Damn You Rod Serling

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Kudo’s to Mary Trump and to the publishing industry in general. Who’d a thunk it? Three and half-years into the Presidency of Hurricane Katrina and you can sell a book about it in New Orleans. Donald Trump lies! “really?” Donald Trump cheats! “do tell.” Donald Trump is a badly damaged man psychologically with near insurmountable issues which could not repaired with a lifetime of round the clock therapy. “Go on with ya!” The author and publisher are selling ice to Eskimos, and the Eskimos are buying. An interesting frozen tale told from a unique perspective but really, what we don’t know by now that we can’t imagine.  

Raise your hand if you were surprised someone took the SAT’s for Donny. I would have been surprised if he had taken them himself. I just assumed from three and half-years of practical experience that someone took his SAT’s, someone did his homework, and someone took notes for him in class. Someone cleaned his apartment, and someone wiped his butt for him. That on the day he graduated from that noble institute of higher learning he had trouble finding the Administration building. Like the Wizard of OZ, “Here’s your brain Scarecrow.”  I here by confer upon you this degree “Bachelor of Executive time” with all rights and privileges thereof.

He probably minored in Daytime TV Studies; you know an Art major. But here’s a scary fact, of the two Trump brothers, Don was the good one. In that the good one meant the bad one and why can’t you be more like your brother Adolf? Let’s just take your diploma and tack it up here on the wall of your new office. From bosses’ son to boss in five easy lessons. The secret of my success! I’ll just lay on my back on this sofa while you feed me grapes. The world’s most indolent man a profile in White privilege personified.

Since it’s your first day, let me show you around.  This is the lie, cheat and steal department and over there is the swindle and fraud unit. Down the hall is the legal department. Now people are going to come to you from time to time asking questions. You are to answer yes, no, or I’ll ask dad. Have you got that? Your primary area of authority will be over what time you go to lunch. Anything else, ask dad. The story of a bird in a golden cage as told by a bird in a golden cage. Trying to justify her existence by profiting from it and Fred would be so proud. It’s so cute when they knife each other in the back. An old-growth forest has disappeared from the Earth from all the paper pulp and ink about Trump and the Trump Crime Family.

An open sore grating at us and so we pick at it and can’t leave it alone. It’s like a collaboration between Lewis Carroll and Rod Serling. The President says, “Drink Bleach! It’s good for you and whitens your teeth!”  The President loves the Confederate flag and Confederate monuments. Come on, really? Are we on planet X-ray? Some cheap sci-fi where aliens replaced the real President with an Anti-President cyborg. Running through the halls of government tearing things down. The President couldn’t name the states of the Confederacy on his best day, “Ah, let’s see there’s Alabama, Mississippi, Atlanta and Forest Gump and….”

The time has come the walrus said to talk of many things. I mean it’s one thing to let a little monkey in a pink tutu drive a little car around a circus ring but it’s quite another to take a road trip with them. The President is clearly acting against the interests of the American people after taking an oath to defend the Constitution against all enemy’s foreign and domestic. Not to discount the bounty issue but what are a few when he’s is killing thousands at home. Public health is not a point of view, and the Cheeto’s approach is, if I can’t defeat it well then fuck it and move on. If at first, you don’t succeed blame someone and walk away. And we accept this as reality and say it’s only five months.

Yeah, but it’s only Donald Trump. The tweets are now somehow more detached from reality. He’s not responding he’s daydreaming and tweeting out whatever random thought passes through his head. “let us remember all our veterans from the Peloponnesian war.” After Faux News aired a segment showing the President behind in the polls in swings states he tweets out, “Don’t’ watch Fox News!” What’s next? “I LIKE CHEESE!”

Inside the clockworks of the Cheeto the gears are no longer meshing the wheels are spinning free and time is lost. The President is mentally incapacitated. A lifetime of running away and now he finds himself at the end of the road trapped with nowhere to run. He sees himself as the victim because he’s always been the victim. “I sent him to get the Mercedes and he brought the BMW!” The world is a terrible place when you order Lafite Rothschild 1958 and they bring you a bottle of 1962! There are enough pieces in place I don’t need to buy a vowel to solve the puzzle. Donald Trump is dangerously ill and should be removed from office immediately, if not sooner.

Over fifty years ago, Rod Serling wrote a classic episode of The Twilight Zone. In it a man was given three wishes. Everything he wished for backfired, so finally he wished he could be the leader of a powerful nation. He found himself as the leader of Germany in the fuhrer bunker the walls shaking from Russian guns and the powerful nation was on its knees. Damn you Rod Serling. Damn you.

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