How About Those Ventilators!

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

The Cheeto was going to cancel the Corona Virus press conference then he stopped crying got up off the floor wiped his eyes and decided. Let’s have the press conference after all! He arrived with a school bus loaded with corporate executives. Each was given time for an Oscar acceptance speech to praise the emperor and get off. Where do they get these people? Are there shuttle busses to the White House filled with corporate executives and lobbyists?

It is hard to determine if the President is following a strategy or if he’s just delusional. He speaks about the pandemic like it is all over. That was close, we really dodged a bullet there. If it weren’t for me being so great and shutting down the border, we could have lost two million Americans.  Never mind that one in four Corona virus fatalities on planet Earth resides in the United States. Never mind that Americans make up four percent of the world’s population and twenty-five percent of the fatalities. Nice work Brownie!

Rambling on about ventilators the orange one doesn’t seem to keep up with the flow. Yes, we needed ventilators but now we have enough. Like Rain Man, he repeats over and over. Gotta watch Wopner at two o’clock. I shut the borders; I don’t get enough credit! The media is out to get me! Make one little comment about ingesting disinfectant and they never let you forget it! To me, the President is obviously delusional. Regurgitating falsehoods generated on falsehoods like the old man at the nursing home rambling about his son picking him up and waiting for a car that is not coming.

While the orange one was busying himself with testing and ventilators Big Daddy Putin was having it out with King Bone Saw in Saudi Arabia.  Grown up adults having a gas war for market share. The Saudis are the big swinging dicks when it comes to oil. Russia has lots of oil but unlike the Saudis they don’t have the infrastructure. The Saudis are located on a good corner with oceans to choose from while the Russians are landlocked with pipelines to Europe. The Russians told the Saudis, we are going to pump so much oil, you can’t stand it. The Saudis replied, we will pump so much oil you can’t stand it! The big orange Cheeto did nothing for a month. “Ha ha, cheap oil, ha ha!”

Oil went negative and the Cheeto brags he is going to fill the strategic reserve with cheap oil. That will soak up three whole days of Saudi production. Hey, everybody don’t worry about the flood. I brought a sponge! Remember that episode of “I love Lucy” where Lucy and Ethel get a job in the candy factory? You can’t turn off an oil well; the oil just keeps coming. The most expensive oil to produce is from tar sands and fracking around fifty dollars a barrel the cheapest is in Saudi Arabia at around ten dollars per barrel. In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the Cheeto sleeps tonight.

Our mothers all warned us not to spend our money until we get it, but it’s already spent. When I lived in Atlanta in 2008, I saw the same thing. The county had roads planned and schools to build when their tax revenues fell by two-thirds and the county found itself with a billion-dollar shortfall in the budget. So, when the Cheeto starts talking about a U or V shaped recovery I know that he is delusional. “We’re going to have a great fourth quarter!”

Those twenty-six million unemployed are going to flock to restaurants and buy houses and cars now that they’ve been evicted from their homes. Fifty percent haven’t received a stimulus check, and seventy percent haven’t received an unemployment check yet. Churches and food banks are swamped with apocalyptic numbers of hungry Americans, and the Cheeto says… “How about those Ventilators! Did I do a great job or what?”

Twelve hundred bucks or twenty-four hundred bucks is not going to keep Americans in their homes. They are fighting over the small business pie and ignoring the workers. Ignoring the very reason for the country in the first place…we the people. June 1st will be ninety days and the first wave of evictions will begin then at one hundred and twenty days the foreclosures begin. What you saw in the oil market will be repeated in the housing market and auto market. The deflationary spiral of an O shaped recovery, home sales were down fifteen percent in March. Better than expected they said, but anyone who closed on a house in March began the process in February before the pandemic.

So once again old one-eyed Donny can’t walk and chew gum. You want ventilators you get ventilators! What, you want me to watch the economy too? But the Stock Market is way up considering what it’s been through. To even mention the stock market at this point is delusional. The stock market is frozen in the good old days. “It’s gonna be all right! It’s gonna be a U-shaped recovery! Everything is going to be fine. Those twenty-six million will magically pay their mortgages and car notes. The used car auctions have been closed for six weeks, wanna buy a used car? Like Saudi oil they are stacked up to capacity and buyers are scarce.

The inept small business program stumbles and struggles, meaning if you think Trump will save you, you are as delusional as he is.  The dominoes fall, home foreclosures and car repossession put pressure on lenders who put pressure on banks. I can’t make my payment, so you can’t make your payment, so the bank can’t make their payment and the bonds become worthless. As Wall Street starts whispering the Lord’s prayer moving quickly passed the graveyard.

Trump likes to talk about the economy he built, like we were all sitting around the cave in animal skins when he showed up. This is part of his single-minded delusion. The narcissism of greed and corruption, lacking empathy and morality.  “I built this economy!” A President mentally unfit for office and clearly mad as a hatter.

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