The Trump Rebellion

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

On January 20,2021, the United States will swear in a new President. The current chief executive has on several occasions made references implying maybe he might not leave office if he loses the election. Of all the things Trumpy, fails to understand about the office of President is that it is intangible and is not about the person of the President. You are the President because we bestow office on you. You can run into the White House and stack furniture against the doors and nail the windows shut but at twelve noon plus one you cease to be the President. In the White House you become a guest everywhere else you are nobody.

Only the underlings will take his phone calls, and they will be answering from home. Setting up a dictatorship is a close-run thing. It’s about a team acting in close coordination with all tentacles of government in sync with the plan. One wrong move, one weak link and it all comes crashing down. We know from experience the Trump Administration couldn’t pour piss from a boot if you put instructions on the heel. Coordination is not their long suite. There has to be brand loyalty and a willingness to risk it all on one throw of the dice. If successful you enter the ranks of the elite inner party membership of the triumvirates. If unsuccessful you spend the rest of your days in small concrete room wearing a jumpsuit.

Don’t look for lines of police cars or attack helicopters hovering overhead over the White House. No need to attack or storm the compound because a guest has overstayed his welcome. The power has moved on and once the orange menace understands that he will slink quietly away. After day 35 of nothing to do and no calls to answer, he’ll be playing Golf in Mira Lago when the moving vans arrive. If Trumpy felt froggy the rest of the world’s governments would immediately recognize Joe Biden as the legal President of the United States and Trumpy would be recognized by Vladimir Putin. Even for Faux News that would be a tough sell. Advocating for treason is itself treasonous setting themselves and their bosses in line for one of those small concrete rooms.

Trumpy would tell his Trumpy tales on Faux News. And there would be trouble and moron misadventures. People would die and people would go to jail, but it won’t move the football one yard. Supporting insurrection is a dangerous game. Today you work in a political administration, tomorrow you are a criminal subject to death by firing squad or decades in prison. You no longer have a pension or a paycheck or health Insurance. And if you think Don, the con, is going to pay you out of his own pocket you haven’t been paying attention.  

Far and away the most important ingredient for a successful takeover of government is troops. The one organ of government which has distinguished itself has been the military. The Trump monkey has spent the better part of three and a half years throwing monkey turds at the Pentagon. Revolving door Defense Secretaries with a steady stream of barbs and insults. Overruling Military courts and firing Admirals while spewing out information to our adversaries. The Junta must be built from the inside and cannot be imposed from outside. When you place a military contractor with no experience over a room full of people with decades of experience, expect the execution signup sheet to fill quickly.

This disorganized orange blob of yesterday’s Big Mac’s and KFC lubricated with sugary drinks. This repository of anger, pettiness, and insecurity this racist mongoloid thinks he will overthrow the lawful government of the United States based on his charm, charisma, and government acumen alone. And the Judges say…DELUSIONAL!!! Mao had his Red Book; Hitler had Mien Kampf, Trump has The Art of the Deal, no philosophy, or guiding principles. We see this often with the Cheeto, three and a half years and we are still waiting on that healthcare plan he was going to have ready on day one. The technical term is talking out of your ass or Blow hards disease. Only a malfunctioning passive aggressive would have the need or desire to say, “If I lose the election I might not leave.” Threatening us because… Because he knows he has lost, and a bully cornered will make threats. “I’ll show you! Maybe be I won’t leave! How do you like them apples!”

Trumpy will leave January 20th if he loses the election. He will probably throw a fit and not ride in the same car as the President elect or invite them into the White House for coffee or something else childish but that’s to be expected. Sun Tzu says it is wise to always leave a cornered adversary a way out or they will fight like tigers. Trumpy is cornered, and the rest of his days will be decided in a courtroom. He has sullied his brand and poisoned his own well. One term President’s are often derided as failures, but Trump has superseded that and might even become the metaphor for all failed Presidents. “Don’t Trump it up!”

After the storm goes the clean up begins, after the election of 1932, it was twenty-five years before Republicans controlled either house of Congress and almost twenty years before a Republican sat in the White House. Republicans in the house and Senate feel the earth crumbling beneath their feet because of Donald Trump and when the smoke clears a lot of their familiar faces will be missing. It is a hard road to groom adherents when they are busy being slaughtered at the polls. Hard to raise a ground swell of legitimacy while being trounced. Nixon smiled a brave smile and waved from the helicopter door as he left. As much as we might wish to see Trumpy hogtied or doing the perp walk in steel bracelets it won’t happen. Trumpy will sneak out the backdoor and run away into the night just as he has done so many times before. Then he will begin his new narrative all about how he was cheated.

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