!! Friday Funk !! 04/03/20

This week, Friday Funk is dedicated to everyone locked in their homes. Unsure of the future and of what will become of us. Bob Dylan has a small piece of paper he calls his prize possession. On it is written, “I’m not dead yet! Woody Guthrie.” Woody sang about America, the pretty parts and the not so pretty parts. He offered comfort to the hard worn and threadbare of the first Great Depression.

Dylan Idolized Woody Guthrie as is reflected in his music and early photographs. Dylan once said, “I don’t know where these songs come from.” I do, they come from Woody. “I Ain’t Got No Home” “Deportee” “1912 Mining Disaster.”

Woody painted the American landscape, “Roll on Columbia,” Dylan repainted it for a new generation in technicolor. The only man to win the Nobel Prize for literature performed in five-minute musical increments. The voice of a generation and a nation. Writing personal notes to whole world with a clarity that reassures us in hard times.

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