The Man with the Sword

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Back in Rome if a person of high rank wished to advance, they had to serve in the military. Not only did they have to serve, but they also had to be successful. You had to bring home captives and booty from foreign lands. Some ancient Donaldo Trumpinni might use his influence to dodge service in the Peloponnesian War but it would cost them later. Rome had the first professionally paid military and the military brought in revenue. They were the dark force behind the image of Roman Democracy.

When a new Emperor was selected, it was traditional for the new sovereign to award the military with some cash. Not giving them cash was a dangerous path you can’t argue with angry men with swords. There were only two groups capable of removing an emperor. One was the Senate with knives, but who would fall for that again or the military with swords and spears. Sometimes just the news of a pissed off legion on the march was enough to force a resignation.

This why leaders with military service advanced they knew what would be tolerated and what would not be allowed. If this Emperor won’t give us a denotative maybe the next one will. The emperor could order legions to walk hundreds of miles and face a hoard of barbarians no questions asked but if you think you’re going to stiff us, life has some very rude surprises in store for you.

During World War Two, meat and sugar were rationed, anything for the boys. At the conclusion of the war, servicemen could attend college under the G.I. Bill, anything for the boys. Under the reign of Donald, the Orange all that’s changed. The Orange one authorized forty thousand National Guard troops to serve during the pandemic and while no one is shooting the danger is just as real. One day, twenty-four hours before the troops would be eligible for benefits Trump cancelled their deployment.

Under Trump Defense Secretaries have the life expectancy of a fry cook at McDonalds. Generals and military courts overruled by this obese Cheeto. War criminals are reinstated while ship Captains trying to protect their crews are removed. It wasn’t too long ago, and you have probably forgotten by now what with all the excitement surrounding the world’s collapse. Donald Trump nearly started a war with Iran. Blundering through the Iranians attacked an airbase and US servicemen were suffering with head injuries which Trump referred to as “headaches.”

My father in law served in Vietnam and witnessed a B-52 strike on an enemy position twenty miles away. He said, fifty-five-gallon oil drums were jumping three feet off the ground. And he could feel the air pressure change when the bombs hit twenty miles away. One could only imagine missile strikes a few hundred feet away. Blundering into combat while demeaning their service.

A Navy Board of Review found that the captain of the Aircraft Carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt had done no wrong and recommended he be returned to his former position. This was the United States Navy erecting a gigantic white gloved middle finger on the lawn of the Pentagon and pointing it at a sitting chief executive.

Sending National Guard troops to the southern border to make headlines while the troops had little to do except sweat and feel homesick. The troops were just a ploy, a toy to make headlines with. Generals just props to make him look good and Admirals to offset the color scheme. Sometimes I long for those Roman days. Boy those Romans really knew how to solve problems! Emerge with a bloody toga and announce, “Pick somebody else!”

By the time the Navy puts you in charge of a billion-dollar aircraft carrier, they’re pretty certain you’re not a schlub. You could hang up the dress blues and take a job in corporate America or sit on a beach draw your retirement and watch the surf roll in. Writing a letter about the welfare of your crew gets you fired because it made Donny angry. It was on CNN and that makes Donny angry.

How must this Orange buffoon appear to military professionals? Or any professionals for that matter, Dr. Fauci is a case in point. The man is trying to do his job as a professional while dealing with the world’s consummate know nothing. How much is this man willing to take and how much does he love this country to put up with it. Without Fauci we would probably have Clorox stations on every street corner of the country by now.

What would happen if the Pentagon sent a message to the Congress. We will refuse all orders until you remove the Orange dog turd from the White House. Yes, it is insurrection punishable by death, but it happened in France during World War One. It is one thing to put your life on the line for your country its another to be used as a pawn squandered pointlessly, fired needlessly, and disparaged recklessly. Do you think you get Generals and Admirals that are hired from Indeed?

Joe Stalin once purged the military of all who were not considered loyal enough and it didn’t turn out well. How those Generals had wished they could have purged Joe Stalin instead. So, while I long for Roman days I know that our military is loyal to the Constitution. Something the President can’t honestly say. But there is a point isn’t there? A point where loyalty and legality are reduced to servility. A point where supporting the man is destroying the office and the Constitution. A point where all are powerless except the man with the sword.

“Treat your men as you would your own beloved sons. And they will follow you into the deepest valley.”
― Sun Tzu, 

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