That’s Not the Job

The East German Secret Police – The Stasi

By David Glenn Cox

I read a headline the other day, “Democrats have a Cop Problem” and I thought no, the cops have a Democrat problem.  One person one vote, that’s the way it works. The police are not a protected pretorian class fourth estate they are public servants doing a dirty job that most of us wouldn’t want to do. But they don’t get to make their own rules, neither does the Fire or Sanitation Department. The government makes those decisions and maybe that’s part of the problem.

A sort of governmental too big for their britches scenario. The Stanford Experiment is all you need to know about crime and punishment. Prisoners lose respect for their guards, and the guards lose respect for their prisoners in a dehumanizing cycle which left unchecked ends in smokestacks. The guards given full power went from innocent punishments to locking prisoners in a dark closet for hours. The guards were given power…and they liked it. The prisoners wore skull caps and gowns and were given numbers to answer to while the guards wore mirrored sunglasses. The prisoners unified as a group so the guards would single out the weak link to try and break the prisoner’s spirit but wait a minute. Your job was just to guard the prisoners not to try and break anyone’s spirit.

An evolutionary trait buried somewhere on a dark shelf in a corner of a closet in our mind, if ya ain’t with us yer agin us! If you ain’t one of us yer one a them. Good guy, bad guy, cowboy, Indian, cop, robber, prisoner, and guard. All in direct opposition to each other when that’s not the job. Add in 9/11 and a drug war and it’s like you created a video game scenario. “Cops gone wild” How many points can you earn for beating down “the enemy.” The pimps and the drug dealer’s day after day until they become Travis Bickle avenging angel doing the lord’s work one busted head at a time.

It’s not the cops it’s the system. The backlash has begun, not all cops are bad. That’s true, not all cops are bad, but it is a difficult job with a high rate of burn out so maybe the good ones are the ones who leave. Maybe the people who like it, like it too much and are the ones who stay.  You cannot go against your own team without consequences so there will be silence and resignations. If members of a tactical squad resign over restrictions placed on them. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out fellas. You aren’t the masters here you are servants and you’ll do the job as you are told to do it or get the fuck out.

I know Defund the police looks really good on a protest sign. I get that, but it terrifies the blue haired ladies against freedom unnecessarily. It’s concise but misleading how about, “Lighten Their Load” or “Aid Police.” I think its only common sense to send mental health professionals to mental health emergencies. Two cops with guns and night sticks tasers handcuffs is hardly deescalating to a patient off his or her meds. What is the first thing you would think in such a situation? “I’m gonna get beat up!” To a scared frightened patient, we add the fear of death to the scenario. The cops don’t like those calls because patients are unpredictable. The patients are unpredictable because they are confronted by armed cops. Why is that? How come a large percentage of our society fear the police? Is that an unjustified fear?

Is that societies fault or the police department? Community policing is great, but my mother used to say, “Good jobs make good neighborhoods.” The escalation of police violence corresponds to economic decline. Fewer jobs more crime. Fewer jobs more drug and alcohol abuse. Fewer jobs more tension and violence.  A person without hope doesn’t not give even one fuck, even a deer will turn when cornered. The police are supposed to be protectors of the public order not societies mop, and bucket clean up team. Their job is not to solve social problems or to clean up the streets like Marshall Dillion.

That’s not their job and if they’re lined up behind shields with batons and chemical weapons for use against the general public, they are not even police they are Stasi, they’re blue caps. The beat downs boys because we say so that’s why crew. That points to even a greater issue if we’re funding riot squads, we must be expecting riots. Civil disobedience only happens when there is a reason for civil disobedience. It’s not like a forest fire started by a lightning strike it’s not an eventuality that must be prepared for it is started by a failure of society.

The wrong people, doing the wrong job for the wrong reasons.  We close our eyes, and we don’t see it. We ignore the problem and pretend that it is not there. Politicians make their careers blaming the poor and by inference African Americans. Everybody knows Willie Horton everyone knows the code words. Inner-city, urban, or Black on Black crime. Why is there no White on White crime? Italian on Mexican crime? Because it fits in nicely with the unspoked narrative.  America’s favorite narrative of it’s their own fault. A narrative that withers and crumbles beneath the added weight of the newly disenfranchised but allows White America to abstain from any responsibility. The glittering icon of Capitalist integrity enforced and hidden by the blue overseers.

“If the main pillar of the system is living a lie, then it is not surprising that the fundamental threat to it is living the truth. This is why it must be suppressed more severely than anything else.”
― Václav Havel

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