American Genocide

WASHINGTON, DC – AUGUST 9: Republican president of the United States Richard Nixon thumbing up after announcing his resignation from the presidency after the Watergate scandal on August 9, 1974. Richard Nixon had been elected in 1968 and re-elected in 1972. (Photo by AFP/Getty Images)

By David Glenn Cox

It is a sad time to be an American and that is really all there is to be said. The shenanigans in the big White Out House giving off a stench unrivaled in American history. Blatant, obvious and unarguable, removing any pretense of legitimacy. While his election might have been a line drive in the box score his behavior during his Administration has pointed to a flaw in our Constitution. We don’t have a crazy switch. We don’t have a way of saying, “Okay, that’s enough of that.” We don’t have one because we naively thought we didn’t need one or maybe we just got off lucky.

I remember Nixon and Watergate. You should have been there! Nixon and Kissinger were such bastards and the American people were in shock. Mainly in shock about the wrong things but it was shock just the same. While committing War Crimes in South East Asia bombing agricultural dams the public was outraged over Dick’s dirty mouth on the telephone. We were living in an episode of the Walton’s and Grand Pa Walton wasn’t supposed to talk like that.

You can’t imagine a more vile, servile, conniving, paranoid, mean spirited individual in your life than this guy. Well wait, maybe you can. Harry Truman said, “Dick Nixon’s so crooked he has to screw his pants on in the morning.” That Nixon would tell a lie even when he didn’t have to just to keep his hand in. Nixon started a secret war and didn’t tell anybody. Every dirty trick in the book with the money and personnel on staff to carry them out. But against the backdrop of today’s current reality, Nixon looks almost quaint. A Jack Armstrong All American boy in a letterman sweater. Nixon was a porcupine in a razorblade coat, but Nixon was cogent.

 Nixon rarely if ever made unhinged or delusional statements to the press. These people took pride in their work. If they were going to lie to the American public, then by god they had the common decency to put in the time and effort necessary into giving the American people a lie of which they could be proud. To bring down the once proud art of political lying to my dog ate my homework. A clown show an unreality show far beyond the expectations of mortal beings. Shelves of fiction warn it can’t happen here, but when you see it in the flesh it appears so sophomoric and ham handed you can’t recognize it for what it is.

Poor Dick, no sex scandal’s as it would seem almost laughable. “Hi, I’m Dick Nixon, can I buy you a drink?” The dumpy guy at the bar with the bad haircut asking the hot chick to dance. It wasn’t that he was faithful to his wife, he just couldn’t find a woman with low enough self-esteem. His mistress was power. Using every aspect and every tool of the Presidency to get re-elected so he could do it again. Nixon had friends in the construction industry, and we poured enough concrete in South Vietnam to build an interstate highway system from Ho Chi Min City to Hanoi. But by today’s standards…Nixon was a streetcar conductor swiping nickels.

After the Santa Barbara oil spill Nixon apologized and imposed a moratorium on deep water drilling in coastal waters that stood until…now. The environmental regulations rolled back by the Cheeto were imposed by a department founded by Nixon. Nixon was pro-choice and not afraid to speak with people whom he disagreed. He spoke with Anti-war protestors and even gave Hunter S. Thompson an interview. No one was harder on Nixon than Hunter Thompson. Nixon never had Faux News and because of it was grounded in reality.

Nixon had his team of lackeys, but I doubt if any would go along with a scheme of opening schools during a pandemic. To super-charge the virus sending it home like a note from the PTA. Nine to three O’clock concentration camps literally. Concentrating the virus with direct injection of those least likely to suffer and most likely to spread the disease. “Take this home and give it to your parents and don’t forget to kiss Granny.” If this were a plot in a Marvel comic book, you’d say it is too farfetched. By the Administrations own estimates 15,000 school children would die taking tens of thousands with them.

We are seeing what happened in Tulsa and the Cheeto cancelled his rally in New Hampshire due to weather. Weather anyone would show up after Tulsa. The reason the Cheeto holds the rallies is so he can answer his critics. He won’t wear a mask because to wear a mask would mean admitting he was wrong all along. And he’s not going to do that no matter how many of you have to die.

It is clear to even the loosely educated the dangers of opening up to soon. We witness it daily. We witness monstrous numbers of new cases and numbers destined to rise. The lunacy of thinking there is some financial advantage to opening now and taking a few lumps. It is madness and lunacy, the unhinged ravings of an orange madman.  So, let us use a new word, genocidal. The willful infliction of death upon a people or a minority group. The Fuhrer wishes to send the Volksstrum to fight the Russians.

Note: this is not lawful legitimate government. The President doesn’t get to decide to kill thousands of Americans to make his point. This is immoral and barbaric an American Genocide. “Hello, UN Commission on Human Rights? Crimes against humanity please?”

You have reached the UN Commission on human rights, crimes against humanity department. If you are calling about Donald Trump please press one. If you are calling about anyone else, please stay on the line and your call will be answered by the first available representative.

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