Do as I Say Not What I Told You to Do

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

Just looking out the window, you can’t tell. Driving around, people are shopping and buying gas and everything appears to be normal. Except the schools are closed people are out of work and the numbers of new cases and deaths is a disgusting embarrassment to a first world nation. I don’t know, maybe I was expecting death wagons and calls of “bring out your dead!” This is Pandemic 2.0 the rise of the uninformed. The rise of the propagandized the disincentivsed deintellectualized an over stimulated terminator. It is no longer about a difference of opinion it’s a difference of reality. We can disagree with Uncle Harry about who is better the Cubs or the White Sox. But when Harry doesn’t believe in science, it’s not about opinion anymore.

When I was a kid, I had an Uncle who thought Professional Wrestling was real. It was a family thing; someone would mention my uncle and wrestling and a knowing smile came across the room. Nine- tenths of us were in the same reality. We understood that my uncle while a very talented man had this slight deficiency in his sporting judgement. Today the room is equally divided, “Well, I guess we’ll just have to disagree!” No, no, we don’t disagree about reality, you’re wrong! Two plus two is four every time, the sun will rise in the east and set in the west every time and pro wrestling calls its self-entertainment because it’s not a sport.

But if you could distort baseline reality and make every fact not a fact, but an opinion of fact. Well then, what is reality? It was the biggest inaugural crowd in history. Nothing is as it appears, QAnon, Nazis and the Deep State. Confederate flags and real fine people on both sides. Supposedly, Head Nazi Stephen Miller’s grandmother has passed away from Covid 19. Despite reporters having a copy of her death certificate, the Administration still denies it. The only thing transparent about this junta are their motives. Miller is defending the President over his own Grandmother’s dead body.

From the beginning the Administration has discounted Covid 19 throwing all the mud they could at it. It will just fade away when it warms up. Giving up each redoubt of doubt only when forced by the weight of reality. And if it’s your position that the whole thing is no big deal why would you gear up for testing? Doctors Nurses and hospital administrators publicly declare a shortage of supplies to which the orange Obi Juan replies, there’s plenty of supplies. There’s plenty of testing, maybe too much testing. Ergo, inverse logic of good is bad. Throwing in meaningless numbers to cover the facts. It’s truly wonderful that we’ve tested more people than South Korea. But what matters is when they were tested. They were tested before the horse got out of the barn. Their leader didn’t declare it a hoax.

Almost immediately while the nation was under lockdown the President pushes for states to open by Easter. Then reality punched him in the nose as the numbers in the early open states soared. The Administration this week chastised those states for not following the CDC guidelines. Do as I say not what I told you to do. In twenty-four hours, the President says, “Masks can cause problems” then “Wear a mask this is serious.” By giving us two opposing points of view, he’s serving both markets of reality. The Reich wing press can stress the problems while the mainstream press can award his step forward. The two points of view negate each other making both meaningless one minus one is zero.

As the numbers began to rise, the Administration began the push to reopen schools. In the face of actual two plus two knowledge the administration uses statistics to overlook dead bodies. Dead children, dead teachers’ administrators and dead family members jumping through hoops trying to distort the actual reality. There is nothing in a school building worth dying for. This is all about opening the economy the denial of reality and science for the belief in the Holy dollar. A Bond villain belief that we must get the economy moving no matter how many need to die.

Lawsuits, violence, and mass demonstrations of ignorance fill social media. One guy wore a mask with a swastika on it to protest his rights being taken away. I guess no one thought to ask why someone would own a mask with a swastika on it or where you would get one. Did you see the sign on the door as you came in, no shirt, no shoes, no service? While cheerfully agreeing that bakers have a right not to bake wedding cakes for people they don’t like, they now find themselves hoisted on their own petards.  An administration so lacking in leadership that Home Depot and CVS Drugs take the lead in requiring masks after the President declined. How sad is that? Corporate America leads while Donny the rat faced boy pushes the other way.

 “We want to go to church, even if it kills us.” Thirteen nuns passed away in a single convent as pastors push to reopen services and choir practice! Pastors are supposed to defend the flock, not lead them to their slaughter. It is a proven two plus two fact that putting a large group of people together singing in a room will lead to more cases and fatalities. But this is political religion, Praise the Lord for Donald Trump! Hew Glory! The charlatans and Elmer Gantry’s who prefer the teachings of Sid Vicious over Jesus Christ say, “Come on down! Lord love ya bring your checkbook.” And Jesus wept.

Monetized America ready to send your child soldiers into combat where loses are certain. The push for early opening was a mistake which now threatens to re-infect the Northeast. Wasting all the sacrifice of the lockdown all the time and money to accomplish nothing for the mistaken belief they can control reality. If they can get a percentage to believe reality is what ever they want it to be. “Kids don’t get sick like adults do.” A government putting a dollar value on American lives as it tries to hide the numbers from their victims but the dining room at Chick a Fillet will be open. I guess that’s almost like making the trains run on time.

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