A Jiffy Pop Disaster

By David Glenn Cox

I saw a Facebook meme yesterday, in it a large paper wasp nest is hanging from a tree with the caption “2020 piñata.” More true than funny, I laughed nervously under my breath awaiting the landing of our alien overlords. The palpable societal tension with people freaking out over wearing a mask in a grocery store. A spoonful of sugar helps in the convenient omission of truth, “If you don’t wear your mask the 5G cameras will spot you and the secret police will take you away to Barack Obama’s secret Muslim concentration camp! In Camp Soros, you’ll be lectured on the environment by Al Gore! Jimmy Carter will share homespun wisdom and you’ll endure Hillary Clinton explaining how likeable she is. Meet your new barracks warden Michael Moore!” Problem solved.

But then that is the problem, that ingrained suspicion that there’s something going on somewhere and nothing is as it seems. There is a secret meeting going on someplace, and I wasn’t invited. The tittilation of the rumor and the excitement of secret information. Mark Twain said, “The difference between nonfiction and fiction is that fiction must be absolutely believable.” In our post 9/11, George W Donald Trumpo computer generated world it appears that ship has sailed long ago. Far beyond the horizon of reason somewhere…sing it, Judy!

The fear of the dark, the fear of being alone and the fear of being left unprotected. The fairies are in the barn again, and the devil is under the bed. Good news, we’re no more fearful and superstitious than our ancestors were we’re just fearful and superstitious about different things. Deadly technology is going to kill us all! It is all part of a secret plan. Bill Gates and the Deep State along with Walmart plan to eliminate 90% of the Earth’s population! Wait, wait, it gets better! While postulating these theories the believers support politicians whose policies would actually bring these things about. As certain climate is a hoax as QAnon is real. The scared and the frightened old people hearing noises on the roof and secret code in the dripping faucet. The human mind struggles to understand reality and when that reality gets pulled inside out snaps like a rubber band. “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home.”

We fear our own demons; they’re out to raise my taxes. They’re out to take something from me and give it to somebody else. Somebody who doesn’t deserve it. When do I get my free candy bar? The recent picture has gone viral of “Middle Class Rambo and Karen” holding weapons defending their home from people walking down the street. Profiles in courage or scared shitless?

This isn’t to say that their fear is unreasonable when they have been programmed for years. Years ago, long before cable television even going back to radio NBC was known as the voice of gloom while CBS was known as the voice of doom. If you think you’re going anyplace in the media with stories of how Mrs. Johnson found her lost puppy Scraps, you are mistaken. The sinking of the Titanic was the first electronic media sensation and they have been trying to top it ever since. But today with 24-hour propaganda warning you about deadly caravans of murders and rapists. Aliens out to lower property values while selling security systems with doorbell cameras, “oh my god Karen get the gun, there’s someone at the front door!”

It would be easy to say this is all Trump’s fault, but he didn’t invent it he just built on it adding whip cream and a cherry. Willie Horton on steroids bargain basement Nazism and last stand at the Alamo politics. If you don’t get out and vote for me! They will take over! If they take over, do you know what will happen to you? You can’t peddle fear without peddling hate it’s like trying to pick the raisins out of the raisin bran. But what Trump has done is to raise the general fear level on right and left. For the left it is fear of collapse of our Democratic principles on the right the fear that George Soros will capture Trump in his mind control experiments on skull Island. The fear that the left is out to get the Cheeto is real and never has a person been more deserving of being got. A Supreme Court as frightening as a slasher movie. “Can you survive…The Robes?”

Now add in a global pandemic and an orange incompetent and you have a Jiffy Pop disaster, the disaster you can make all by yourself. Slow in picking up on the virus and slow in reacting and then playing possum. Arguing with the experts and refusing to wear a mask. Holding rallies and pity parties, “I guess they don’t love me enough.” Reports say the “Cheeto” is so fragile he’s thinking of dropping out of the Presidential contest. Really? Really? The Cheeto thinks? How could he be more fragile than before? All bullies project strength to hide weakness and this one could barely do that.

While ignoring the rise of the pandemic, they missed the collapsing economy. The jewel they were trying to save by cutting the baby in half. Because they reopened the economy too soon, they have doomed it and us to far worse. The numbers grow as the tsunami wave takes shape Karen is throwing frozen vegetables on the floor at Ralph’s. Justifiably scared and justifiably frightened and illogically mislead. It is not wrong to be frightened; we just can’t let the fear take control of us while we are sitting alone day and night. Worried about tomorrow and about our families and our jobs and our leadership when love is blue envy is green and incompetence is orange.

“The only thing we have to fear,”

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