I’m Not With Stupid

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

It is hardly news that the orange one does not play well with others. But what is newsworthy is who the Cheeto is fighting with and why. After bumping heads with Defense Secretary Esper. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley made a speech where he apologized for attending the Cheeto’s bible thump photo op parade at St. Johns church. Giving a virtual commencement address Milley looked at the camera and said, “My presence in that moment and in that environment created a perception of the military involved in domestic politics.”

Milley had caught flak for his appearance from retired generals and even a former Defense Secretary. Milley’s mea culpa was aimed at the Pentagon and aimed at the Cheeto. Fool me once shame on you fool me twice and I’ll run for President. Milley found himself in a place he didn’t belong and now explains, “I’m not with this guy.” Get out your score cards. Six weeks ago, the orange one was sparring with the Navy over the Captain of the Theodore Roosevelt. A Navy review board found the Captain not guilty of any wrongdoing and recommended he get his old job back. He didn’t. Now we have an open break with the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff all but daring Trumpo to fire them.

The Trumpo Circus is filled with firsts. The first time that I’ve ever seen a President at war with his own military. The first open break with his own Secretary of Defense. These men take pride in their professionalism and when they get used as stage props or as flunkies, they take it hard. This is the President who called head injuries from a missile attack “headaches” and fired the captain of an aircraft carrier over concern for his crew. And while this might seem to be just another day in the day to day care and feeding of a Cheeto he’s fighting with his own people now.

Of course, he still has time to send CNN a cease and desist letter over poll numbers he doesn’t like but the winds have shifted.  Remember recently when the Cheeto announced he was moving the Republican convention over face masks? The Republican National Committee responded that the convention is still on in Charlotte and to pay no attention to the orange ape in the tire swing.  The RNC fully intends to cooperate with social distancing and only about a third of the delegates will ever be in the building at the same time. They’re not with stupid! Trump has delusional visions of a packed sports palace filled with cheering and adoring fans giving one of his dynamic and overwhelming tirades as the crowd cheers “Zig Heil!”

The word for the day boys and girls is “Logistics” the President has no conception of logistics. In 2016, the city of Cleveland took over a year to get ready to host the convention and the orange one thinks he can move it with only two months to prepare. The child like demeanor comes pouring through, “I want what I want when I want it!” Stomping his feet and holding his breath until blue. “I want Army tanks in the streets; I want to dominate the streets! Get me Space Force on the line!”

He’s taken on the role of a contrary, whatever anyone is in favor of he’s against. And that is why I suspect he has so much time on his hands. Let’s just postpone that meeting until next week… I don’t think now is a good time.”

“I just visited the bunker for a moment for an inspection.” Then Bill Barr almost immediately repudiates him saying the Secret Service recommended he go to the bunker for his own safety. Apparently, the President has no one to correlate his lies and send them to his staff making it difficult for them to keep up. They need a tote board like the British had for the RAF in World War II.  A giant map table to assign icons to be pushed forward or called back. Incoming, the President declares the Pope is the secret leader of Antifa. Incoming, the President declares the old man pushed down by police was secretly asking for it. Incoming, President claims he remembers when King Kong climbed the Empire State Building. “I never got the credit I deserved for that.”

Protesters in Seattle have created and autonomous zone free of police. To the Cheeto this was a challenge. Now he plans on invading Seattle placing his G.I. Joe plastic action helmet firmly on his head emblazoned with the emblem of the big orange one. Psst, somebody get him the remote control and a hemberger.

He started with China and moved on to the European Union. He suffered the tragic break up of his bromance with the North Korean dictator. The World Health Organization and France and then began a war of words with Governors and Mayors leaving only the Rotary Club the Kiwanis and the Loyal Order of the Moose unscathed. Not a caretaker Administration but an Administration of caretakers. Zookeepers at the monkey house.

The circle grows smaller and smaller his handlers back away slowly by the cage door. Stay out of his way don’t speak until spoken to. Don’t say anything to upset him, better yet, don’t say anything at all. The Administration in limbo. A complete shut down of the executive branch. Congressional Republicans now claim to have never heard of him and have deleted all references of him from their campaign literature.

All that is missing is the giant globe in the corner of the room with Trump in an orange three corner hat… I Am Napoleon Bonaparte!

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