Gone to Bye Bye Land

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

You can sit up on a hilltop and watch the dinosaurs fall. It was reported that Hertz car rental is days away from bankruptcy. Denver is laying off airport staff in move to be repeated nationwide. The stock market has been renamed Caligula as the behavior inside the palace gates has no relationship to what goes on outside in the real world. They are partying down at the Fuhrer bunker as the last days approach. The markets rose on the employment numbers because they were not as bad as expected. How much worse could they be? How bad must they be to snap the market out of its stupor?

I saw gas for a $1.47 yesterday and when you deduct the road tax that gasoline was cheaper than bottled water. Here in Colorado the oil industry is dead. Weld County north of Denver is shell shocked. Greely, Colorado’s home base for the oil patch is laying off workers and parking their trucks. You can’t drill a three million dollar well for a $1.47 per gallon gasoline. Greely’s main industries are the oil industry and the JBS beef processing plant. The plant is suffering with the coronavirus all else is the Trump virus. I don’t need to read anything; I can wing it!

This town is in trouble and in many ways, it is a microcosm of the nation as a whole. After oil and JBS what is left is the retail and service economy. How long will those jobs last with rapidly escalating unemployment. The automobile manufacturers are beginning to reopen plants, but the question is…why? Maybe if we run fast enough and pretend, we aren’t scared the monster won’t get us. Elon Musk is threatening to leave California if he’s not allowed to immediately start production. It’s funny in a sad sort of way. Once a group of workers were told to unload trucks. One of the workers laid down on a pile of boxes and took a nap. The boss caught him sleeping and told the others, “Don’t wake him, as long as he’s asleep he still has a job.” Shhh make sure nobody wakes Elon.

Home sales were down forty percent last month and this month is expected to be worse. Already the Zillow website is dotted with ten-thousand-dollar price cuts, and it has only just begun. Congress and the Trump Administration threw the American worker a twelve hundred dollar stick of gum while bailing out corporations doomed to extinction.  Come on kids! Grab your mask and gloves we’re going to Disney World! Nothing says fun in the sun like a mask and rubber gloves. The muffled screams on the thrill rides and social distancing on the Pirates of the Caribbean.

I received my stick of gum and haven’t spent a nickel of it. The stores are closed, and the future is dark and uncertain. A new TV might be fun but not as much fun as eating food. Not as much fun as paying rent and having electricity and running water. The estimates are that twenty to twenty-five percent of Americans were unable to meet their financial obligations last month. Some offered tenants the option of rolling over their rent. “It’s okay, as soon as your job calls you back just pay us the $6,000 you owe us.”

There is nothing more magnetic to germs on earth than a small child. Daycare workers asked to care for a room filled with the small children of first responders. How do you explain social distancing to a four-year-old?

The administration is on full Fantasyland mode. The Cheeto talks about opening America back up while being exposed himself to the virus. After the exposures, the White House ordered all West Wing staffers to wear masks like the CDC recommended two months ago. Vice-President Skid mark was exposed and was under quarantine then he wasn’t. Neither chief executive will wear a protective mask for fear of losing their macho image or messing up their orange make up. Do as I say not as I do!

The Cheeto administration is reaching critical mass. The public behavior of the President leads one to wonder what goes on behind closed doors. The experts are dismissed and all who question terminated. We go with hunches around here. How dare you question me about something I’ve said! “Why don’t you ask China!” This is typical for Trumpy, find a scapegoat and repeat, as necessary. The answers are on Hillary’s server, and this is all Obama’s fault! The time has come the walrus said to talk of many things…this guy is gone to bye bye land.  The President is non-functioning…tilt!

The problem with kicking China while at the same time wanting them to buy our produce is clear. Someone in Beijing might start to take all of this Cheeto talk seriously. They might get their feelings hurt at being treated so badly. They might decide to say, “Screw you guys!” and flood the market with US debt obligations. Or maybe they make a move on Hong Kong and what would we do? China has a number of ways to turn up the heat while we have Donald Trump. For China Trump is a gift from the ancestors for the United States, he is the Anti-Mister Rodgers. Surly, ill mannered, combative, and non-constructive. The plan is whatever comes out of his mouth in the next ten minutes.

The new plan is whatever comes out of his mouth ten minutes later, and the time has come to say…Enough! Can we survive another six months with a man clearly overwhelmed by the office? Unable to hold a simple press conference without throwing a temper tantrum? Unable to generate policy or priorities. Unable even to create the illusion that the situation is under control. Unable to do much of anything except pout and fume and angrily claim himself to be the victim of an Obama conspiracy.

“You have sat too long for any good you have been doing lately… Depart, I say; and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!” – Oliver Cromwell

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