The Man Who Broke the United States

By David Glenn Cox

In their rush to open schools, they forgot something. In their rush to open the economy, they forgot something. If the Trump Administration has taught us anything it is, incompetence is their hallmark and poor planning their specialty. The nation’s daycare centers are in a pickle and without some sort of bailout as many as 60% will close compounding a problem with a problem. Many are church sponsored and how can the daycare open if the church is closed? With massive unemployment how many would close anyway?

In their rush to cut unemployment benefits, parents won’t be able to afford childcare anyway and won’t be able to take a job if offered. But there is this disconnected belief that your jobs are just standing there waiting for your return and everything will be wonderful. That the millions of unemployed will melt away like snow in the springtime. There, there, it was all a bad dream and it’s all over now. The Chairman of the Minneapolis Federal Reserve thinks we need another four to six-week lockdown and Congress needs to subsidize employment. If you impoverish the workforce, you hobble the economy you are trying to put back together. Another lockdown the worst of both worlds because we didn’t do it right the first time, we have to do it again. But the Republican death cult says no.

I have closed my eyes clicked my heels together three times saying, “There’s no place like home” fifty times in the last six months. But it’s Groundhog Day over and over. Every day a trip down that damn yellow brick road to see the circus to see the freak show and every day looking to see what the Munchkins are  after. Look in any direction, pick a subject. Baseball, well baseball is all messed up by the pandemic. A sixty-game schedule that might never end as teams go through 14 day quarantine every time someone is exposed. Thirty teams with say two exposures each will put the season into next spring. It’s almost like it was a bad idea but they had to try. It’s going to be an asterisk season anyway. Say you hit consecutively in all sixty games, who cares?

Is it a desire for normalcy or a desire for money? You got these players under contract, and you have to do something to try and save the franchise. This resistance to taking our medicine of closing too late and opening too early. If only this were just some shithole country maybe the UN could send relief supplies. But the United States of America is stumbling like a drunk looking for their keys. Heck of a job there Brownie to “it is what it is.” Can you imagine Franklin Roosevelt saying, “Yeah Pearl Harbor, it is what it is.” That surreal Serlingesk feeling that the world is coming off the rails. A runaway mine train with no brakes hurtling towards oblivion and then Trumpy says, “Mail in voting is bad but voting absentee is alright.” And all you can do is look out the window in terror as the scenery goes whizzing by.

Like an O’Henry story steeped in irony, the all-powerful big mouth billionaire humbled by a virus. Because he ignores the pandemic, he can’t open the economy and because he can’t open the economy, he ignores the pandemic. It’s a shithole Presidency it’s the Gong Show and billions of dollars are being spent and tens of thousands will die unnecessarily because it is what it is. A complete abdication of responsibility by Koko the orange gorilla, “Some people say you can have too much testing,” Yeah, but those same some people tell me you are an incompetent asshole. So, who should I believe?

For a generation, the Reaganites, the trickle downers have been telling us the Federal Government is overreaching.  Because there is no national strategy States and municipalities are still fighting for medical supplies trying to outbid each other. There was a story once of a Russian shirt factory and the commissar demanded a 10% increase in production. When the quota wasn’t reached, the plant manager was called to explain. “We just make the shirts. We were ordered to make more shirts no one told us to order more buttons.” And Trumpy said, “Obama didn’t even have a test!” Yes, and Abe Lincoln never rode a skateboard. There’s no place like home, There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home.

A Porgie and Mud head Firesign Theater skit that just won’t end. “Don’t you want to count the elevator boy? Ah, the elevator boy is in your family!” Everyday absurdity, everyday failure and neglect. Every day a strikeout is declared a line drive in the box score. Every ball between the legs a ground rule double. An incompetent nonfunctioning fraud of a President. A fraudulent President surrounded by criminals, white trash, sycophants’ hangers on and tit sucking children.

Take pictures and buy memorabilia cause when it’s gone it’s gone forever. Someday that MAGA hat will look like a Nazi armband traded at conventions selling holy relics. “This McDonalds cup is the last Diet Coke Trump drank in the Oval Office. And it’s still got the straw, that’s what makes it valuable right there.” The redneck racists alone would create a cottage industry, but these are historic times. These are times which will be written about as long as people read. Trump is a historical figure like Mussolini or Edi Amin. A comic Fatty Arbuckle a dictator without a cause. No ideology except larceny and “Duh what?” Doomed by history to be wedded to failure. Incompetence kills there is a reason why amateur hour is only an hour.

In his narcissism and his quest for attention, Trump will be forever remembered as the world’s most colossal failure. The man who broke the United States.

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