Trump the Terrible

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

I wonder what history will call these times. We’ve had Dark Ages and Napoleonic eras before. After the American Civil War, we had Reconstruction. After the Great Depression we had the New Deal and then World War II. So, what will it be? The Trump Times, The Trump Terror, the Trump Tyranny, or the age of the Orange Baboon. That time when American democracy was cracked open like a coconut. The high-water mark of crime and corruption and the apogee of uninformed ignorance.

Under the Administration of Trump, the Terrible, the long twilight struggle has been the war of perception. From day one his inaugural crowds a push me pull you of Trumpy’s narcissism and his handlers desire to please the boss. Snowballing into state sponsored lunacy with red and blue pickup trucks and general Fascist tendencies. But they aren’t just anti-science and uninformed they are anti-reality as well. The primary goal isn’t the elimination of the virus but the elimination of news about the virus. “The droids you’re looking for aren’t here.”

A stealth Administration of wreckers and ran sackers. A HUD director who raises rents on the poor and Education Secretary out to destroy public education. An Attorney General in white suit with a Panama hat and a toothpick in his mouth. Lionel Hutz Attorney General. A trade war started by the Commerce Department while Health and Human Services fights to eliminate Obama Care during a pandemic. A silent State Department that talks to no one and who no one talks too. Led by the biggest ran sacker and wrecker of them all. Trump’s reforming government and draining the swamp in the same way as war is peace.

With each organ of government working to chop a hole in the bottom of the boat at the same time, the results are preordained. As with most truly evil people they aren’t stupid they know they need cover to abuse the public then “Hark, What light through yonder window breaks.” It’s show time! But our Romeo is played tonight by Moe Howard. When you think Hitler, you think evil. When you think Stalin, you think evil but when you think Trump you think…stupid. No shortage of wonton cruelty or willful evil but it is an administration twenty minutes late trying to pull their pants up and forgetting their notebook. It wouldn’t be fair to any of us if this were remembered at the era of the stupid MF’s.

We are going to be tagged with something rest assured. In modern times there has never been an anti-science regime not since the Vatican ruled Europe. A government actively encouraging its followers to ignore the rules put in place by its own government and then trying to silence the government and hide the figures. “Nothing going on here move along.” Maybe the Gaslight Era or the Final chapter in the war on the Middle Class. The era of finally drowning government in a bathtub and waterboarding the public.

The Racist Prick era would be accurate but doesn’t really roll off the tongue. The most overtly racist president since Andrew Jackson. His subordinates give him away as the Nazis and white supremacists are stripped off, we see the armed Merchant man is actually a pirate ship. Our policy is whatever we can get away with. History will not let us slide on this and will remember this era as long as clay tablets and parchment survive.

The Deception Era or Second Gilded Age. You could try the Conservative era, but terms like conservative and liberal are relative and would quickly lose meaning. No, I think Trump’s name has to be involved somehow you can’t have McDonald’s without Ronald! Or in our case Donald, so reminiscent of the Madness of King George. He’s not just a little off but off the charts. Anyone one who says they know what Trump will say before he speaks is greening you. At this point there is literally nothing he could say that would shock. “You know, a lot good people went down on the Titanic, and that’s why I think that we should raise her.”

Donald the Oaf, Donald the Tactless or the Era of “Mister Know it All.” It might take a while for history to decide, the greatest generation wasn’t called the greatest generation for over thirty years. But we’re going to be tagged with something harsh like “Disco Era” I can feel it. Like that final we didn’t study for and knowing what grade was probably coming and hoping for a “D” to just squeak through. The Era of outrage, but how could you differentiate between the real and the contrived? If Trump is the source of most of the outrage, then it must be the Era of Trump. The poor pitiful put-upon Administration, everyone lies about them, and everyone is out to get them. Just because all my friends are criminals, doesn’t mean I am criminal said Al Capone.

We are past domestic consumption the issue of the worst President of the United States is resolved for the ages the issue which now faces us is where will the Orange Administration rank worldwide. Somewhere above Tito and below Francisco Franco? An Augusto Pinochet wanna be trapped in Fred Flintstone’s body. The era of the unbelievable or the Last days of the Republicans. This administration can smell the tar kettles and see the torch fires but can neither admit reality nor accept it. Phony polls, Fake News, Fake News, off with their heads!

What will history call this era? The Trump Scourge or the Trump Pandemic, open twenty-four hours a day for your shopping convenience. Perhaps the Humpty Dumpty Era, where all the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put the thin skinned Humpty Dumpty back together again. Perhaps we will just say BT for Before Trump while sitting around the campfire talking about the good old days drinking from a broken cup.

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