The Sewer System

Falling through the universe at the speed of life
To protect and serve

By David Glenn Cox

And so here we are again building another memorial to another citizen murdered by police. Do you know why policeman murder the citizenry? Because they can. Because power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The Stanford experiment proves that those with unchecked power will stretch the boundaries until corpses lie cold on the pavement. As predictable as rain from a cloudy sky if the Minneapolis police had only beaten George Floyd you would not have heard a word about it. Just another black man with a crazy story about alleged police brutality.

George Floyd was in handcuffs face down on the street. Why put your knee on his neck? Because I want to and who is going to stop me? Nothing less than torture, nothing less than intentional premeditated torture. But understand, torture is okay. You can do whatever like as long as you don’t kill them. Give them a concussion knock out a few teeth and it’s your word against the big blue machine and who is going to believe you?

Life is like a shit sandwich the more bread you have the less shit you have to eat. Police rarely pull a white man out of a Mercedes 350 SL and beat them to death. Obviously, they have resources. They might sue or know the Chief from the country club. They might know the mayor or a Congressman, so the rule of thumb is only to murder the poor and disadvantaged. They don’t hate you because you are black, they love you. Being black means they can beat you for whatever reason and the police get a free pass. He resisted arrest, I told him to stop and he willfully continued breathing and I felt threatened by his breathing.

Kelly Thomas was white, but the police knew him as a homeless man who hung around the bus station. Why did he hang around the bus station? Because it was the only public bathroom available for miles. Police were investigating “car break-ins” but couldn’t specifically put a date on the crime. Thomas was searched, and the police began to invent crimes he could be charged with. But we’ve seen this over and over choked to death for selling cigarettes or just being a large black man or women.

If Kelly Thomas had had access to healthcare, he would not have been on the street. Alexander Solzhenitsyn in his landmark book “The Gulag Archipelago “described the Soviet penal system as the sewer system. Once you were swept up into the system you were finished there are no innocent men in the sewer system only those not yet convicted. The police used torture to obtain confessions and if you confessed too quickly the police would accuse you of a more serious crime. If you resisted, the police would torture you until you came to your senses and confessed.

In America we have our own sewer system, the poor and disadvantaged know it well. Poor schools, no healthcare little to no employment opportunities.  Now pull yourself up by your own bootstraps. This phony American cardboard cutout of a glittering city on the hill propped up in front of grinding ghetto scenery. I was riding through Baltimore with mile after mile of tenement slums and on the corner was a Burger King. Sell drugs and make a couple of hundred a night or work at Burger King and make a couple of hundred a week. Do the right thing and do without! Don’t you want to salute the big flag and sing the national anthem?

Our small government small dick mentality means the police are left to solve social problems. I had a friend who became a minister after being a policeman for ten years. He said, the police, the boy scouts and the ministry all attract the wrong type of candidates. That some policeman want to help and some just want to push people around and the one’s that want to help don’t hang around very long. Because you are not helping and cannot help these people in America’s sewer system. Kill him he stole a pizza from the dollar store. Kill him he’s selling cigarettes. Kill him, I thought his wallet or cell phone was a gun. Bernie Madoff was never tackled with a knee placed on his neck. Michael Flynn was never tackled by police.

A system unfair and racially biased which has only gotten more unfair and more violent under the administration of Conservative values. After 9/11 police became militarized. I was living in a small town in Georgia, and the police purchased an army surplus armored personnel carrier. They repainted it black and painted “Say no to drugs kids!” The town had not had a murder in three years, and yet they thought they needed a tank.

In an attempt to explain how those four officers were hired in the first place. Minneapolis police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at a crowd African Americans protesting George Floyd’s murder. Brilliant! What a plan! Nothing improves the atmosphere of a tense situation like shooting guns and tear gas into an angry crowd. But this is the Minneapolis police way of saying we killed George Floyd and we will kill you too! We will put our knee on your neck because you’re in the sewer system. White men armed with military weaponry prowl the grounds of the Michigan State Capitol while police whistle and stare off into space.

Can the United States of America ever come to grips and face itself? Are we doomed by our own schizophrenic nature of Elmer Gantry meets Heinrich Himmler? Red, white and blue skyrockets to illustrate our “Freedom” while police kill one thousand citizens a year. One thousand poor people I might add, I doubt there is a millionaire in the bunch. White America had their panties in a wad because Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the national anthem. More incensed by an act of silent protest than by an act of senseless murder.

As prosperity fades oppression rises and you begin to see the police for what they are sanitation workers in the sewer system. Overseers on the corporate plantation.

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