Where Were You?

By David Glenn Cox

I guess we have reached that moment, that “Where were you when the Towers Fell,” moment. Turning a national crisis into a country music song. Every corporate entity saluting their workforce taking this opportunity to make themselves look good at the expense of their workers. “We salute our team members.” We won’t recognize their organizing or give them a raise; in fact we spend millions in lobbying to hold down the minimum wage but we recognize their efforts during this crisis trying to keep their heads above water.

Where were you when the orange one lied the first time? Said this would all be gone in no time. Where were you when he finally lost his mind?

Mike Pence declined to wear a face mask at the Mayo Clinic. Offering up he wanted to be able to look the staff in the eye. Yeah and I wear socks to keep my ears warm. Pence explained, that as Vice President he was tested regularly for the Corona virus. The word for the day is, “Optics.” It’s poor optics to be the only one in the hospital room not wearing a mask during a pandemic. It’s like giving Mrs. O’Leary’s cow a lit cigar. A sign that you’re not taking this seriously.

Where were you when the VP wouldn’t wear a facemask? Why the hell should we even have to ask? Why is he such a dumb ass?

The local Chevy dealer is running a TV commercial where a customer calls in on the phone. “Are you open?” Yes ma’am, our virtual showroom is open as well as our service department! As the camera pans out a face mask is prominently placed on the desk. Come on and get you a great deal on a new Chevy. Virtual showroom…Aka the Internet.

I’m waiting for Boeing’s Corona Virus commercial, “We’re Boeing and we salute all first responders and want to remind America that you don’t want us to try and fix it.” Why don’t happy meals come with an M-95 mask? But the masks are out there, fancy masks, plain masks, scary masks and funny masks it’s not Halloween it’s a pandemic! I don’t want to buy a six pack from Freddy Kruger. But these are historic times, times that try as we might we will never forget. Photographs of empty expressways and famous locations.

Where were you when the orange one argued with experts? Pitched a fit on all of the networks maybe Clorox will work just fine!

The US headless and rudderless drifting towards something. Germany opened small shops one week ago. This week the transmission rate spiked upwards and Angela Merkle said she would lock the country down if the trend continued. The lord is calling home his ministers at a record rate. Not just the ministers holding services during the pandemic. But the ministers who called on nursing homes and hospitals working on the front lines without even knowing it.

In Tennessee, a court has ruled the shut down order violates the Second Amendment and indoor shooting ranges can open immediately. Somewhere there is a department of stupid. People who sit up nights and worry about the inane. “Why that violates my rights! If I want to expose myself to a pandemic and shoot off a few rounds that’s my god given constitutional right!” The clock is ticking on the shutdown protesters, another week and they will begin to disappear from Fox News and then from planet earth.

Who would of thunk it? I’ll go to court to defend my right to stand outside in a thunderstorm! Where does big govment get off trying to tell me what to do? What do you mean I have to stop if the lights red? Where does big govment get off try to run my life with a piece of colored glass?

To open or not to open. That is the question whether tis nobler to infect tens of thousands needlessly in the quest for tax revenue or to suffer the outrageous misfortune of the shutdown. The University of Arizona wants to open their dorms in August and the campus in September. What could go wrong with hundreds of fresh-faced Freshmen from all over the country sharing small dorm rooms? When they say you’re getting an education, you’re getting an education.

But where do we go from here? There is no Hitler or Tojo. No Osama hiding in the mountains. A polarized corporatized country. “We’re big Pharma; we make the overpriced drugs you need to stay alive. Stay safe!”

This thing just goes on and on without battles to win it’s just a long slog. Remember when it was just going to be a couple of weeks, becoming a couple of months and now with no end in sight? With more outbreaks expect next fall. An incompetent President more concerned with image than results unable to handle a simple press conference. Calling West Point cadets back to campus for a made for TV graduation ceremony with a speech by the grand exultant Cheeto himself.

Where were you when the Cheeto made all his speeches when the governors opened the beaches, when we lost our minds.

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