Gimme Some Truth

Falling through the universe at the speed of life
Via Pintrest

By David Glenn Cox

This thing dwarfs us, blunts us and blinds us. The future once so clear is now obscured, one more burden to carry in our backpacks, one more mile in our sojourn. One more story to amuse the children before their journey into the night. The Cheeto announces an extension of national quarantine and says, if we only lose one to two hundred thousand people, we’re doing real good. A small city population erased from the landscape, as the orange bungle shrugs and says, “Who knew?”

I hate it when they play dumb like that. After 9/11, Condoleezza Rice, Bush’s National Security Advisor said, who knew airplanes could be used as missiles? Well, since she was supposed to be an expert on the Soviet Union, she had to know that during the Bolshevik Revolution officials feared the Bolsheviks would attack the Czars palace with an airplane packed with explosives. Joe Kennedy Jr. died when the bomber he was flying filled with explosives detonated prematurely. The air corps could fly a plane remotely they just need a human pilot to get a four-engine bomber into the air. Anyone with even a basic knowledge of WWII knows about the buzz bomb, a pilotless explosive packed aircraft.

Working inside our government there are some very smart and highly educated people. People who can figure how to get a spacecraft into lunar orbit with a pencil and a piece of paper. People who if given the parameters of the pandemic can generate a relatively clear picture. The virus is mathematics the variable is the behavior of the population. I suspect the figures the Cheeto announced last night are the same figures he was given back in January back when it was still a hoax. Back when the Cheeto claimed everything was so wonderful.

Feeding us tidbits day by day, two weeks everybody two weeks. Then three months, it will be three months. Then a year to eighteen months with possible waves annually. Give it to me straight Doc, I can take it. It’s bad enough as it is but not knowing what’s coming next but knowing that something is coming is stressful. The Cheeto was suitably humbled, not finished eating crow from his Easter remarks extends the national restrictions four weeks on the advice of scientists. This was that scene from the old science fiction movies where the President finds out about the meteor or the attack of the giant ants. Somber, sobering, we just this minute found out ourselves.

When they said annual outbreaks, I thought of the black plague. Outbreaks occurred annually until everyone who could die of the plague had died of the plague. It changed the world and ended Feudalism giving rise to a great idea. Let’s put all the sick people in one building. The Healthcare Debacle, the early years.

The Coronavirus isn’t nearly as lethal as a black plague by itself, but we still have the orange plague to deal with. The boy who cried wolf in charge of the Ministry of Truth. President Cartman, petty small and rotund. Putting on stage plays of information with corporate ass kissing taken to unimagined levels. The fawning on the Dear Leader. Thank you, Mr. President your leadership has been wonderful. You are the light of our mornings and the night light in the bathroom at two AM.

We have all lost our past lives and it’s alright to grieve. But grief is not just what we’ve lost but the fear of unknown waiting up ahead. The inability to plan because of the uncertainty, two weeks, three months a year and a half. One stimulus, two stimuli, three potato four. When will the checks arrive? Two weeks! A month, six weeks tops! How long will my job last? Can I pay my rent until the check comes? And then there’s the whole not get sick and die issue. Which takes me back to the good old days of not having healthcare, back when the Cheeto says things were great.

The wheel of fortune has decreed we lose a turn. The shock waves paralyze every aspect of the economy. Just you wait…the economy is going to come roaring back. The one thing you can’t accuse Trump of doing and that’s playing dumb. But his Pollyanna prognostications roller skating past the graveyard are so thin and hollow.  Financial experts predict a thirty to fifty percent loss of GDP, falling oil prices mean potential bankruptcy for anyone affiliated with petroleum. From convenience stores to major oil companies, the fracking industry is dead. Halliburton announced it is shutting down two thirds of its wells and you know what they announce next.

Tom Joad said, “Don’t take no courage to do something when ya ain’t got no other choice.” Tom faced crossing a continent in an old truck, but he had a destination and knew which way to go. Our challenge is the line between pretty talk, wishful thinking and a delusional orange moron. What will he say today? What will he retract tomorrow? How can we trust him when he says the giant ants won’t attack or the meteors not coming?

For an average President this would be the challenge of a lifetime, but for the orange one it is overwhelmed cubed. In a time of peril when we need reassurance, we have a big orange uncertainty. The only thing we know for sure is that he don’t know.  

I’m sick and tired of hearing things
From uptight, short-sighted, narrow-minded hypocrites
All I want is the truth
Just gimme some truth
Ive had enough of reading things
By neurotic, psychotic, pig-headed politicians
All I want is the truth
Just gimme some truth

-John Lennon

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