle is Joe Biden, but he’s invisible in the contrast of white on white. Tasteless, odorless and not Donald Trump. The third attribute being the most important, but the pattern is set. America has voted and the message they sent is, Not Donald Trump. That’s all they want is, Not Donald Trump. Joe Biden is qualified for this position by virtue of being anyone besides, Donald Trump.

He’s from the corporate wing of the Democratic Party, same as Hillary Clinton. No surprises, no changes, but Not Donald Trump. Working people will get no relief and the problems which plague us today, income Inequality and healthcare will continue to plague us… Make no promises and you don’t owe them nothing! The other day Joe Biden advocated for a $12 an hour minimum wage…where does he live? People won’t get out of bed and piss for $12 an hour. Bernie’s $15 was four years ago.

“Necessitous Men are not Free Men”- FDR

Shuttered schools provide feeding stations for children too poor to be fed at home. And the problem is…? Tens of millions without healthcare because? Millions sleeping in cars or couch surfing because they can’t afford rent. We used to have little kids pick slag out of coal until we made it illegal to use little kids. The minimum wage should be indexed to inflation and taken out of the hands of corporate politicians.

Recent events have made it clear, the refined art of wage suppression. But guess what? Let that economy get itself in trouble and hey you! Sit right there while we write you a rather large check! The last time we got a government check the Iraq war was attached to it. They ain’t going to give away free money without a hook in it. Especially Donald Trump! Do you want to know how bad it is…they’re giving away free money. They’ve screwed the pooch and they know it. The artificially low minimum wage forces economic insecurity when times are good. When times turn bad a serious situation becomes a critical crisis.

I love antique video, old World War Two training films. One was a propeller company and, in this film, shown between features advertised jobs! Good wages, cheap daycare with housing assistance! Gosh, when they need you, they can do a lot for you. Soon as the war’s over we’ll go after the union or offshore production. So, this isn’t a financial problem as much as this is a political problem.

So, what are we going to do with the invisible snowman? We have to vote for him even if he had two heads. The same playbook as 2016, promise them nothing and deliver less. Vote for Me…I’m not Donald Trump! And, if elected I will not be Donald Trump, yes sir re Bob. America has spoken they want nothing except the removal of Donald Trump. They like the idea of Medicare for all, but they fear Bernie’s baggage and they fear his electability and so in a time of crisis they choose Blanco.

Anything or anyone is better choice than Donald Trump. So, Blanco it is but that doesn’t mean that he can’t be pushed. It’s just the disappointment of having a nominee with the excitement level of a bunch of turnips. “You know Barack and I were fly fishing on the Snake River once. Barack looks at me and says, “You know Joe,” He calls me Joe. “I love fly fishing.” I said, Me too Barack.

We are in a pants shitting emergency and the orange one is still calling it the Chinese Virus. He’s on his best behavior, which is disappointing, but he’s making an effort. It’s hard what with him being a moron and all, it makes it too difficult to change well-worn patterns. I wonder when he will realize that he’s lost control. The quicker you dodge the responsibility to sooner you’ll get blamed.  Trump said that unemployment could reach twenty percent. Think about that for a minute. Donald Trump said that. The fact that he would say it means it is a lie, because he never tells the truth. The reason he doesn’t have a dog is because it probably wouldn’t come anyway.

Here in Denver, traffic is half of normal. That’s fifty percent not twenty. I was at a trucking company that laid off all their drivers today. Twenty drivers out of work…that’s one hundred percent. The Cheeto has declared himself a wartime Cheeto. But he is and always will be an orange ape making noise and swinging a stick.

Financial markets are melting down and there’s talk of closing the stock markets for a breather. The four weeks of corona virus is being stretched out to a year or eighteen months with waves of infection. For the first time in history the American economy will shut down but the wartime Cheeto says it’s going to come roaring back. Why? How does that even make sense? We’re in Grapes of Wrath territory an economic crisis making 1929 look like a walk in the park and until November all we have is a wartime Cheeto.

It makes me sad that the American public chooses Blanco over Bernie Sander’s But that’s the reason we’re lost, we keep making wrong turns.

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