How Many Times Do You Have to Get Hit on the Head ?

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

I read an article the other day; Democrats by a wide margin find Joe Biden less repugnant than Hillary Clinton. Nearly half say that Joe Biden is not nearly as awful as Hillary Clinton was. Ah, the joys of being a Democrat. There are two kinds of people in the world, children who talk while the teachers out of the room and children who write down names of those who talk while the teachers out of the room. Republicans slovenly adore the most flawed candidates and will defend them to the death while Democrats put their candidates through vivisection and condemn them for perceived impurities.

Is Joe Biden the best candidate ever to come down the pike? No, but he is better than the opposite number by a wide margin. He is not the candidate I would have chosen, but he was the candidate chosen. These are our choices the orange menace or corporate Joe. I have heard the naysayers, “Not me! I’m voting for the American’s United for Safe Energy Use for a Green Tomorrow Candidate!” Like going to a Chinese restaurant and ordering roast beef sandwich.

We are in the midst of a pandemic, and Americans are dying at far higher rates than most of the world. We have a President who wants to hold crowded rallies indoors which will almost certainly kill more. We have Bubba Redneck parading the streets with assault weapons protesting the government of the country he claims to love. White Nationalists and white supremacists with offices in the White House. An economic emergency greater than any since the Great Depression. A looming environmental crisis which threatens to swamp civilization returning us to the dark ages. Is there any doubt why Elon Musk wants to go to Mars?

Remember that Freedom of Religion meme in the Constitution? The current Attorney General believes it’s not a crime if Jesus says its okay. The Attorney General of the United States is the consiglieri for an organized crime family. He is a liar willing to drag the Justice Department through the mud defending the orange fraud. The administration never saw a pipeline or an oil well they didn’t love. Rolling back environmental regulations at the behest of special interests is what they do. An anti-public education education secretary, a Treasury Secretary that says, “What Money? I said I’d pass it out I never promised I’d tell you who I gave it to.”

The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development when not hiding under his desk with the lights off and the doors locked thinks raising the rent on the poor in public housing is helping them. For Jesus said, “blessed is the Landlord who raises the rent on the poor.”

Harry Truman said, “How many times do you have to get hit on the head before you realize who’s hitting you?” Truman was vilified on the left for breaking a nationwide coal strike and vilified on the right for desegregating the military with an executive order. The Marshall plan was actually the Truman Plan, but Truman thought it stood a better chance of passage if it had someone else’s name on it. Southern Democrats walked out of the convention forever over the desegregation plank in Truman’s platform. I am not trying to say Joe Biden is another Harry Truman. What I’m saying is even if he was Democrats would still rip him to shreds and hand him his hat.

Republicans are like Pavlov’s dog. Wave a flag, thump a bible and you’re in. Then you can rob steal or pilfer to your hearts delight. Set up a cash register on your desk put a neon open for business sign in your office window. And when caught in the men’s room with a teenage prostitute stroke that bible lovingly and express your desire to spend more time with your family. Ever notice Republicans can say anything and get away with it? Matt Goetz advocates shooting down American citizens in the street and the Republican base answers, “When’s NASCAR coming back?”

“I tell you what man, there’s something wrong in the world taking the danged old confederate flag off the General Lee!”

The Party of fear, the Party of bigotry, the Party of parsimony innuendo and character assassination. And they keep doing it because it works. Bush, the idiot, did not fulfill his National Guard obligations and failed to show up for his drug test. John Kerry was a decorated combat veteran but was pilloried for being too soft on the military.

I don’t have to love Joe Biden or even like him when you’re lost the best solution is to turn around and go the other way. You might still be lost but at least you’re going the right way. I would prefer a more Progressive candidate but that is not going to happen. Me and eight of my friends and neighbors could vote for a splinter candidate and show the DNC we won’t be taken for granted anymore! We’ll show them what for! And on the day after the election, when they crown Donald Trump for a second term, we can all blame the DNC. Now look what you’ve done! Four more years of Donald Trump I hope the DNC has learned its lesson this time.

Republicans in Michigan were burning absentee ballot applications. So certain that their candidate will lose the election that their strategy is to keep you from voting. It is no longer a contest of political ideology it has shifted to a test of wills. Republicans using the courts to suppress voting with gerrymandered districts. The Georgia primary serves as a tutorial. Suburban polling places the ten machines for 2,500 voters and inner-city polls with ten voting machines for 18,000 people. How many times do we need to be hit on the head?

The most hideous criminal American government ever seated. A government of everything which is wrong in government. Thieves, influence peddlers snake oil salesman out to damage the environment for a profit and out to damage the working class for the pure meanness of it. Anti-Democratic, anti-labor, anti-education, and anti-environment and anti-healthcare. Now, what were you saying about Joe Biden?

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