I Don’t Believe You

By David Glenn Cox

For all the things the Internet has given us I mourn the loss of credibility. There was a time when a mainstream publication printed something there was at least a germ of truth to the issue. Garbage and propaganda were out there of course, but they were easier to distinguish. A bald man with a flower behind his ear dancing in a dashiki passing out pamphlets while playing finger chimes was a red flag. If they had a bible under their arm and were screaming a lot about hell fire that ‘s a red flag too.

Today with coin of the realm a website can be generated, and the most outlandish claims can be published and made to seem credible. The looney in the tin foil hat can pass themselves off as an acclaimed expert in a three-piece suit renowned in their field all while never leaving the comfort of Mom’s basement. On of the right, they like to congregate in groups together to give themselves credibility. “Mr. Bozo is chairman of the Americans Against Anything we don’t like committee and is also a distinguished member of the North American chapter of Americans not tied down tightly. He is a Senior fellow at the Conservative American Institute for rubber band studies and is often featured on Faux News!”

A few years back I was hired to write an article about a man charged with Animal Cruelty. He owned an animal shelter in Connecticut. It seemed the county had recently hired a new dog warden. She worked for a competing animal shelter owned by a Real Estate developer in Manhattan. Not the orange one, another one. He owned eighty buildings in New York and was as rich as Pharaoh.  He had operated a small shelter which had been cited by complaints from the neighbors. After the town’s selectmen election was over the complaints disappeared.

The developer built a new state of the art facility and had his employee chosen as dog warden through the town’s selectmen. So, state of the art was the animal shelter it had its own political lobbyist. He wrote articles about far-right wing causes and they were about as far out there as you could get. The accused found two state troopers and the dog warden at his door. He was charged with keeping dogs in sub-freezing conditions inside his shelter on a day the National Weather Service said the low for the day was thirty-two degrees outside.

The dogs were removed and taken to guess where?

The lobbyist who championed low taxes and less regulation went before the legislature to advocate for higher state subsidies for animal shelters and more regulation by giving more power to dog wardens.

The accused was just a sap who got in the way. It does not matter the outcome; some crimes just being accused of is an instant conviction. An Animal Shelter operator accused of animal cruelty in a small town is out of business. Fixed or unfixed. Occam’s Razor says the most obvious solution is probably correct. The Internet says the most outlandish solution is probably correct. Anything is possible hell’s a popping!

Ya know what man? That Jeffery Epstein man, he was about to give evidence against Bill Clinton in a sex case!

Really? You really believe that a Federal Prosecutor would take the time to build a case against a former President of the United States on hearsay evidence? How many corroborating witnesses do you have? Exactly. You might as well put a sign on your desk, “My career ended here!” Never in a thousand worlds in a hundred different dimensions, would that ever happen. You would be a pariah at the watercooler and just proximity to you could damage a career.

According to most right-wing news outlets Hillary Clinton has gunned down more people than Al Capone. Although she has never been considered a suspect by law enforcement. She’s never been brought in to answer questions in a murder investigation. That guy didn’t kill himself that airplane didn’t crash on its own…Hillary did it! So oft repeated it’s become a truism. Yeah, you know he had a Hillary accident.

There is so much truth to tell about Hillary Clinton. Yes, she really did say “We came, we saw, and he died!” with a fiendish grin. Lady, that’s murder you’re talking about not a Bridge game. I guess the truth is complicated to tell and a lie a tasty morsel. Easy to swallow whole when slobbered with preconceived notions. I don’t like Hillary Clinton. I don’t like her policies or positions. I don’t like her administration of the party. That said, I don’t like Joe Biden either.

I don’t know Joe Biden personally. But if Joe Biden had Donald Trump’s sexual history, he should drop out of the race immediately. Multiple marriages, multiple cases of philandering. Rape allegations payoffs to porn stars and catch and kill news stories. These aren’t just allegations these are legal ink facts. Clearly, Donald Trump is a sexual predator and a habitual offender. Does Joe Biden have a similar pattern, or did he just get off the leash one day? What do his ex-wives say?

I believe that anyone sexually assaulted deserves to be heard as it is a crime only second to murder. I also know that celebrities travel with entourages to protect themselves from the wilds of the public. He kicked me he punched me he spit on me he called me a bad name. Barry Manilow was sued for flipping a guy off at an intersection. Divorce attorneys often bring claims of physical abuse to put the defendant on their back foot. After they agree to be “reasonable,” the charges are dropped.

It is a big old tough world out there and people do shitty things for shitty reasons but if you can’t prove it, it’s not true. I don’t care how many burn marks are in your front yard if you don’t have a picture of the alien spaceship, I don’t believe you.

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