The Fall of a Dictator

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

We have the cognitive test we have the disastrous interview on Faux News. The orange dictator tells Americans wearing a mask is patriotic two days after telling them wearing a mask can cause problems. The Justice Department conditions Michael Cohen’s release on not speaking with the press as hayseed Hitler sends the Gestapo to Portland. As the orange abomination shrinks in the polls, he loses all legitimacy as a leader. He’s flailing and unable to get a grip on the situation or on reality. The Republican Party which both nurtured him and feared him has grown quiet in anticipation of what he might do next.

Trump’s tortured Tulsa tour turnout was a watershed moment for America. The Trumpanzi’s like the Cheeto, and listen to the Cheeto, but are unwilling to risk life and limb on the Cheeto’s assurances that it is safe. They like him but they don’t trust him. They want to be Republicans but are beginning to smell a con. The polls are unanimous Joe Biden isn’t winning Donald Trump is losing big time. Trump is losing in the Suburbs and is losing with women. Once safe Republican districts are now in play as Trump becomes the most unpopular President since Herbert Hoover. The campaign has been reshuffled, but the issue isn’t the campaign but the candidate.

One of the most serious drawbacks in knowing everything and listening to no one is the way that reality will jump up and bite you on the ass from time to time, when you least expect it. The Cheeto in a fit of pique announced he was moving the Republican National Convention on a moment’s notice because the host city Charlotte required masks and social distancing. Shear unadulterated madness, the king shall move the royal court to Jacksonville and the little people shall get it done. Not surprisingly, Florida is now the epicenter of the pandemic, and the police chief warns they won’t have the manpower to cover the event. The chief said the primary issue is the lack of any planning by the Republicans. The plan is the big orange idiot says were going to Jacksonville, that’s the plan. You little people work out the details.

Hotel rooms rental cars, restaurants hundreds of delegates, airplane connections and flight times. Media rooms and catering. Many top Republicans have already signaled they aren’t going to attend the jerk off in Jacksonville, “Tell us all about it fourteen days after you get back.” Mask shaming + closed room + one in eighteen Floridians testing positive for Covid 19 and I’ve got a lot of work to do at home. The Greatest No Show on Earth! Tulsa part two. When the Cheeto announced the move most of the business of the convention will remain in Charlotte making Jacksonville a mere Nuremburg Rally. A rally where all the Republicans must come and drink their own Kool aid from the fountain of loyalty. “We’ve got to open schools in September!” Oh yeah? Let’s see how your little convention goes first…have a nice time!

The ground has shifted under his feet, and the Cheeto is always behind the curve always going with his gut instinct. Americans while not good a math can see the correlation. The states that opened early have the most illness, and the states with Trumpists Governors have the most death. The American public has had a belly full of Covid 19 and rightly fear it. Their economy is in disarray their futures in jeopardy their very lives at risk with a President who brags he can pick an elephant out of a line up. Who says, “Wear a mask, don’t wear a mask! Open the schools! Go back to work, sooner or later I’ll be right!”

A President who truly believes at this point in time that if we just open schools and all go back to work everything will be fine despite all the facts and figures reality can muster. Living in a fantasy world with dreams of military parades and a golden coach rides with a queen. Peddling death is a hard sell even if you assure people it’s just the sniffles. People have a special affinity for children and old people and don’t like to see them jeopardized unnecessarily no matter how certain you are of a positive outcome. You can talk all you want, but the dead can’t hear you. The madness of King George the willingness to kill thousands because he’s sure he’s right. He has a gut instinct about these things, what do doctors know?

The Cheetos parley in Portland is the furthest exponent of Trumpism. Cheap thuggish authoritarianism criminal and disorganized. It will mean the end of the border patrol as an entity on day one of a Biden administration or the end of liberty in this country. The plebs and underlings of the Nixon Administration came back to haunt us as cabinet officers and committee chairman under Reagan. This brazen this disconnected from reality this close to an election is political suicide. The Cheeto says maybe he will respect the election and maybe not.

One of my favorite, “fall of the dictator” stories is Nicolae Ceausescu of Romania. As Communist governments fell around him Ceausescu complained to aides that no one was answering the telephone when he called. The next day he awoke in the presidential palace to find the palace guard had left the building. He and his wife were marched out into a courtyard by partisans and shot in the head. That’s something a would-be dictator ought to consider as not all outcomes are positive and things look closer in the mirror than they appear. Ex-Presidents are due a library. Ex-Dictators are due a firing squad.

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