Once the Future Runs Out

By David Glenn Cox

Atlanta police are suffering with cases of the blue flu AKA blue privilege over the cities firing and bringing murder charges against the two officers involved with the murder of Rayshard Brooks. Gee whiz, you shoot one unarmed man running away twice in the back and they up and fire you. Now, I’m a dyed in the wool union man and when it comes to safety, pay and working conditions, I’m on their side. But when the police have an issue with civilian control, Bubba you can kiss my shiny ass.

How soon they forget it was just the other week Minneapolis was in flames and the best police could do was to guard intersections. The fire department was working around the clock having to triage fires and they hadn’t murdered anyone. The populace didn’t hold a meeting and suddenly decide 2020 would be the year of picking on the police. This wound is self-inflicted. You have demonstrated to the public and to the world that you suck at your job and now you have the nerve to tell us we have no right to set the rules.

I’ve seen two tearful videos on Facebook, officers crying despondent because they feel the public hates them and fearful someone has spit in their hamburger. Gee fellas, which came first the chicken or the egg? Was the video of George Floyd’s murder part of a plot to make you guys look bad or was it so shocking that the American public became incensed. The willful destruction of a human being live on video in front of a crowd standing there shouting, “He’s not breathing!” Eight minutes and forty-two seconds that cop held his knee on George Floyd’s neck willfully murdering him and smirking about it all the way.

The riots and looting, the fires and the damages are the police responsibility. No murder – no riot.

We need to try and pick up the pieces of our broken society our housing crisis, income inequality and mental health crisis. Apparently guns and nightsticks and tasers aren’t working all that well and the police are getting a chip on their shoulder. This country hasn’t raised the minimum wage in a fucking decade! What sort of country makes life so miserable and insufferable for millions of its people? Not a city in the nation where you can afford an apartment on the “Minimum” wage.  The artificially low plantation wage scale guarantees plenty of work for the boys in blue. Jon Stewart was right; the cops are the border patrol between the haves and the have nots.

There is a sign post up ahead; Starwood Capital Group has missed two payments on a $549 million on debt connected with five shopping malls anchored by the bankrupt J.C. Penny. So, by this we can deduce that the dinosaurs never saw the meteor coming either. The Mall of America once a popular tourist destination in Minneapolis has also missed is second payment on it’s $1.4 billion mortgage. Eight percent of all Americans are behind in their mortgage payments or in foreclosure. It is the highest number since 2011. Now imagine, 4.3 million Americans behind on their mortgage last month or the equivalent of every man woman and child in the state of Oregon. This number is wrapped inside of the 30% of Americans unable to pay their rent.

Seems to me an inopportune time to start telling the boss what you will and won’t tolerate.

Next month, that’s when the fireworks start. The $600 in extra unemployment benefits disappear and millions will reach the point of no return on their mortgages. Mortgage is a Latin word which means dead pledge and when you can’t make those payments that zombie comes to life. New home sales fell by ten percent last month and available homes on the market also fell. We have the single greatest economic tsunami on the horizon in the history of Capitalism. The pandemic, the economy and Trumpy the trifecta of calamity and now add in an election year. Congress sits on its hands after passing out a trillion dollars to save the economy and now says, “No more.” I guess my question would be why did you give them the first trillion for if you are just going to let them go to hell now?

It has become fantasy land, if we slow down testing, we will have fewer cases. If we all close our eyes and concentrate really hard and disregard the experts, the virus will go away. If we can pretend that one in four American families won’t lose their homes or apartments by the end of summer, we can focus our attention on the attendance figures of the orange one’s moronathons. Trump at least has an excuse he is no longer functioning as President but lives inside his own personal Sopranos delusion. It is all about him and everyone else can go to hell and we are well on our way!

The absence of responsibility is shocking. The future is frightening the government of the United States of America is frozen in the headlights of its own incompetence while the leader of the free world plays with his own shit. Makes up his own reality and ignores facts when inconvenient. He’s going to put Jared in charge of the campaign now…that’ll fix it.

I would advise against any sudden career moves as you might find your career has suddenly moved. The boys in blue will have their work cut out for them. Those hundred million Americans won’t evict themselves. Minneapolis in flames will look like Main Street at Disney World once the money runs out. Once the government runs out. Once the future runs out. If you think it is tough being a cop now…wait six months. You will fondly refer to these times as the good old days.

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