Storm Trooper 101

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

It is rare when your opponent will do you the favor of illustrating your point to such a degree that further illustration is hardly necessary. Take, for example, the Buffalo Emergency Response Team AKA the beatdown boys. The heat, the five O, the law, the man. Helmeted black uniformed armed goons carrying the good word on the end of a wooden stick. More government in ten minutes than you can get in a lifetime. The video has gone viral of the Emergency Response Team applying their emergency response to a seventy-five-year-old Catholic activist. Assisting him on to the concrete at a rapid rate of speed and leaving him there bleeding.

You see, in the storm trooper training manual 101 it says, don’t stop. If you stop for every harmless old man, you brutalize it will take all day to clear the situation. Medics are following behind like a circus parade the guy at the back with the broom and the mop part triage and part scorekeeper. The guy with the bandages that helps you stop bleeding and then helps you to the ambulance. After all, you did criminally behave you know, standing there when there was an official order to go home. The push comes to shove time and Martin Gugino got shoved.

Martin is a peace brother. Anti-nuke, world peace, end-racism the sort of activists not generally known for their violence. Some how it sounds almost radical today church activists preaching peace and love. Stop wars and love one another. What about Gay marriage and abortion? What about the second amendment and private school vouchers? Apolitical while very political. The way they see it, stopping a nuclear war is more important than stopping an abortion and more profitable in souls.

But Martin tried to speak to a Police officer while they were in their bully boy mode. We’re gonna bust heads and break shit. First impressions are important, so be brutal right off show them you’re not fucking around here. We intend to clear this area and impose our will through state sanctioned violence and force of law. That spot, where your standing is now illegal because we say so and are more than willing to argue with you about it. That same might makes right philosophy so prevalent today, so prevalent throughout history.

But the cops got stoned caught brutalizing an old man and when one cop stops another corrects him to keep moving. So, two cops were suspended without pay pending further investigation. Of course, cops being cops they lied and said Gugino had tripped and fallen. The video went viral and eviscerated that story. The Chief then explained it was confusion at the station house. A furious John Evans the head of the Buffalo Police Benevolent Association denounced the suspensions, “I can tell you they tried to fuck over these guys like I have never seen in my 54 years,” Evans wrote. “It is despicable.” The officers “did nothing wrong” and were “simply following orders” Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!

The Nuremberg exception – gee, I wouldn’t have done that terrible thing, but I was ordered to do it. That first dangerous step into the basement of OZ that bad side of town where everything and everyone is fair game, and anything is permissible.

In anger and solidarity all 57 members of the Buffalo Emergency Response Team resigned from the team but kept their jobs on the force. If I where the Mayor of Buffalo I’d be looking for a new Chief of Police. The brave 57 resigned in protest to fight for their right to brutalize citizens without criticism or complaint. And that’s why we’re here Charlie Brown that’s what Christmas is all about. Not only militarized police but an entitled militarized police force at war with civilians and civilian government. The type of force a sane dictator could radicalize.

The Mayor should disband the Buffalo Emergency Response Team immediately. The brave 57 earned extra money from the team and earned the added status of being a jackbooted thug. Same as it ever was Bubba whether your name is Gunter or Frank whether you wear a badge or a death’s head insignia. Beating people for the living isn’t a career it’s an aberration. Why is it needed? How often is it used these brave 57 of the fire me first brigade.  It is very insightful to the issues we face. It explains the level of police anger and readiness to overreact. Firing rubber bullets at citizens on their porches in violation of curfew. If you won’t let me be a storm trooper the way I want to be a storm trooper, I’ll quit the team!

Gee whiz, all they did was injure a civilian. We didn’t mean to half kill him we were just pushing him around you know like always. But he was protesting in violation of the law while the law was in violation of the Constitution. State and local politicians declaring curfews is drawing a line in the sand. Knock this chip off my shoulder and see what you get. By my order, your Constitutional rights no longer apply after eight o’clock.

There is a Buffalo Emergency Response Team in some configuration in every town of any size in the country as unneeded as tits on a boar hog. A post – 911 paranoia vestiges of an imagined D-Day invasion of terrorists. An army built to fight Godzilla and Godzilla never showed. To a man with a hammer, everything is a nail to a man in riot gear with flash bang grenades everyone is a threat. Blurring he line between tax paying civilian and unlawful protester an attack dog attacks because he’s trained to not because he wants to and only reflects the wishes of his master. A government afraid of the people more interested in acting tough than solving the problem. Creating the problem exacerbating the problem and creating the very issue we face today. George Floyd was murdered by entitled militarized police who see civilians only as targets and threats.

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