The Swamp Monster

By David Glenn Cox

Yesterday was the seventy-fifth anniversary of V.E. Day. One of the seminal events of the twentieth Century. In August we will remember victory over Japan and the end of the Second World War. That’s where our story begins as the children and grandchildren of those men. As they stood on the battleship Missouri, they thought, I am going home, and I’ve got two years back pay coming. The G.I. Bill, four years of pent up consumer demand. A generation that grew up after World War One and served in World War Two wanted peace.

They built the organizations we take for granted like the United Nations and the World Health Organization and NATO. The Bretton Woods agreement pegged all currencies to the dollar because he who has the money makes the rules. A blank checkbook to rule the world. The Marshall Plan rebuilt Europe because if we didn’t the Soviets would. Besides somebodies going to sell locomotives to countries without locomotives and office equipment and window fans.

By 1970 our gleaming new war-built factories were twenty-five years old. The West Germans and the Japanese had the new factories. But economically militarily and politically the US was untouchable. Unquestioningly the leader of the free world. Do you know how far advanced? The US put men on the moon in 1969 more than fifty years ago. It created a demand for computers and sparked a wave of innovation never equaled in the story of man.

Churchill had called it “The Wizard War” The first war won in the laboratory the battle of the brains. Intercontinental ballistic missiles, atom bombs, jet planes and a code breaking machine that answered questions with yes or no. You have money and technology with well-funded universities. They say the worst curse you can put on someone is twenty years of success. This is my nephew Herbert; he’s going to be the new department head. Union’s what da ya need a union for? If we liquidate the pension fund, everyone can have a 401K and save the company a bundle!

I remember thinking when Reagan was elected that it took until 1980 before there were more voters who didn’t remember the Great Depression and World War Two than who did. Who had heard the siren song of rugged individualism, of less is more and you could be rich someday. You don’t want to screw it up now with taxes, do you? Think carefully it could cost you a mansion someday. Unbuilding the engine, underfunding schools making schoolteachers villains and stock swindlers heroes.

A President of the United States is murdered on a public street announcing the conclusion of the days of wine and roses. Johnson, Nixon, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush like walking downstairs. Jimmy Carter was a good man who tried at least but was crippled by his own party. Bush, the moron, wasn’t even lawfully elected on the first go round. And If you weren’t lawfully elected the first time you can’t be lawfully elected a second time. Back to back questionable elections the public might be losing faith. Let’s elect a moderate Republican who calls himself a Democrat and because the Republican Party has moved to the extreme right nobody will know the difference.

The 2016 irony, a Democratic insurgency was trying to stop Hillary Clinton while the establishment Republican Party tries to stop Donald Trump and both failing badly. The worser of two evils as the post-World War Two era officially came to an end.

We are in the age of Trump and whether the institutions of this country can stand or ever recover is questionable. A clownish oaf for Attorney General, a rump Supreme Court and a Senate of frightened gauleiters given a choice between kissing that man square on the ass or cliff diving in the dark. Never before has the corruption been on such brazen display. General Flynn was a paid agent for the Turkish government while at the same time acting for the Trump campaign. When you are a paid agent of a foreign government, you fill out a form which notifies our government of your activities. You do this to prove you are not trying to hide anything or doing anything illegal you don’t fill it out because you are.

General Flynn plead guilty to lying to the FBI which sounds innocuous enough we’ve all told a lie or two in our past. But General Flynn was lying about his conversations with Russian nationals tied to the Putin government while acting as Trump’s campaign chair and the FBI knew he was lying from the wiretaps. The wiretaps American public has never heard.

The man who claimed he wanted to drain the swamp is the swamp. Corruption is okay if you play for the right team and we can wet our beak. The law is a tool he uses to protect himself from justice. Any law he doesn’t like he simply ignores. Any unflattering truth is whitewashed over, and we can’t pretend we don’t see it. Repainting reality bullshit brown, repainting the world bullshit brown. Yeah, the numbers are going to go down to zero its completely under control. The economy is going to come roaring back just you wait and see! The mad King and his cast of thousands grubbing for all they can get. Just write the law you want changed on the corner of the check.

So, the President has been exposed to the coronavirus but even fate cannot save us from the Swamp Monster. The damage is done Charlie Brown is on his back and Lucy holds the football. It will take years of effort to put Humpty Dumpty back together again. To reestablish a functioning government with a functioning judiciary and a functioning Congress with a law-abiding President. Despite pandemic and economic collapse, the Era with be remembered for Trump.  Remembered just like remember we V.E. day only darker. Remembered without celebrations just remembered. Like November 22, 1963 or 9/11 Where were you when Trump crashed the country?

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