Pay Me Now or Pay Me Later

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

A Trump economic advisor says, Great News! Unemployment claims have fallen for a third consecutive week! Good News! The Hindenburg has stopped exploding! The Titanic is no longer taking on water it is a finite number we’re talking about. The week after we reach 100% unemployment, those numbers are going to look great. The misdirection of talking about the speed rather than about the volume. Watch how fast I can pull a rabbit from a hat.

The House passed a three trillion-dollar stimulus package which Senate Republicans proclaim as dead on arrival. This is the bill to bailout state and local governments not because you want to but because you must. Who votes against themselves? What comes from this? This Kamikaze Republican plan to starve Main Street. By hobbling state and local government, you are hobbling the local economy you are trying to save. In the end it will lead to lower tax revenues and higher deficits and for the cost and trouble we’ve gained…nothing.

There comes a point where the money is worthless, you’d gladly drop gold bars before you would let yourself drown. The question is what do we achieve with it? Keep families together keep landlords happy while keeping bankers happy. Thirty-six million unemployed one in five who watch in terror as the Republican’s plan to execute them. Andy is going to be really pissed when he finds out Barney got laid off. When you can’t get that permit and the wait time goes to weeks. State and local government will be forced to raise taxes which in a down economy is counterproductive.

To take a wait and see approach, let’s just see what happens if we the let ship sail off the end of the world well then, we’ll know, won’t we? But if you are on the ship, you see the problem from a different perspective. Will all those in favor of not sending a rescue party please raise your hands! The Republicans once dreamed of strangling the Federal Government in a bathtub. Today the victim has become the murderer. I bet those states won’t argue so much after they’ve let them starve for a while. Orange Fascism thug politics. They say politics ends at the waters edge but that’s not true if they’re trying to drown you in it.

The New Deal rescued the economy in less than ten years while Wall Street took twenty years to recover. In the Depression of 2008 Wall Street recovered in eight years and Main Street isn’t there yet. The artificial suppression of the minimum wage has created and enhanced the working poor. At a time when the economy needs purchasing power it has little. Only credit which simply kicks the can down the road aways hoping for good times later. People without money wish. People with money plan. What would you call an intentional plan to starve state and local government? Would Stalinist cover it?

The Cheeto announced Friday after assuring the public there would be a vaccine before the end of the year “that vaccine or no vaccine America was back!” I love that the Orange one wears no mask it shows strength and courage and makes me hopeful and optimistic for a just outcome. Like a lottery ticket, even if you don’t win it’s fun to hope for a miracle. The Cheeto has moved to the anger stage of the grief cycle. You know what? Fuck it! I’m tired of waiting, so what if those sons a bitches die by the trailer load. I want my money! Okay, everyone listen up, everything is fine go back to work now chop chop.

The idea that it is that simple that you just flip it on like a switch. Estimates point to one thousand airline pilots that will be laid off. Three flight attendants to a plane or three thousand flight attendants. Already the airlines are retiring their larger jets shrinking fleets. They are saying they don’t think business is coming back anytime soon. The baggage handlers and mechanics and the airport employees. It doesn’t turn on with a switch it spreads like a cancer. Overnight hundreds of thousands of Americans have been made obsolete, their lives and careers altered forever and what are we going to do about it…nothing? Take a wait and see approach?

The Tennessee Valley was once the poorest region in the country. Rife with malaria and scurvy the area suffered with floods, and the farming was poor.  The Tennessee Valley Authority built over two hundred dams. The dams created cheap electricity drawing industry the lakes attracted tourists. Flood control aided everyone. In a time of economic crisis, crazy money was spent on making a better world. Paychecks not unemployment checks, jobs not promises of jobs. Life in the southern tier of states was altered irrevocably and forever for the better.

First and foremost, Social Security was is a jobs program. If the boss can’t retire, you can’t be promoted. They should offer anyone over sixty the opportunity for full Social Security retirement benefits. Sometimes doing nice things for some people helps everyone. Despite any deficiencies in my plan its still better than sending a high-risk group back into the workforce! Hello insurance department?

We face a global environmental crisis because of fossil fuels, and we have the technology to replace them but not the will. Now has never screamed louder. We are going to spend trillions of dollars one way or another it is unavoidable. Shall we bail out the cruise lines and tell the states to go pound sand? The states are us. You know those pesky, “We the people” you’ve heard so much about.

In the end not doing something constructive will be more expensive than doing it.

“To reach a port we must set sail –
Sail, not tie at anchor
Sail, not drift.”
― Franklin D. Roosevelt

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