A Weapon of Protest

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Beneath the veneer of quarantine protestors and beneath the veneer of their John Q., public image are the usual suspects. An organizer of an armed Denver protest was recently arrested by the FBI for possession of four pipe bombs and bomb making equipment. A percentage of Faux news viewers have metastasized into an underground cancerous tumor. The tumor has always been there, but Faux News has brought out of remission.

In the 1960s the left exposed the corporate Vietnam murder scheme. I get a contract and you get killed! Black and brown people always welcome there’s always room for you! The politicians knew the war was unwinnable yet persisted because bravado topped common sense. No one had the balls to say, “Enough!” I don’t wanna look soft on Communism. Better dead than red, never trust anyone over thirty man! Certainly, Nixon didn’t have the balls. His plan was to convince the public that South Vietnam was now ready to shoulder the burden alone. We will have peace with honor.

So certain the South Vietnamese could soldier on along US negotiators left the South Vietnamese out of the peace proceedings.

The object wasn’t to win the war but to convince the American public we’d already won it. Until the political clock ran out and the whole thing blows up in someone else’s face. The strategy was hide and divide. Claim the problem is solved, silence any critics and question the patriotism of anyone who dares to question official state truth. Has a familiar ring to it does it not?

Evolution has trained us to be suspicious as a survival mechanism. We see tracks and a tail in the brush and our brain fills in the unseen details. It could be a puppy dog or it could be a lion. Evolution says suspicion is good. Then we move from our reptile brain to its higher levels, and we discern the possibilities. If you’re in Cincinnati and not at the zoo, it’s probably not a lion. But we trust in the negative, no one wades across a river that “might” have Alligators in it. The unseen reptile and the unseen hand the all-powerful pulling strings in the dark.

There’s more going on than you know brother. Hear the truth strange doings going on! We have a website about what to do. They’re trying to take our rights away! The first American uprising was over whiskey. Farmers revolted because corn was taxed at one rate and whiskey made from corn was taxed at another. It benefited the merchant at the expense of the farmers, and they had a legitimate grievance. George Washington sent in the military and crushed them because rebellion could not be tolerated by a young government or by any government.

Abe Lincoln agreed with him eighty years later. Bringing a gun to a quarantine protest has nothing to do with your second amendment rights. Bringing a gun to a quarantine protest is about intimidation and is inciting to riot. It is a public statement saying, “Or else,” When you threaten the government and threaten public order your protest is over. A protest is about expressing your beliefs not enforcing your will. Bringing a gun to a protest means, you are through talking saying, “Knock this chip off my shoulder and step across this line.”

On top of the pyramid is Faux News followed by the Internet. Alex Jones and a host of others from the looney to sublime. Constitutionalists, White Supremacist, Nazis, Q-anon and the Federal Reserve and the list goes on and on.  All firmly convinced there is a lion in the thicket. Round the clock twenty-four hours a day nothing but conspiracy. All feeding that biological instinct for survival. Look out! The lion is out to get you. They go to that next level of cognitive thought and that’s what Faux News says. That’s what Alex Jones says. Oh my god! There is a pedophile ring operating out the basement of a pizza parlor that doesn’t have a basement! Michelle Obama is a man! Barrack Obama was born in Kenya! You get on the train at normal and the longer you ride the farther out you go.

Seth Rich was murdered by the Clintons on orders from the Bilderberg’s after a decision by Trilateral Commission to placate the aliens into sharing DNA creating hybrid creatures that are gay and will vote for Democrats! Q-anon says, any day now, Trump will have Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer arrested for treason.

Great Britain also has a free press with the caveat that you cannot say things which are demonstrably not true. The Israeli airline El Al had advertisements rejected by the BBC. The ads promoted visiting Jerusalem in Israel. Jerusalem is occupied territory. West Berlin was in East Germany, but it wasn’t East German. If you wanted to claim Michelle Obama was a man, you need DNA tests verified by a credible source.

But here at Camp Run amuck we have no such caveat. The sixth estate of the fourth Reich the propagandized army. Mutants and just plain Joe’s out to fight the wrongs of the world before you know who takes over. You know…them! The commies and the coloreds, the liberals and the Atheists. The gays and the baby killers until the issue is about personality and not policy. Secret Spider men in body armor, “Don’t you worry Mary Jane, I’ll protect you!”

Do you know who is in charge of the world? No one! Twenty-one centuries into the modern era and we can’t even enforce a world-wide fishing treaty. Back in the 1970s my uncle told me that SONY Corporation stood for Standard Oil of New York. It couldn’t be a successful Japanese manufacture of nice stereos it was the hidden hand of Rockefeller. About the same time, I was given a book. The Shah of Iran was building an atomic bomb to use on Israel and start World War III to bring about Armageddon and then Jesus was coming and he’d considerate a personal favor if I’d give his church some money.

George Washington did the right thing and so did Abe Lincoln. Disobedient children must be disciplined. The true believers are the true believers. Believe whatever you want. Say whatever you want! Wave a gun around in public protest? Go to jail, go directly to jail, do not pass go do not collect two hundred dollars. A gun is a weapon of war and for self-defense and not a weapon of protest. Nobody is threatening them so who are they at war with?

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