Jesus Loves us Best

By David Glen Cox

The fourth of July will soon be upon us that day of national patriotism fireworks and alcohol to celebrate our founding as a nation. I’ve always considered myself patriotic, but in recent years patriotism has been replaced by right wing idol worship. The flag and even the word patriot absconded with by some goomer in a tin foil hat wrapped in a piss yellow “Don’t Tread on Me” tee shirt and red, white and blue flip flops. Angry as the devil about something or other abuse while he unloads miss-spelled protest signs from the back of his $60,000 pick-up truck.

Patriotism co-opted by churches and the Christian Right. The whole God and Country thing on steroids. You should vote for these candidates because they are god fearing. They let us operate day care centers and schools and not have to follow the same safety rules as secular day cares. Your children will know Jesus but might not know where there is a fire extinguisher. I’ve seen American flags placed on the alter of God. It’s God and Country not godcountry. Jesus loves us best, America as teachers’ pet. A sickening mongoloid patriotism where everything we do is acceptable because its us. “Hey Jesus, we accidently blew up a school bus full of children but it’s okay cause it’s us, right?”

Such a group so devout and single-minded in its devotion to single-minded devotion is easy pickings for a professor selling band instruments or military hardware or tax cuts. All the con man need say is, “me too. I’m with you.” Organized belief in thing or things unproven to exist in a group is mind control. Devotion is replaced by conformity and if we don’t throw a virgin into that volcano real soon god’s going to get really pissed at us. “Mister Speaker, I rise today to introduce the National Day of Prayer Act and millionaires tax relief bill.” A symbiotic relationship where the sheep are sheered by the shepherd in exchange for a kind word and pat on the head. We scoff at a seance where a psychic will pretend conjure up the spirit of the dead while churches hold services to…

When the United States landed men on the moon, I was very proud. We had accomplished a technological achievement unrivaled by anyone in the world. We didn’t kill anyone or burn their villages. We had serious social problems, but Congress passed the voting rights act and the civil rights act. John Kennedy outlawed discrimination in housing by executive order and desegregated the University of Alabama at gun point. Maybe it wasn’t enough maybe it was no good, but we were trying at least to move in the right direction.

I was patriotic when Martin Luther King spoke at the Lincoln Memorial that was America the beautiful. I was patriotic when anti-war protestors surrounded the Pentagon. The idea of we talk and they listen. I was patriotic when Richard Nixon was forced from Office. The system worked and no man was above the law. Then as now we bombed cities and killed people, but we at least had a few redeeming characteristics to fall back on.

The Boston Massacre began when youths began throwing snowballs at British Soldiers. How would Faux News report that today? “Antifa today attacked a group of soldiers by hurling frozen missiles at them while they were defending our freedom. Our troops were forced to return fire with their muskets.” Because of Faux News and a hundred other Faux news wanna be’s the people believe nothing or everything but come on, do we really need a new word to replace stupid?

Wearing a mask to help prevent the spread of disease is a violation of God’s holy ordinances. It is a Joseph Stalin style attack on our freedoms. The loose weaved ignorance and insanity. During Stalin’s purges millions were executed or sent to the gulags never to be heard from again. If Stalin had said, “wear a mask.” Bubba, you’d have worn a mask or worn the loyal order of the bullet. You would have worn a mask or wished you had one to help you keep warm chopping wood in Siberia. But Communism is the devil the ultimate boogeyman. Jesus needs Satan and Capitalist’s need Communism. The good cop bad cop scenario, leaving Huck Finn to say, “You can’t pray a lie — I found that out.”

I love the idea of America from many one the immigrants who come here Sikorsky, Tesla and Heinz but I have to contrast that with what I see today which are walls and children in cages. Even for us it is a new low. Sure, we have a concentration camp in Cuba where we can torture people beyond the reach of American law, but that’s in Cuba and doesn’t count.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen such hate and division in this country. Never forget the Ku Klux Klan considers themselves a religious organization. Their dark skinned curly haired Jewish Messiah wouldn’t qualify for membership in their organization.  God separated the races for a reason. He stopped the sun, so Joshua could finish the battle of Jericho and saved Jonah from the digestive juices of a mammal used to eating krill as Jonah asks, “Are you shitting me?”

I love my country but at times don’t like it very much. As long as I was prosperous it liked me just fine. But when I was down on my luck turned its back and actually made it harder for me to survive. Food stamps kept me alive, but they never let me forget I was taking as if I were a societal defective. I loved my country even if it didn’t love me back.

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