Reach for What You Can Get

Falling through the universe at the speed of life
Madame Arcana by MJ Ostrander

By David Glenn Cox

In a perfect world Bernie Sanders would be my candidate but this is not a perfect world. I have vowed to vote even for a can of Campbell’s Chicken Noodle soup regular or Chunky style to defeat Donald Trump. Man, or women black or white, Hispanic, Asian I will vote for any candidate that has the slightest chance of defeating Donald Trump even if I don’t like them. Don’t hate the playa hate the game. If I were a white Republican, I’d believe in tax cuts and deregulation. Boom done, game over. Let the Bible thumpers wave their book around and picket the women’s center just give me my tax cuts. Like hogs at a trough, their only concern is more.

As a Democrat, a Democratic Socialist. I don’t really like the term Democratic Socialist. It is a contradiction in terms. As Socialism is about doing what’s best for the community if you don’t talk to the community it can’t be Socialism. If you don’t listen to the people, it becomes Authoritarian whether you are allowed vote or not. Anyway, I have to listen to opinions in my own party I disagree with. If we don’t stand together the people, we both disagree with will win.

It’s a bad ole world out there we aren’t talking about death taxes and mortgage interest deductions. Look around, King Kong’s got Faye Ray and is headed for the Empire State Building. If our economy was a tee shirt, you’d throw it away. Tattered and full of holes discovering how public and private healthcare interact and knowing that one of them must die so that the body can live. We are at that point in the story where the Titanic has hit the iceberg, and it is waiting in vain for the Carpathia to rescue them. On Wall Street stocks surge because the news wasn’t as bad as it could be! Good news! We thought we were going to have do a quadruple bypass but lucky you! We’re only going to have to do a triple bypass!

The Stock Market crashed in 1929 but didn’t hit rock bottom until 1932. For us, the roller coaster car is still going clickity clack up the hill. We know we’re in for an adventure, but we haven’t felt the wind in our hair yet. They say you should hope to live in interesting times! Fuck you, give me boring any day. Give me the 1950s, Hi June, I’m home! Are Wally and the Beaver upstairs? I wanted to look at new cars tonight. But Ward, you promised you’d take me to look for a new washing machine.

I don’t much care for Joe Biden. I have never cared much for Joe Biden. Joe Biden is what happens when you stay too long. I was a victim of Joe Biden’s bankruptcy legislation, offering homeowner protections only after forty-eight months. It meant that tens of thousands of Americans faced bankruptcy with no homestead protection and that wasn’t put in there by accident.

My father loved to work on homes. He bought a new house once and was miserable because there was nothing to do. Pour concrete or roofing and he could do it all. He was a craftsman and was never satisfied until the job was beyond perfect. Then one time I came to visit, and my father had replaced the tile in the shower and the job was sloppy. His eyes had gotten bad, and he just couldn’t do it anymore. The mind was still there but the skill was gone. My father was just a couple of years beyond Joe Biden.

We revel in the glory of Ancient Rome when it was as corrupt as any government could be. Some how we think it is better now. A grubby six-foot monkey species has some how overcome its innate natural being to become anything but a six-foot monkey species. We can make the world a better place but there are limits.

I understand the revulsion. I understand the desire to vote third fourth of fifteenth Party. “I’m voting for Herbert Snodgrass of the American institutionalist Industrial Democratic Socialist Workers Committee Congress. I’m gonna teach those fucks at the DNC a lesson!” You know what? You are right. They are entrenched fucks in the DNC. The last photo I see of Hillary Clinton will be my favorite. The question we face is more of the King Kong verses Godzilla variety, they’re both monsters but which one will tear up the city less?

We have witnessed the worst Presidency you can possibly imagine, and we don’t know the half of it. Think about all the shenanigans and corruption we have seen from the orange one. Think of all the smart-ass comments and the rudeness. The revolving door hiring’s and firings and above all the unlimited incompetence of this administration and then double it for what we haven’t seen. We’ve only seen the slip, not the panties of the Cheeto Administration.

We have in our midst the beginning of a progressive movement. Clearly to the DNC progressives are only useful around November and eventually there will be a parting of the ways. But to part ways before the election would be a disaster. Look closely at a picture of the Cheeto swinging from his tire swing and throwing Cheeto turds at the crowd. Can you tolerate four more years of this? Can the United States tolerate this for four more years? When the Navy decided to reinstate the Captain of the Theodore Roosevelt, it was saying in effect to the Commander in Chief of the United States…Fuck you and the horse you rode in on. When you overrule courts and force generals to give back seal pins you are rubbing their noses in shit.

Half of the agencies in Washington have no senior leadership in part because the Cheeto doesn’t play well with others and partly because few want to sign on as crew of SS Trumptanic. Now, if we get out our protractors, we can see the line is clearly moving downward at a forty-five-degree angle. What are the chances that given a second term the SS Trumptanic will right itself and sail off into the sunset and what are the chances that a second term would be an umittiated horror show?

I fully understand the revulsion to Joe Biden, but he’s Goldilocks when compared with Trump. A fella told me a long time ago, you gotta reach for what you can get because reaching for what you can’t get is foolishness.

The choice is Biden or Trump, pick one.

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