The Only Thing We Have to Fear

Falling through the universe at the speed of life

By David Glenn Cox

When Ronny Ray gun ran for President the first time when he still knew what day it was, America was going through tough economic times. Their campaign strategy was simple optimistic and completely fraudulent, but a working sales strategy. When people are stressed offer them comfort. Promise them something everyone wants but no one can name. They rolled out, “It’s morning in America” the sun is rising; birds are singing Mom’s cooking bacon in the kitchen and Dad’s going to help me fix my bike today. It didn’t discuss issues or propose solutions just, “I know you feel bad trust me and I’ll make it all better.

FDR did the same thing, “Happy days are here again the skies are bright and clear again.” When the Republicans nominated Barry Goldwater to run against Lyndon Johnson his campaign slogan was “In your heart you know he’s right.” In the rearview mirror Goldwater appears sane but only in the rearview mirror. Goldwater suggested we nuke China at the height of the cold war. By Trumpian standards our calloused ears say so what? But a candidate for President of the United States advocating genocide to solve a political problem was a new concept. The Democrats turned his slogan around “In your guts you know he’s nuts.” Johnson ran the famous campaign ad showing a little girl picking wildflowers in a field while a menacing voice counts down to a nuclear explosion.

The ad was considered over the top and set the standards for negative ads. Johnson won the election because the ad while over the top was accurate. You don’t trust nuclear weapons to anyone who talks about using them. The greatest generation were approaching middle age and at the height of their powers. A Great Depression and a World War gives one the ability to smell bullshit from a distance and anyone who wants to rock the boat is liable to get an oar upside their head. They had had enough excitement for one generation.

The Cheetos campaign staff have rolled out their media campaign. Protestors rioter’s broken glass violence and beatings while grand ma’s call to 9-11 goes unanswered because of Joe Biden. In a time of crisis caused in large part by Donald Trump the campaign chooses to go negative. “If you think it sucks now! Elect Joe Biden!” Years ago, I picked up in a sales seminar the worst company motto in the world is “We’re no worse than our competitor.” Yeah, we suck but that guy! Woah! But wait, it gets better don’t order now. At the end of the ad an authoritarian stern looking Trump glares out from the screen. Don’t do it Granny! Do not even think about voting for Joe Biden. If you do Antifa and Willie Horton will have their way with you and the sun will never rise again.

Anyone remember John Kerry’s campaign song or Hillary Clinton’s? My first thought was “Sympathy for the Devil” which made me smile until I realized that would make Trump’s campaign song “The End” a psychosexual melodrama played out in minor chords. “They don’t like me mama!” And the rain fell down mingling with my tears “Why don’t they like me Mama! Mama, are you there Mama? Mama!” It is completely normal for a President to invite himself to throw out the first pitch at the Yankees game and then back out because he’s too busy. Guess who is leading the next moon mission?

It is completely normal for a President to do these things because he’s jealous of someone else’s popularity. “Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all?” And there it is, and you can’t miss it. Despite attempts to appear normal and structured the real orange basket case appears. It isn’t that he’s jealous of someone else’s popularity it is he has no understanding of why they are popular and he is not. “Oh, I get it. It’s all just a big popularity contest isn’t it?”

It couldn’t be the nuanced idiot approach or the lost mine of sketchy drugs. It couldn’t be the abandonment of the states in a time of crisis or advocating disinfectants or bleach. He doesn’t know and has no one around him to tell him that it is not about him. He’s a bridge too far fighting the wrong war in the battle of how do I look. Looking through the wrong end of a spy glass backwards astride his mount. He asks, “How do I look?” A thousand Americans a day dying because of a disease the rest of the world has largely mastered and Trumpy cries to the heavens in true Charlie Brown style “They all hate me!”

The Cheeto’s fixation with Dr. Fauci, the disinformation campaigns, opposition research and slamming a member of your own staff. Mean girls plotting in the ladies room. When we get to the lunchroom nobody sit with him. Dr. Fauci knows his popularity protects him from the orange overlord’s vengeance and also knows he is the only thing standing between the Cheeto and complete chaos. It galls the Cheeto he’s the boss see? Anyone who goes against the boss gets cement overshoes see? When Trumpy feels slighted he has a long memory any prick to his ego brings out the prick of his ego.

The campaigns dark plan is to foment violence and then to capitalize upon it to stoke fear. To try and rip this country apart if it gets Donald Trump reelected. To use law enforcement and government as dupes and pawns generating battles they will have to fight. Their plan might work if you don’t look out the window or consider gravity a settled issue. People in a time of crisis don’t want more crises. People in a time of Donald Trump don’t want more Donald Trump. They want hope for a better tomorrow and assurance that better times are coming. Trump offers them crime, calamity and chaos and wonders why nobody likes him.

The only thing we have to fear is Trump himself!

One thought

  1. You don’t trust nuclear weapons to anyone who talks about using them.
    “If we have nuclear weapons why can’t I use them?”_________DJT


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