Men with Guns

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

I don’t remember who said it, “Seek out the truth and run from those who have found it.” There is this stupid only in America irony. It’s why the rest of the world shakes their heads whenever our name comes up. Grown up little boy’s dressing up in their Sunday best Rambo outfits carrying military style weapons. Marching up and down the street shouting slogans and waving flags. Protesting about their rights being taken away.  

You don’t see that type of behavior in Western Europe. Not any more anyway. But once upon a time, German’s marched in the streets in brown shirts crying about the abuse of their rights on the surface of some very deep water. Same as it ever was. Skip a rock across the pond and see what hides beneath, the same ripples every time. Where bad behavior is not only condoned but encouraged attracts the right type of droid. Easy to manipulate quick to anger. A sociopath on standby lacking only motivation, waiting only for the holy writ to be handed down from above.

So, let me tell you what is on the next page. The early brown shirts liked to harass the meetings of other political parties. Start some fights and punch a few old men and call it a day. One day the plan went awry. The brown shirts heard the Communist Party was holding a meeting. Fifty brown shirts kicked open the door to find two hundred had attended the young Communist meeting. I don’t know how to say. “uh oh,” in German but I’m certain it was said. The brown shirts got their asses handed to them, but it sparked an idea.

Rather than breaking up opposition rallies why don’t we let them break up our rallies? Except them will really be us! Enter the staged confrontation. Enter the victim card. Never mind who we are look at what was done to us. Orwell didn’t write in a vacuum; the past is the present and the media is the message.

Waving flags in tearful patriotism while threatening its government. In love with the abstract idea of shh (white, Christian) America. Ozzie and Harriet with guns and survival supplies in the basement. Thank God Faux News told them they were being abused or they would have missed it. The first major purchase made by the Nazi Party was a printing press.

Orango the Ape wants to stand as the stately politician but comes off as a moron. The more he talks the worse he looks. Cut to plan B. It’s not me that wants to open the economy. Even though its common knowledge the orange one never wanted to shut down the economy down in the first place. It’s those fine Americans from Charlottesville again with their completely organic protest movement.

Quarantine = Communism and Pardon General Flynn? Organic, very organic. A made for TV spectacular of unadulterated bull shit. Back channel Fascism from you know who. Protesting stop signs traffic lights and public safety. Like their leader they are unable to grasp the message that you, yes you could be a carrier and you, yes you could infect others while suffering no ill effect yourself.

Not surprisingly, the general citizenry does seem to get the message. Illness and death take the ambition of most to challenge the virus. The state of Georgia lifted restrictions and most restaurants stayed closed aware that opening too soon was squandering the efforts already exerted. Republicans in Congress grumble at those first line workers in jobs without healthcare and incomes made up primarily of tips getting an extra six hundred dollars per week in unemployment benefits. It’s too generous they shout! It is the only thing they’ve done right, and they hate themselves for it. It is in the Republican DNA that bedrock belief that the average American is basically a lazy slob by nature.

But don’t look now your contempt is showing.  “You see, if you shoot pool with some employee here, you can come and borrow money. What does that get us? A discontented, lazy rabble instead of a thrifty, working class. And all because a few starry-eyed dreamers like Peter Bailey stir them up and fill their heads with a lot of impossible ideas.”

That head shaking Americanism of cursing at salvation. We can give ten or twenty or a hundred billion to Carnival Cruise Lines and it won’t move the needle one iota. Mitt Romney is right! (God, I never thought I’d say that!) Raise the wage scale immediately and if too much is spent to aid consumers so much the better. Let Americans pay off their debts and follow their dreams.

The alternative is too dark to contemplate. The numbers speak for themselves, and they hang precariously, just waiting clinging to the side of the hill, waiting for the shot or the shock to set the avalanche free. Roaring down hill picking up speed. Credit card defaults putting pressure on the banks and the whole four years of the mortgage crisis is condensed into twelve weeks. Of the thirty million unemployed, most are householders making a house payment or rent. They’re probably making a car note too and paying for car insurance. At least they were doing those things. Corporate America cannot survive without them and neither can you and I.

Their poverty will have a direct effect on our lives. I’ve seen too many tents in the ravine already, too many sleeping in cars in hidden America. If it wasn’t right before its twice that now. Health officials caution that the pandemic could last two years. The economic pandemic could last for a decade or more dependent on the support given in the time of need.

“A sad soul can kill you quicker, far quicker, than a germ.” – John Steinbeck

The roads are closed, up ahead. Men with guns are stopping traffic.

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