Why Republicans Hate You

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

I guess it all boils down to how you look at the world and how you were raised. But there is something pathological and red blooded American about despising your neighbor. I’m not saying we all hate our neighbors, but it is an active sport and a growth industry. If there weren’t solid numbers of contributors and voters, the Republican Party would cease to exist. Blame it on our Puritan ancestors or agricultural, roots. Backwoods hillbillies with a chaw in their cheek holding hands with their sister. A white sheet, a white citizens council, a neighborhood improvement association. All the euphemisms for somebody is doing something I don’t like.

You got your full-blown Nazis and Klansmen, but their numbers are small. It’s a demanding convoluted lifestyle that attracts few adherents because after working all week, who wants to hate all weekend? Other than going to Walmart wearing your swastika mask what other fun is there? Then you got your bigots and your Archie Bunker types their numbers are greater, and the attention span shorter. They love America, and they love themselves and despise everyone else. People who don’t go to their church or live in their town or don’t think like good God Fearin Mericans ought to think. The Trump base lives here from the high functioning to the full Faux News zombies.

This is the scary bunch they don’t ride in the Klan mobile but will lend tools if it breaks down. In all other respects appearing normal. Hiding just under the skin a constant irritation. “Somebody’s getting something I’m not! I bust my ass and some lazy SOB is getting something for free!” You need a voice for that you can’t just stand in the grocery store parking lot venting. Now the Bible has a thousand and one uses and one of its best is the ability to cover over any atrocity with God’s holy sanction. Pick and choose from the holy grab bag, “If you’re a slave be a good slave” the Bible ordains it. Can I have forty wives? No, of course not. Don’t be absurd!

I worked with a guy with five kids who was getting by on food stamps. He was voting for the candidate who promised to cut food stamps. Voting to take the food from his children’s mouth because the candidate was pro-life. Somebody was doing something he didn’t like, and he would protest it by hitting himself and his children with a two by four. Hate consecrated in God’s law. And not surprisingly God always agrees with them and is always quick to offer advice and counsel. God didn’t like integration or desegregation. He didn’t like race mixing Elvis or Rock & Roll. He didn’t like Gay Marriage or public schools; he doesn’t like much of anything.

There are the “Casuals” they don’t care about issues or agendas, “My daddy was a Republican and I’ll my friends are Republicans. We’ve always voted Republican and always will.” It is enough to make you fear a jury of your peers. Non-issue newsbreak informed, “Ugh what do those (fill in the blank) want now! I bust my ass all week, and they’re out there protesting!”

On the first day of school, we’re taught about “Good Children” and “Bad Children” making noise and talking out of turn is “Bad behavior” Protest is bad behavior because I’ve got mine. You don’t see me out protesting, except at the women’s clinic or that hospital with the experimental stem-cell treatments. Somebody is doing something I don’t like, and God told me to stop it.

It is this ingrained inbred belief in the general rottenness of humanity that so obstructs their vision to work against themselves. I recently filed for unemployment and the first page was filled with warnings and disclaimers about how long I’d go to jail for fraud. If I filed a claim with Geico, would they treat me the same way? Honest people don’t need warnings, and criminals won’t pay any attention anyway. But there it is the perception you are trying to pull a fast one.

Imagine there was a pandemic and all the restaurants have closed their dining rooms and are hanging on by a thread. Restaurant supply companies are right behind them going right up the food chain. The U-6 unemployment figures which include almost everybody is at 18%. Tens of millions of Americans suddenly unemployed, Dentists, Doctors, therapists, nail salons and beauty salons barber shops. What are the Republicans concerned about?

If we give you and extra $600 per week you won’t go back to work! We’re all just terrible people just out to game the system. So bound up in their concern they miss the facts that we have all the makings of a modern catastrophe here. We have the ingredients and the kettle and now Republicans wish to light the fire. Our economy is 70% dependent on consumer spending withdraw all that money and you’re adding gasoline to the economic fire. They’ll bludgeon the economy with a two by four trying to make it do what you want it to do because it galls them more to see money going to the unemployed. More than it would to see a housing collapse followed by a banking collapse.

We’ve already seen it; the Cheeto has been trying to open the economy, despite all warnings since Easter. The troubles in Florida and Arizona and everywhere Trumpanzee Governors reign have a direct correlation to Trump. The push to open the economy early has led to the needless deaths of thousands. And just as the virus reaches out of control, they want to open up the schools killing thousands more. They cancelled their convention but want to open your school because they think that you don’t matter very much in the grand scheme of things. Dead citizens and school children don’t bother the Republicans too much, but you know what does bother them? Paying unemployed Americans enough to survive a once in a lifetime pandemic.

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