War of the Worlds

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Damn, another pandemic in the offing and Republicans were just getting used to this one. Dr. Faucci says a new swine flu virus similar to the 1918 Spanish flu is brewing up in China. Oh, come on, stop the world I want get off. I had read a report saying it was possible Covid-19 came from human contact with bat droppings due to human encroachment on bat habitat. It struck me because with the Black Death a similar story was told with fleas on rats. A warming climate was also involved helping the virus to grow voraciously. Are these outbreaks simply unintended consequences or are they another warning sign of climate emergency? Or is it the way we are raising the pigs and raising the people? Woody Guthrie asked, “is this the best way we can grow our good crops.” Well?

The fabric of our society is translucent. We raise animals for consumption in foul conditions because it is the most cost-effective way. We rip apart the sea floor with driftnets because it is the most cost-effective way. We pay the lowest minimum wage possible because it is the most cost-effective way. We build prisons for profit to handle the overflow. It just goes in one ear and right out the other “Prison for Profit.” Twenty-first century gulags with a cash register at the end in the land of the free. It would seem the true virus infecting our society goes unmolested. Capitalism is like a pretty girl with a mean disposition to all appearances she is sweet, but underneath she is making your life hell.

However, we do live in an age of miracles when the sky cracked open the other day and Jesus told the Republican Party and Faux News, “Thou shall wear a mask.” Mitch McConnell was on the Senate floor showing his off saying, “Everyone should wear one of these.” Dr. Faucci’s prediction that the United States could see 100,000 new cases per day rang like a bell. A million new cases every ten days and 50,000 dead every ten days because of bat droppings. Only the orange one is still mask resistant, calling himself the lone warrior (Oh brother). Not since Pliny the Elder got in his boat and went to see what was up with Mount Vesuvius has there such a case of poor planning.

The Republican Party is/was permanently welded to the side of Donald Trump and is about to discover what Pliny learned. Quick grab a mask and pretend we’ve been here all along. The first wave was a Chinese virus the second wave is the Trump Republican virus. The first wave came from overseas the second wave is home grown. Gotta get those machines rolling, gotta get those cash registers a ringing. There is a test they use on small children to test their mental faculties. A piece of candy is placed in front of the child, and the child is told if you can wait ten minutes, you will get two pieces of candy. Guess who failed that test?

Republican’s are buying Pink Floyd shirts because they are about to hit The Wall. Republican approval of Republicans has dropped thirty points in a month. “Gee, maybe we should hold another rally boss.” The President’s planned rally in Alabama has been quietly deleted. But it should be noted that when you hold your rallies in Tulsa or Alabama you’re cherry picking because you have nowhere else to go. John Kennedy didn’t go to Dusseldorf to speak. The President is losing support among older white males and is in the tank with females and is facing and old-fashioned country ass whooping to a lackluster candidate in November.

Well, Trumpy got his feelings hurt, and if at first you don’t succeed quit, quit again. But he can’t quit, if he quits now, he can’t outrun the statute of limitations. If quits now he loses his protection from prosecution. So, the Republican Party will reenact the charge of the Light Brigade this fall with orange Napoleon in the lead. In their efforts to save the economy they have doomed it. Science may be speculative but has a way of making its point.

I often wonder what history will write about this time in the future. Putting stylus to clay tablet denoting time as BT before Trump or AT after Trump. The question begs is this a slip or a stumble? What would another viral pandemic do to the world economy? Is that it, or are there more coming after those? Tell me spirit are these the things that must be?

100,000 new cases a day would be apocalyptic and all American. What sort of political or economic system would do that to their own people?  The Russians sent their people to die trying to handle the Chernobyl crises. We’re willing to lose more people than the beaches of Okinawa every day just to keep Wendy’s open. So, I can go to Michael’s for scrapbooking materials or go have a beer. It boggles the mind and tugs at the soul. In his classic novel, “War of the Worlds,” H.G. Wells wrote of microbes saving humanity by killing off the Alien invaders. Maybe Wells had it all wrong, maybe the microbes have changed sides.

Maybe this time it will be our machines crashing to earth. A for profit health care system swamped by the needy and unemployed. A Capitalist employment market that works its citizens to destitution and then abandons them like a sick puppy on the side of the road. The land of the free holds, one quarter of all the world’s prisoners and turns a tidy profit too. If an Alien ever asks you to, “Take me to your leader,” give him a dollar.

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