Insulting your Intelligence

By David Glenn Cox

I guess the largest failing in our for-profit health care system is the profit. It works pretty well unless you have say a pandemic. It works best when people don’t get sick at all. I can relate, I work best when the boss isn’t watching. We are approaching three million COVID-19 cases domestically, and people are making money hand over fist but it’s not the hospitals, they are the end user…you are the end user. Overtime, expensive precautions and ravenous wholesalers taking advantage of a situation like fleas on a fat dog. We don’t talk much about the horrors of Capitalism. We splinter the issues into small easily digestible tidbits, unemployment, healthcare or education and poverty as if it’s all disassociated.

A Frankenstein monster cobbled together with insufficient mismatched parts. Because our healthcare is based on our employment and because as many as fifty percent of the American workforce have had their employment disrupted. The hospitals face over use, over expense and under payment. Because our economy is in free fall the chances, they will ever collect will be slim and none. The hospitals will turn the cases over to collection ruining the credit of those who dared to get sick in America. Despoiling the memory of those who passed and haunting the lives of their survivors.

At the moment of greatest need suppliers jack up the price. “What am I offered for this seat on this here lifeboat? A 99.9% percent chance of survival and might I add the very finest lifeboat on the Titanic!” Special charges, fuel surpluses nobody misses a trick. But it rolls downhill, doesn’t it? To people who ain’t got it. The reason they ain’t got it is because the system won’t pay them enough to get it. Interestingly enough, the system blames the victim for being poor in a system that makes difficult not to be. If only they had more education, they could get a better job. Who oversees public education? Government.

Are we to assume that people desire to be poor? That they are lazy by nature and inherently poorly motivated? Yes, that is exactly what the ruling elite thinks. Henry Ford said it in the twenties and Larry Kudlow says it today. If we give them decent unemployment benefits, they won’t wanna work for peon wages! The pressure is intentionally built into the system if you have a decent income you won’t work as hard. But then we did away with the pension plan, and you can’t contribute to a 401K what you ain’t got so the only motivating tool left is fear. A dysfunctionality that extends from the CEO to the homeless man on the street.

Completely lost in the “Why won’t the slaves work harder” argument is safety and childcare. Risk your health and your family’s health and leave your eleven-year-old home alone? These mismatched parts of morality and responsibility are the rubber gloves on the iron fist. We care about all of our team members but if you aren’t at your job station tomorrow…

Did you know that men over fifty-five are at the highest risk of suicide? Let’s form a committee and see if we can figure out why. Maybe that golden sunset has turned to hell fire. Maybe the prospects for the future look worse. Maybe all this concern is nothing but a slogan to help us sleep at night. To sell more breath mints or memberships and maybe when you get to the end of that long chute and see the knife refuse to play along taking the last bit of control available in a controlled world. Dr. King said, “A riot is the voice of the unheard.” Perhaps suicide is the voice of those too old to riot. “Welcome to Walmart.”

Fifty years of stagnated wages have produced a lean workforce. A generation without savings without resources struggling to pay student debt and unable to buy a home. Unable to buy a new car unable to get ahead. A generation fleeced in a fixed game. Sorry, better luck next time! Place your bets! FDR said it best that my poverty creates a drag on your prosperity and when enough people create enough of a drag the whole thing disintegrates.

You know there was only one reason why cities and states opened earlier than they should have and that’s money. Get to work you slackers! Die on your own time! These mortality figures given to Governors and mayors were not the least bit speculative. Let’s open up and take our chances dead bodies don’t show up on a balance sheet or quarterly report anyway. What a system, which puts the lives and welfare of its citizens as secondary to making a profit. Just tools like a shovel with no value and if it breaks just use another.

Government paying subsidies to people to work jobs that don’t pay them enough to buy food. Living in a car on a public street or sleeping in a tent hiding from the heat the poverty criminals. Children forced into substandard schools while conservatives want to teach them about Jesus. But not Jesus, Jesus. But the other one, the good Jesus. The Jesus who took his beating in humility and offered no resistance. That Jesus, not the one who overturned the tables of the money changers, not the one who chastised the rich man and praised the beggar. But even this is all window dressing, God says get to work you slackers! Jesus is coming look busy!

A government and social structure exposed as callous uncaring and illegitimate under its founding documents. Literally killing its citizens to make a profit. Literally starving its society to make a profit. A system of psychological brutality with the onus on justifying your own existence based only on what you can produce for someone else. No security, no prosperity, no healthcare. “Now, let’s all rise for our National Anthem.”

“As long as he owns your tools he owns your job, and if he owns your job he is the master of your fate. You are in no sense a free man. You are subject to his interest and to his will. He decides whether you shall work or not. Therefore, he decides whether you shall live or die. And in that humiliating position any one who tries to persuade you that you are a free man is guilty of insulting your intelligence.”
― Eugene V. Debs

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