“Local Boobs Challenge Virus to Gunfight!”

By David Glenn Cox

You just have to wonder, the posse Trumpatatos gather to protest their rights being taken away by the Michigan governor. It is not fair they cried, why do we have to stay in our homes? There are only 30,000 of our neighbors infected and only 2,100 have died. See, here is where you get the simple-minded Fox News spin. We don’t live in the city; we live in the country where infection rates are low. The big orange moron repeats this almost daily in his quest to reopen the economy.

The disease has a ten-day gestation period and some of you protestors are going to come to town like you did today. You are going to stop at the gas station and fuel up and maybe pick up a six pack and some smokes. Then you’re going to drive home put the AR-15 over the mantle and infect your entire family. Sometime towards the end of the month, you begin coughing and rush yourself to that tiny rural hospital that only has six ventilators. The Fox News spin is contemptable and should be litigable. If you tell, people a burning building is safe, you are a criminal.

The disease entered our shores from the coasts and then moved inland same as a fly through an open screen door. New York, Washington State, California and then hit the big towns. Towns with international airports where the people who do most of the international travel live. These people are protesting a disease that has not got to them yet. As simple as, “Germs? I don’t see any germs!” Why should I shut the door, there are no flies in my room?

It was a motley group, some with guns and some with masks blocking the empty streets with their cars. Clearly, the email had been loosely worded. Why would you bring a gun to a quarantine protest? What good is blocking traffic on empty city streets? Just trying to get their faces on TV and of course, the media will jump on it. It is a man bites dog story, “Local Boobs Challenge Virus to Gunfight!”

Robert Sapolsky is a noted Biologist at Stanford. He spent several years in Kenya studying a tribe of Baboons. The most hyper aggressive baboons ruled the pack with violence and favoritism. Sapolsky said, after studying those Baboons, he didn’t like them very much. But these “leaders” discovered a garbage dump and began to gorge themselves on human leavings. These “leaders” monopolized the resource and wouldn’t let the other baboons partake. In a case of; you really had that coming. The “leaders” picked up bacteria from the human garbage got sick and died.

For the rest of the pack it was a renaissance. The ruling clique was dead, calmer males were now in charge and the level of violence decreased. There is a message in there somewhere.

During the Black Death, some locked themselves away and some made merry, saying whatever happens happens. Guess which group survived? In a way it is understandable the need to protest. No Trump Rallies to attend. You got that brand-new sheet and hood in the closet and nowhere to wear it. And chances are you are just plain ornery. If the Governor had ordered, you to stay outside you’d barricade yourself in the house.

Everyone is agitated, when the only known is that there are no knowns. Its like the stages of grief, sooner or later you reach anger. This is going to fuck up my life. I just got my shit back together from 2008 and now this?

Instead of, “The only thing we have to fear,” we get, “Not responsible!” This only adds to societal constipation. Like a kid with a BB gun, you know, it is only a matter time before he does or says something stupid. And every single day with a Y in it, he justifies our belief that he is an absolute first-class moron. And everyday the rest of the world sees Trump’s behavior and writes, note to self; distance yourself from the United States. Cutting off funding to the WHO is just one example. I don’t like what you wrote, so I’m going to hurt people who aren’t involved.

Why is this man still in office? Why hasn’t the House asked for a medical review? This is what we call…not close. The President threatens to suspend Congress and rule by decree. The President pretends he has the power to open up states unilaterally and then threatens Governors who won’t knuckle under. Any one of these events should be enough to raise the question. What’s it going to take to tip the scales? A President in a Donald Duck costume singing Gilbert and Sullivan show tunes? He already believes he is the captain of the HMS Pinafore. Isn’t that enough?

Like the Covid 19 virus ravages the body the Trump virus ravages the political body of this country. A raving child/man filled with petty grievances. With more lies in his pocket than a white boy ought a have. It transcends the question of credibility to one of culpability. Can the criminally insane be held responsible for their actions as President of the United States? Anyone watching can see the curve of this flight, but none can name the crash site.

It isn’t going to get better by itself and every day the orbit gets more eccentric. In an effort to find a scapegoat and cover his domestic ass Trump has begun pointing fingers at China. On top of the tariffs and the trade war. On top of the economic pandemonium the orange one works to sow dissension in Asia, slowing any economic recovery. Making certain the Chinese buy no agricultural products from the US, hurting US farmers. The farmers who don’t go broke will not being buying any new machinery from Deere or Case.

The Trump virus is more dangerous than Covid 19. We can survive Covid 19 but the Trump Virus and Covid 19 together is a dangerous as protesting a pandemic by bunching up together for the group photo.

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